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    Lucid #13 Hair Gel...

    by , 09-10-2011 at 12:16 AM (505 Views)
    Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


    I am in a place like a school. I enter a basketball court. Everyone is sitting down. I sit down too. A theatrical play is about to begin. A girl starts acting. I hear two girls giggling behind me. I suddenly feel two hands grabing me from my back and they pull me up. I am now standing. In front of me there is a woman, obviously a teacher or something like that.

    "What are you doing?!?!?!"
    "Get out!"
    "What for?"
    "GET OUT!!!"
    "I want to speak to your supervisor!"
    "Are you serious?!"
    "Very serious!"
    "Very well."

    We walk through some corridors and doors and we end up in an office. There is a guy sitting behind the desk.

    "What's the matter?"

    The woman turns a monitor on and there is a playback from a basketball match replay. The court is the same in which we were before. I can tell because it wasn't an ordinary court. I recognize a some part of the match (i don't now how, there was no match where i was sitting). After that part i don't seem to remember anything from the match i see.

    "What hair gel are you using?"
    "What does this have to do with it?"

    We go outside the office and i see a small counter. It's split into three parts that are named "Class A" B and C. I realize that depending on what you want to take part in, you have to use the equivalent hair gel. So in the basketball court there were both a theatrical play and a basketball match. But the members of each event could not see or interact with the the members of another event in the same place. Yeahh... riiiiight...

    "Let me ask you something... What is this place?"
    The guy looks at me. I already know... (semi-lucid)
    "...I mean except for being a dream..."
    I become lucid.
    This is not a dream..."
    "Well, it is..."

    I leave. Someone holds me from my shirt. I call him off but he doesn't leave me. I think that i should look for a E. I see a door and decide to try summon her behind the door. I pull the other guy who is holding me, with me. He finally leaves. As i open the door i just KNOW she 's gonna be behind it. When it fully opens i can she her. She's talking to a girl. She sees me and we hug.

    "How are you?"
    *Stupid smile*
    Uhm... ok... I grab her hand.
    "Come on we have to fing J. now!"

    She doesn't seem to agree and walks the other way. My vision gets blurry and i wake up.

    I managed to summon someone!

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