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    Part of my image, demons

    by , 10-07-2015 at 10:18 PM (453 Views)
    First dream

    I was in school, waiting for classes to begin. There were other classmates waiting too. Some parts of this I seen from different perspectives. I was wearing an ugly gray shirt abd black trousers. A girl from class told me "This ugly shirt looks bad as a part of your image." Everybody started laughing, including myself. I replied "Everythinhg does!"

    Second dream

    Demons wanted to free an ancient god, to wreac havoc and destruction. To do this they had to take a crown of some wizard-king, and use it's power. I tried to reach it first, running through demon ridden drawbridges. When I finally got it, the ancient god wanted to tell me story of the crown.

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    1. MortalTrinity's Avatar
      The second dream sounds epic.
    2. Snehk's Avatar
      I can recall that the ancient god looked like a gigantic djinn. He was wearing a crown similar to the one I had to get - red with blue gems.
    3. MortalTrinity's Avatar
      What's a djinn?
    4. Snehk's Avatar