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    Dreams I can Only Dream.

    A Series of Weird Things.

    by , 08-26-2010 at 02:39 AM (964 Views)
    Date: Aug.23/24
    Time: Different times from 8:00am-2:20pm

    Description: These dreams are non-lucid dreams, I am not sure what order they came to me in. Also so of them were a bit foggy when trying to remember what happened. Also dream 1 and 2 I think are connecting dream scenes but I honestly don't know. Nonetheless I wrote down what I remembered, and was able to fill in a few holes along the way. Enjoy!

    Dream 1: It starts off in Subway's kitchen (where I work), I am looking for something. I am trying to find it, but it isn't here. A bump into the bread trays and notice the bread is all wheat, also they are in weird shapes, something that should of alerted me but didn't. I realize I need the Honey Oat bag so I can roll the bread dough. Meanwhile there is this guy walking around breaking things, but then fixing them. He gets to the oven door and takes the door off the hinges. He doesn't fix this. Kevin (a coworker) walks by and says something. The dream ends.

    Dream 2: I am someplace where a couple of people are talking about McDonalds, they say something along the lines of it changing it's policy on something. I get to the one closest to my house. I can see lots of lawn space, it must have been just cut. Someone tells me they hire independent workers at $45 a cut. Two people do it and split the money. I am interested. I walk alongside the building, but I am on grass, and the drive through is gone. Ahead I see two thrones, my mom and dad are sitting in them like Kings and Queens. I get a feeling on having to take care of this, as I see it as a problem. Another random person tells me about a prophecy, where someone named Solomon kills the King and Queen to end their reign. It's kind of like the American Revolution, but the King and Queen are going to die. I am back at my house. I see the front door open, the house looks normal. Outside the house I find a shovel, shaped like a giant three pronged fork. I pick it up and head inside. Sitting in her usual spot is mom, I don't remember if I see dad. I see my sister, I charge my sister and stab her in the leg. No blood, but I can see where I stabbed her at, she gets angry and falls into the chair across my mom. (The old rocking chairs, with the red cushions). My brother Josh shows up, and all of a sudden we are outside, my brother Josh, Kim, and I. I end up running down the street towards the new subdivision. I am very slow, that usually happens when trying to run away. I look back and see nobody is giving chase. I continue to run towards Andy's house, and down to that alleyway behind his backyard. I get there and see an entrance into another neighborhood. Which is the Condos by Family Video. I jump onto the side walk. A little girl passes me. I keep walking. I am in front of someone's house, I go to the right side of their yard. A women is looking out over her fence into what should of been a backyard, but instead was a giant desert filled with golden sand, I can see a structure in the back. There are sand dunes, and hills all over. She says there was a wind last night, and probably a sand storm. It convinces me to not go there. The dream ends.

    Dream 3: So I am with a team of soldiers that is being hunted by another team of soldiers. It takes place in my basement, but that area is upstairs, and the house is in my brothers neighborhood. A mile or so behind my actual house. We are trying to find weapons, and going through my dad's (or what should of been my dads) work area. The wall is covered in different tools and such. Sitting on the ground are black shelves where shovels and things are hanging. I can't find a weapon, so Josh hands me a squirt bottle filled with some kind of chemical. I spray it accidentally and it gets into his eyes. He doesn't seem to be hurt. I find a sword on a rack, but once I get the sword out, it is very wobbly and seems like plastic. Like a kids sword. I end up knocking over all the shelves, and go to clean it up when Kim walks by and makes a comment. Now I get a feeling of having to go, that they know where we are. So I jump through a window screen and end up outside at night on the lawn of the house. Two people follow me. There are shadows coming around the corner and I tell everyone to get down on the ground. Jonboy passes my teammates, and interrupts what I am doing. I get mad at him. We are back inside and notice a camping trailer outside, and we can see the enemies in it. I look at the computer and try to find something. I look down at what should of been the pc tower. But it looked like the ps3, folded up pamphlet style, I look at it and push it away into another room. I wake up.

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    1. zeetee's Avatar
      wow i can't stop thinking about your dreams.. you need to share them with the world yo. dreampaw.com is calling you