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    3 Typical Dreams

    by , 01-20-2014 at 04:37 PM (254 Views)
    1. I was walking down this dam and out of
    no where the sky got really dark, despite
    it being a sunny day. Then a tornado came
    out of no where and I hit the deck. It
    actually passed RIGHT over me, but it was
    weird because I felt no suction whatsoever
    and it was actually kind of funny. Should have
    realized this and become lucid.

    2.I first remember being at this buffet type place
    with only a couple people there. I can distinctly
    remember grabbing my plate, then getting a piece
    of chicken parm pizza, potato wedges (which the guy
    had JUST put out, so they were fresh and yummy), and
    then went back to get a piece of chocolate pie. I then
    walked outside and realized I had forgotten to pay.
    Then I went back inside to do so and everyone working
    there was all freaked out for some reason and packing up.
    Then the dream got a little less concrete and I remember
    going out back and helping some guy replace the water heater,
    which I'm not sure what had to do with anything else but yeah.

    3. I was at school and in the restroom there were a bunch of people
    texting, not too unreasonable. However I then went back to lunch and
    the bell rang, and for some reason I was just moving really slow
    (happens to me a lot in dreams, despite my best efforts) and I
    was late to class. Then the teacher came running out of the room and
    said he had the wrong class and told everyone to wait in the cafeteria.
    Then a bunch of cops showed up (some of which were my teachers, weird)
    and began this big investigation of I'm not sure what. That's about all
    I remember.

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