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    Zombie swarm, shack at an island

    by , 09-01-2015 at 03:06 PM (575 Views)
    I was in an office inside a skyscraper. It was on a really high floor. In my office, I had a desk, a wooden shelf loaded with books, two file cabinets and a flower pot with strange tall plant. Through a window, I could see people wandering the corridor.

    Suddenly the skyscraper trembled and something on the corridor exploded. I quickly hidden behind a desk, just before glass shards flewn through my office. I heard screams - people were hurt, and some of the dead started to move.

    When zombies started to run into my office, I decided to jump through the window - I was falling down at high velocity, with no chance to survive. Suddenly I found myself inside a car, and decided to drive through the city. For some reason I had problems with driving. After a while I left the car and entered a building - it was a school of hand-to-hand battle. After a while of talking, I went back to the city, found another car and drove away.

    Finally I have reached my destination - a seaside cliffs. Watching the sundown, I moved closer to the edge, and jumped down into the water. Next I swam to a nearby island and entered a shack. I met a zombie there, this one was carrying a tower shield and a battle axe.

    I took a stick lying on the ground, and avoiding the his hacks with battle axe, I beat him into a bloody pulp. I took his shield and the battle axe, and went outside. I saw a huge swarm of zombies, jumping down the cliff to reach me.
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