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    Shelters, zombies, FA - drunk driver, and school

    by , 10-05-2015 at 07:05 PM (352 Views)
    First dream

    There was some sort of cataclysm that turned whole Earth into barren lands. There was no vegetation, except a few dead or dying trees that could be spotted once in a while. People were using all the resources left to build themselves shelters, as zombies are approaching. I was wandering close to two bunkers - one was an old World War Two soviet bunker, and another was in a two storey house with fortified compound and sniper towers. I entered the first one. There was a couple of elder people inside - the man was wearing a hawaiian shirt and short trousers, and the woman was wearing a hawaiian dress. They were both armed with AKS 74/2 rifles. The zombies were approaching, and we had to prepare ourselves.

    False awakening

    Middle of the night, I woke up in my bed and wandered my house for a while. After a while I stumbled upon my mother. She told me that someone is driving all over our frontyard with a silver Audi car. I went outside, and the car stopped. I entered it and saw that a pal of my older brother called "Firefighter" was controlling it. He was completely drunk. As soon as I entered the car, he drove away from my house. I used handbrake to stop the car, took his keys and ran away from him. He chased me for a long time, up to the Ukrainian border. It was afternoon. I decided to give him his keys back, and we went back to the car.

    Third dream

    I was in school, sitting in the classroom. The teacher wasn't looking at me, so I opened my backpack and took assault rifles out of it. I had enough of them to give each to every person in the classroom.

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