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    Fragmental Spider

    by , 09-03-2010 at 10:04 PM (466 Views)
    Date: Sept.3

    Description: This is just a fragment of the dream, unfortunately I was to lazy to write down the dream when i woke up from it, Cause I know I remembered more.

    Fragment: I am in a classroom setting, that is also mixed with my house to. There is a project of some sort going on. I spot a pretty big spider that has a white coat, and black stripes on it. I chase and try to kill it around my house.

    2) In one of my dreams I remember being in my kitchen and talking to my brother Jay. He said, "I remember when you were little I would pick you up and put you in your room when you fell asleep, and I would have chicken wings ready for you." I should of recognized this as a dream, because he did no such thing ha ha.

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