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    A Talk and First Flight.

    by , 08-24-2010 at 07:09 AM (543 Views)
    Date: Aug.23
    Time: 10:40am (when I woke up)

    Description: This was my first lucid dream that I retained lucidity, and second one total. It starts as a false awakening from a really weird dream that is an adventure in it's own right.

    Dream: Immediately after I lost "dream consciousness" in my non lucid dream before this, I see an image of a long doorknob that looks like an I on it's side. It spins really fast as the image appears closer to me, think of the cliche newspaper articles you see spin onto movie screens. The spinning stops and I now look around my room, well it's my childhood room, I immediately become aware of the possibility of another lucid dream. I getup from beneath the blankets I am in, and roll off the bed, landing on my feet I head towards the door and open it. I have the same feeling as my first dream of a different gravity almost. It really feels strange. I walk into my hall and head right towards the living room. I notice Christmas decorations (the ones from when I was a kid.) and look at my living room. I see the T.V. entertainment center with little dolls on top, and decorated lights around it. That is straight ahead of me. Now where I am standing the kitchen is to my left, the door leading outside is to my right about 6 feet. And a couch-side table is 3 to 4 feet in front of me. I see my mother sitting in her usual spot (still hasn't changed lol). A t.v dinner tray in front of her but it is early in the morning she uses it to have items she needs in front of her. The couch-side table is about 1-2 feet high off the ground, the couch is a long green couch. And at the end of the couch to the right is the entertainment center. My mom says "Good you are up, sleeping in will ruin your sleeping schedule." I look at the room and see the clock we have, it looks like a very shorty version of the grandfather clock, it hangs on the wall its brown, has the pendulum swinging thing, the whole thing isn't more than 2 feet tall, but I notice it's position is moved from where it normally is. I look at this already lucid, and see its round face with the numbers is completely pitch black! like its a dark void. I feel the need to do a reality check as this is all to real, my mom hands me the phone to check something, as she normally does in real life, and I use it to do a RC, I can't read the menus or anything. This confirms what I already knew, I was dreaming. I don't get excited and remain calm, to keep the flow of the dream going. I now notice that I am not wearing anything but my shorts (what I usually wear to bed). I tell my mom "Mom, right now I am dreaming, you aren't really there, its just my subconscious representing you!" She didn't believe me (I read dream characters can't be convinced that your dreaming lol) "Your right sweetie!" she says not paying much attention to me, kind of blowing me off. "I still love you though mom." And give her a quick hug. Now the first thing on my mind is to be able to fly, so I head for the door. I open it up, and leave the house. Outside everything is covered in snow, the cement side walk though is all shoveled and the ground seems dry (the cement parts) but the grass is completely covered in snow. I notice an ice patch on the side walk. I run on to the grass and jump up. I fall normally back to earth, disappointed I wonder why, then it dawned on me,I must believe I can fly. So I close my eyes and really think that I can, I start levitating above the ground. Slowly rising. I start noticing other houses covered in snow, i feel the wind blow, but don't feel any cold. As I climb higher and higher I can finally see the neighborhood block. Everything is so real and I start getting butterflies because of the height, but quickly dispel any negative thoughts about my confidence of flight. Now I am way past the tops of the trees around my house and looking around at all the two story houses covered in snow around me. I suddenly stop rising to enjoy the view, I turn around and wonder where to go.......when suddenly I lose "dream consciousness" and I wake up for real, in my bed. I lay there for a minute or two just thinking of what I accomplished. It was a remarkable experience. Actually being there, not just remember it like any other dream, but actually being there, like waiting in line for the dragster at Cedar Point, I was really there, and it was the same for this dream, I was really there, but not at the same time. I can't wait for greater and longer adventures within the realm of my mind.

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