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    Lucid at Work

    by , 08-31-2010 at 03:28 AM (748 Views)
    Date: Aug.29/30
    Time: 12:45pm-2:00pm

    Description: There were about three or four dreams throughout the night that I remembered. I used the help of isotunes to attain SP right before going to bed. After I woke up around 12pm I went back to sleep and had a lucid dream where I went into the dream lucid. I also had a false awakening I didn't catch, and had another lucid dream right after where I lost lucidity and just went back to being unconscious and went with the dream. Unfortunately I can't remember my original dreams as I didn't bother to right them down in the middle of the night. Now next time I know.

    Lucid Dream 1: It starts off in the black void, I hear voices about some NBA team. And then there is light and I am standing in my work looking at the front door and seeing 2 people argue about a basketball team, they leave the store. I instantly start losing dream lucidity so I rub my hands together and force myself to walk outside and follow them. I get out there and it is night time, so I throw myself to the ground and hurt myself on the cement to keep myself in the dream. The two people I followed disappeared. I see a street light in the parking lot. I look at a car that is there, I walk up to it and it is the old station wagon my family had back in the day. I see the details of it, and I for some reason need to prove this is a dream so I punch out the driver side window with ease. I turn around wondering what I should do and I black out. I don't think I had full lucidity or full control. I then awoke to a false awakening where I forced myself to go back to sleep and go into another lucid dream.

    Lucid dream 2: As I am lying there I think about a bag of sun chips. The sun chips come into view, all of a sudden I am at Subway restocking the chips. I stand up and spin in a circle rubbing my hands. The dream turns super vivid. I see a girl I work with behind the counter, I say and and she says hi. I walk through the kitchen which has a bed in it. I am behind the counter and she gives me a high five. I see another coworker across the store behind a different counter, it seems I am in a party store. I jump over both counters and she gives me a high five. I walk back into the kitchen towards the bed and am greeted by everybody. At this point I think I lose lucidity, but the dream is still clear. I am trying out the bed, and blackout.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      Do you usually throw yourself against the ground like that? Holy shit, that's hardcore.
    2. SuddenGun007's Avatar
      Nah, that was the first time i did that. I heard about it on the forums, and since the ground was the only thing I had to touch to keep me in the dream, I just threw myself down. haha