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    Demons and zombies

    by , 09-04-2015 at 03:43 PM (367 Views)
    The apocalypse has come. I was one of survivors, armed with AK47 I was tracking after a survivor group that could help me. I entered a police station. It was dark, with only a few red spotlights. The building was in fatal state, and there was huge mess inside of it. I readied my weapon and went inside. Suddenly I heard a high pitched shriek. Furniture was thrown by unknown forces, and then I was surrounded by demons. I shot at one taking cover behind a desk in front of me, while a group of demons were flanking on me from the left, and another demon was just behind me. I shot them all and escaped to some village. I used radio to contact with survivor group, and they told me that they were inside a shack in a bog. I ran there, reaching underpass and then mines that ked to another side of mountain. The only way to reach them was through those mines, but they were swarming with zombies. I entered the mines, but I had to run away as soon as I did it. Escaping I killed huge swarm of zombies, only to get a "Sucker!" message on my radio. I received it from the survivors.

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