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    The Inner Crazy of Mr Speesh

    I've finally decided to make the switch to an electronic DJ, as of August 1st. I made the stark realization that I'm far too much of a lazy-ass for the laborious act of physically writing them down. I'm wayyy too inconsistent. As I type about 12 or so times faster than I write, it seems like the obvious choice to try this system out.

    I currently have had a fair amount of lucid dreams, but they generally happen so sporadically in time that I've not learned much from them. Only in the last two or three have I really remembered to stabilize and get some decent length out of them. In order to really progress I think its high time I set up some goals to gain a better control over the dream world:

    The Fundamentals

    Master Stabilization []

    Fly [x]
    -Fly Long Distances []
    -Fly Into Space []
    -Master Flight []

    Teleport []
    -Use an Ordinary Door []
    -Teleport Using Summoning []
    -Instant Teleportation []
    -Master Teleportation []

    Summon [x]
    -Summon a Simple Object [x]
    -Summon a Person []
    -Master Summoning []

    Telekinesis []
    -Move a Simple Object []
    -Move Something Massive []
    -Master Telekinesis []

    Translucence [x]
    -Walk Through a Wall (Eyes Closed) [x]
    -Walk Through a Wall (Eyes Opened) []
    -Fly Through a Ceiling [x]
    -Dive Through a Floor []

    The Advanced

    -Summon and Play an Instrument []
    -Create Music []
    -Bring Created Music Back to Waking Life []

    -Find and Explore a Tropical Island Chain []
    -Find and Explore a Random City [x]
    -Find and Explore the Moon []
    -Find and Explore a Surreal Land []
    -Enter and Explore a Painting []

    The Esoteric

    Shared Dreaming
    -Share a Dream with Someone I know []
    -Share a Dream with Someone from DV []
    -Learn to Locate Other Dreamers []

    Explore My Symbolic Consciousness
    -Find a Knowledgeable DC and Converse with them []
    -See if there's Anything to this Dream Guide thing []

    Well...that should keep me busy for a while.

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