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    by , 02-19-2016 at 09:31 AM (249 Views)
    I was in school. It was a lesson with our new teacher - a short, slim blonde in late thirties. She had a bit ugly face. She told to me about some kind of poster with my picture that was popular. I didn't knew what she was talking about.

    Later that day I was in home, and saw that teacher in my sister's room. She was browsing the web. I asked her about that poster, and she said that everyone asked who I am and that I looked great on it. I asked if someone posted it on the web, but she said that no.

    I went to talk with my younger sister. She was writing something. We take until our mother appeared. I realized that everyone in this room was naked, so I went to take some clothes. I went to toilet, and after a while all the family joined me there for some reason.

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