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    1. Lucid #29 skyscraper balcony

      by , 03-29-2012 at 12:46 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      - I am on a balcony. It's railing is actually made of stone, really solid and very wide. I believe someone can actually lay on it. I just stand on it! I become lucid. No dizziness. It's like the dream became 100% stable and lucid at once. There is another building on the other side. Like opposing skyscrapers, with a wide road in between. A friend of mine is next to me, on another "railing".
      "Hey! I want to jump to the other building, but I am scarer, though I know this is a dream!"
      "Come on, you know it's a dream, don't be afraid!"
      "You are right, I don't know why..."
      "BUT I AM SCARED!!!"
      He was ready to jump too. The dream faded, before we jumped...

      - I am at a place with a weird metal construction, under which there are many paintball bullets.
      At that point my mother comes in my room and wakes me up. She asks me where I put a dvd she asked me to make.
      "There... in the corner.... under the bullets..."
      As I was saying that I was streching my hand under my bed, trying to reach something lol
      "under the wedding rings?" (in greek the "wedding rings" and "bullets", sound pretty close)
      "Nooooo.... the bulleeeeets...."
      At that point I realised what was going on, and started laughing and so did my mother... She left and I went back to sleep...
    2. Lucid #27+28 + 2 FAs + 4dreams!!!

      by , 03-29-2012 at 12:25 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am near an old house we lived in. I did the nose RC and went lucid. The dream was very stable, but that's all I recall...

      I am in the car in a big square or sth. I randomly did the nose RC again.I got out of the car and managed to stabilise the dream, but that's all I can recall... Pretty fail, I know...
      But here's the nice part!!

      Today I slept in the couch. In the first 20 minutes I had very vivid images, but I could still hear my brother who was on the laptop. I was not sleeping yet. My brother went to sleep at around 1... After those two lucids I wake up at 5 o'clock. I eat a little cheese, drink some water and go back to sleep... In the couch...
      - FA#1: My mother comes to the living room and wakes me up. She tells me to go and sleep in my bed... That's something she normally does, so I just got up, went up the stairs and into my bed...
      - FA#2: My father wakes me up by gently shaking me. Now I realise that the previous incident was an FA. I get up and as I walk towards the stairs, he tells me that he woke up and couldn't move... I tell him a little about sleep paralysis and about the FA I just had, and then I walk up the stairs and into me bed...
      At 8 o'clock my mother wakes me up! Almost laughing at this, I immediately do the nose RC and finally went to sleep in my bed for real!

      - I am in a ship, getting back from vacations, when I see a friend. "Yo, what are you doing here?". I don't remember if he said anything, but he started crying...

      - I am in a hotel room with a friend. There is some problem with the window or the door... Water was coming in, a lot of water! My mother showed up to take a look. I then noticed I was naked, so I just wore some pants, not that I seemed to care about it...

      - I am at my uni. There are 4 desks. Each one has a secret space behind the pc monitor. I found in one of them two bottles of vodka. Then I saw a guy and girl who work there. I heard them talking about the drinks and then they went to a room which had a sign on its door, "sex"...

      - I am at a park, really big and nice. There is a really nice hill which is like it got out of a disney film or sth. I said to someone that it would be great if we played live on that hill. Then someone told us that they are going to make a presentation of the first holograhm here... I went for a walk around. After a while the presentation begins. It was pretty much a fail. It showed some really distorted images of people and the whole holograph thing, was only taking place, inside a big space, in which you were not alowed to go. It looked like those mirrors that distort the view...

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable
    3. Lucid #26 at home

      by , 03-28-2012 at 11:49 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I get up from bed and go to the bathroom. I look at the mirror. I don't wear a shirt and I notice several random hairy spots on my body... "Wtf? I need to shave that!". I turn around and then I notice I have no hair on my belly... I pinch my nose and breathe. Here comes my regural dizziness... I have thought that the fact that I take deep breaths when I do the nose RC, can maybe affect the way I breathe with my waking body and so this causes me to wake up most times... So holding my nose, I take some normal breaths. I sit in the bath tab and close my eyes, because I get too dizzy. After a while I get up and open my eyes. I felt the dream fading. My sight was really dark and I could only see a very small area... I take off my glasses... I didn't even know I had them on, it just felt it would work and it did... I can see clearly now. I look at the mirror again and I look excactly the way I look in real life. I was just curious. I go downstairs. The dream was so clear, I even remember each step I took. I reach the living room. My brother comes in front of me and stares at me and my parents are sitting in the table. I see a meatball on the floor. I look at them and decide to make sure this is a dream, before I try to do something crazy. After RCing again, I raise my hand in a really wizzard-like way, towards the meatball and I levitate it! Then our dog comes to my mothers legs. I now raise both of my hands and I levitate the dog!!! MUAHAHA My parents start laughing. After that I levitate a piece of paper in front of my mother who seems to be really entertained by that. She laughs and asks me how I do it. I smile and the dream fades
      lucid , false awakening
    4. Lucid #25 α sign

      by , 03-28-2012 at 11:31 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I actually wrote this down a few days after I saw it, so all the details have faded away, but I didn't want to lose track of counting my lucids :p
      The only thing I remember is that the dream was very stable. I was looking at a sign, which had a letter "α" on it and it was changing shape...
    5. Lucid #24 Losing my teeth.

      by , 11-23-2011 at 12:56 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am at a farm house or something. There is a little girl with me who has amnesia. I know that in the past she has been here, before the amnesia. As we walk the girl runs in front of me and I feel that she is in the exact spot of one of her old memories. She freaks out. I can see the images in her mind. It seems that she had stabed another girl in this place... The girl sits down and thinks how bad person she was... I go to eat something... lol... I reach the table and see many relatives talking. I grab something to eat and then chew on something hard. I spit it and I see it's a tooth! Soon more are coming off. I totally freak out and so does my mother, who is looking at me just spitting my teeth one after the other! Then I thought of a post in the forum, when someone did a reality check every time he felt something strange about his teeth. "Ok, wait a second..." I do the nose RC. My mother still looks at me...
      "What was that?"
      "Nothing... I almost had a nightmare, but i realized it from the teeth... I am in a dream."
      My father nods to me. He seems to be proud of me about the way I figured out this is a dream...
      One of my cousins:
      "Do you see nightmares often?"
      "No, not really..."

      Then I woke up.
    6. Lucid #23 White Room

      by , 11-23-2011 at 12:37 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I feel a room coming into existence in the space. I know it's a dream. I open my eyes and find myself inside a completely white room. I look at my hand. The vividness is awesome. Just for a second I thought this might not be a dream. My hand was crystal clear. I could see every little line. There is a thin layer of water on the floor, maybe 2-3 cm. I transform into a snake (I didn't really thought about it, it just came as a feeling) and swim around. It was more like surfing or gliding pretty fast though. I thought about 2 other places I wanted to go to. Maybe I remembered to look for my dream guide. I stand up, being a human again. I see a door in front of me. There are some stickers on it, but I don't remember any details. I think of a place and open the door. There is nothing but darkness. I closed it and tried to open it again, but I fell on the floor and the dream faded.
    7. Lucid #22 Park, Volcano

      by , 11-23-2011 at 12:25 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am mountain biking with a some random guys. I leave the bike at a small metal house. We start hiking. We suddenly start walking back. Someone sees a crack in a big rock. It's a BIG crack! Soon there is a giant lava pool in front of us, like a volcano. The ground starts shaking and moving towards the lava. We have to get out of here. We run back where we came from, but there is water everywhere... No second thoughts, we swim! The water is warm from the whole volcanic thing. It starts snowing... WTF? Something is wrong, that's for sure, but the only thing I think of is getting out of here as fast as possible! My bike is at the bottom of the water (like 5 meters down), but if i get it I will ride down the mountain faster. I find it with the front tire slightly damaged, but works. Off I go!
      Dream scene changes.
      I am in a city after that bike adventure. I reach a tavern and I see some other bikers in there too. I walk into that place, some guys are waiting for me. We sit in a big table and some random guys join us... Then the waiter brings us fried potatoes, but we hadn't ordered...

      Maybe after leaving the tavern, I find myself in a pretty big park. I go towards the road. I see some guy trying to un-park and another trying to quickly park there. They start shouting. I walk by the road and then I see some friends talking about the mountain thing. One of them seems confused, so I join the conversation to tell the story straight. The guy seems focused on the story. As I am talking there is a noise in my ears, like a bug flying around my head. No matter how hard I try to dissipate it, I can't actually do it, because I can't see it. I shout "STOP" and then it stops.
      I become lucid right away. The dream is clear and stable. I observe the environment. One of my friends is still here. So I start showing off... My control is pretty sweet. There is a plane flying over the city so I say "fall", and then it stops in the air and starts falling. I did that many times. Then there is a bus passing in front of us. I say "BOOM" and snap my fingers... Nothing... "Fire!"... Nothing. That seemed a little annoying because it was the only one that didn't work. I did many stuff like this in that dream, but I didn't get to write it when i woke up. I also remember seeing a wall with a word on it. The word (if it exists) had the letters A B D J. Then I see a intense, but not bright, light rising up. It's the sun, that came up within a few seconds. I don't think it was night before that though... The colors seem a little strange. I do a nose RC and try to feel my weight, but the dream is fading...

      In my last 2 lucids I wanted to look for my dream guide, but in both of them I got into stupid stuff and forgot my goals...
    8. Lucid #21. The Dream Gun and Weird Sex Place.

      by , 09-28-2011 at 11:28 AM


      I am at some road. I want to ride a motorbike. I see one in front of me. I examine the low-angled windscreen and the windshield. I jump in it and ride it. I am afraid that some cop will stop me, cause i don't have a license. I am also worried because i am going a bit slow in a big road and don't know exactly how to use the clutch... It doesn't seem to be much of a problem, but the feeling of the ride sucks. My vision is also bad. The windscreen is kinda blocking my sight and there are no mirrors. I reach a place and see two other bikes with some guys from the uni on them. I go next to them. Now we are walking (didn't notice that change). They say that most people who ride bikes, have one like the one i ride (probably because i like kawasaki ninja :p).
      "Umm... Actually it's not mine" (semi-lucid)
      "I found it in a street. And do you know what the best part is?"
      "We are in a dream!"

      I don't remember if he said anything. There are some cops nearby wearing some weird suits. I am suddenly lying on the ground and have a feeling that i am going to be arrested. Someone throws a gun next to me. One of the guys laughs. I pick it up and pretend to shoot. There are two buttons on it. The one says "sleep", the other something that i don't remember. One of the cops approaches me. He stops. He puts his gun out, makes some settings, he points at his head and shoots. There is a voice saying "sleeep" and he goes "nooooo" in a regretful way, as though he made the wrong settings. There is something like green electricity over his head and his body is standing up but paralized. He seems to be dead or unconscious. What happened is that he should have pressed the other button (which would have keep him in the dream), while he pressed the "sleep" button, which made him wake up (i just KNOW). I look at my gun. I press the other button. I check it on a guy from uni first (lol). I shoot and there is this voice again saying something about some aminoacids that the gun enhances, which make you dream longer. I shoot myself. I am at a place that i can't tell if it's inside or outside. There are many people. They all have words over their heads. Each word is a choice i can make for the dream, or some info about the person. I see a girl with the word "sex" over her head. I look at her and she says
      I understand that if i want sex i have to find people dressed like bunnies... I wander around. I see a girl dressed like a bunny. I look at her. There are three choices over her head. I look at the one saying "threesome". :p There are three girls coming from my left. One of them seems to be the leader or something. She is really nicely dressed. The one of the other two is the main one, and the other is an alternative... The leader girl says
      "Movie star come on"
      We walk through some rooms and doors. We even went trough a bar. It was a casual bar with a lot of people. I saw a friend (we have been talking about dreams that night) holding two big glasses of beer and talking to two very nice girls. I call him and make a face like "hey i am going to have sex and you are drinking beer" lol. We finally reach a quiet room. The other girls goes to the fridge to get something to drink. I look around and see the other room with a big bed in it... Sweee... The dream is FADIIIING
      I wake up...

      At least it was a big one after nearly one month!
      lucid , memorable
    9. Lucid #19, #20

      by , 09-23-2011 at 09:53 AM


      I am with a friend and we are walking. We reach a place where there is a cliff on our left and some bars and ropes near the edge. At about a few hundred meters there is a big house floating. Actually no, it's not a house. It seems like a medieval town where there are a lot of houses close to each other and there is a big castle at the center with tall, sharp and aggressive towers etc. So something like this, really huge floating in the air. And below it the ground is so far away that i can barely see it. I think about it for a second. I become lucid without RC or anything. I run and jump off the cliff. I start falling down, but it is pretty easy to stop and float. Then i fly up to the top of the cliff. The feeling is really good, much better than the first time. My friend looks at me with an excited-shocked face. I do some flying around and invite her to come over, but she hesitates.


      I take part in a theatrical play or a movie... Some weird-dressed and -make-uped women are chasing us. As we are running i realize it's about the movie so i 'm not scared. We reach a place where the floor collapses. It's something about the movie. There is a funny amusing feeling in it. After we fall, we start running in a big ring. We stopped every few seconds, but i didn't get why we were doing this...


      I wake up in a friends car. There are two friends in the front. I am lying in the back seats. I get up. One of them says something about the place we are going. I say that we shouldn't be late, because i have a rehearsal with the theater. The driver says:
      "Should we go back then?"


      I am at the reahersal. There is a friend next to me. A guy comes to us with some pills in his hands. One handful of green ones and one with red ones. I guess we had to take one.
      "Which one should i take?"
      "You should already know that"
      "Noone informed us about pills. We didn't even know there is any agreement for us to take pills"
      I took a green one. It was like weird nuts.


      I am in a weird place with many corridors and a lot of people. Looks like a supermarket. I become lucid, not sure how. I look at my hands. They seem fine. Oops. One finger is half transparent. Hey! there is an extra finger. Now they are all twisting. Hmm and now my nails are growing fast and they look awful. OK that's enough! I wander around. I am on my knees. I tried to get up but it felt really unstable, so i kept on going on my knees. A guy falls right in front of me. He stumbled on a bag and fell on the floor. I kinda laughed. Suddenly my eyelids got really heavy and i couldn't hold it.
    10. Lucid #18 Shortest dream ever...

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:55 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am in a room. There is a white rectangular object in front of me.

      "This is a dream! This is a dream!"
      I wake up.
    11. Lucid #17 bj

      by , 09-20-2011 at 01:50 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am near a road. Seems like i just got here from an undergound path. There is a girl nearby. I don't know her. She looks at me and says:
      "The only way that you can be here with me is if i am dreaming! This is a dream!"
      I was kinda semi-lucid, but i repeated it to get a better lucidity.
      "This is a dream!"
      I went close to her and i don't remember how but we ended up with her giving me a bj. It lasted a few seconds and i woke up.
      I think this was the first time my lucidity came from a DC.

      I am inside my car. I am sitting in the front passenger seat. I don't remember who was driving. We look outside the windows to see if there are any cars passing by, cause we wanted to make a turn. The windows get blurry. We wait. After a while they clear up but only in small circles. I look at the windows again. They clear up. I look right. Everything clear. Left. Full blur again! The driver makes the turn and stops the car. I am now in the right back seat. There are others in the car too. There is a girl sitting on me.
      "Give me some more space guys!"
      Then i notice that i am wearing a sweater with the hood on. All these things make me feel really uncomfortable. My window is fully blurred again. I do a nose RC. It fails and that surprises me!
      "Be quiet!"
      I try to look at my left, but there is a huge force not allowing me to turn my head. I am really nervous and pissed off. I do a nose RC again. It fails again! I feel really stupid for keep doing this. I think the others will think i am retarded or something. In the end i just decide that this is a dream (though i was not fully lucid and did not seem to have any control) and i
      wake up opening my eyes abruptly. Grr... I just missed a lucid...
    12. Lucid #14 Friday's, Horses

      by , 09-10-2011 at 12:18 PM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am with some guys at a weird place. There are horses everywhere. There are casual horses, dressed horses, silver-armored horses, gold-armored horses... For some reason there is a huge guy there dressed in heavy silver armor and he is chasing us. At some point i turned around and see him holding a long spear and a hand ballista. He loads the ballista with the spear he's holding and he is aiming us! We run! The spear hits me in the head on the bone behind my right ear... and it ostracized!

      "Dude... I felt no pain"
      "Yeah man, this spot doesn't hurt. You were lucky!"

      I accept it... After that there was some chasing with the horses going on. I rode a horse and climbed (with the horse) on a tree, so that the other horses couldn't reach us.


      I am with my parents in our car, going home. I am sleeping in the car. I wake up and notice we are in Kifisia avenue (just an avenue). My fother stops and gets out of the car in order to pee. The place were we stopped doesn't really exsist in the specific part of the avenue we were in. I sleep again. I wake up and find myself sitting in a tabble and there are my parents and many other people too. Seems like Friday's or something... I get up, frustrated, beacause everyone is eating the best desserts and except that the didn't get anything for me, they let me sleep in a restaurant full with people... I say to my mother:

      "Why didn't you get me anything?"
      "You were sleeping..."
      "You should WAKE ME UP!!!"

      Everyone is looking at me, as i leave the table in order to find someone to order something. As i walk through the tables i see a girl dressed in a sexy maid outfit, but i keep walking... I walk up some stairs. I can't find someone to order anywhere. A counter, a bar, a waitress, NOTHING. I go back to our table. I see the girl again. Her clothes are now different. How did she change so fast? I look at our table.

      "Hey mom, i can't find anyone anywhere... unless..."
      "...it's a dream..."

      I am lucid. I find myself sitting on a bed, without noticing the change in the dream.
      "It's a dream... Hold it!... It's a dream!"
      I do the nose RC. I can breathe normally. I try to think something to stabilize the dream. I let my nose, and rub my hands, but i don't like the feeling. Holding my nose again makes things much better. I think of activating my other senses. I can't hear anything. I turn around and open a window. Nothing...
      There is traffic sound now!
      I can hear wind! That's cool! I think about smell, which i rarely have in dreams.
      Nop... It's ok. The dream seems stable enough. I think of spinning to change scene. I close my eyes and think about it... Naaaaah... I open my eyes and i am now lied in the bed i was sitting. I close them again and try to imagine a new place. I open them a little and i have a mixed image of my room and my dream. I close them and feel i am waking up.

      And i woke up...
      I note not to try this means of transport again for some time. I need to concentrate on a dream guide. Hopefully i 'll learn more about stabilizing my dreams this way.

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      lucid , false awakening
    13. Lucid #13 Hair Gel...

      by , 09-10-2011 at 12:16 AM
      Non-Drean/Comments Dream Lucid


      I am in a place like a school. I enter a basketball court. Everyone is sitting down. I sit down too. A theatrical play is about to begin. A girl starts acting. I hear two girls giggling behind me. I suddenly feel two hands grabing me from my back and they pull me up. I am now standing. In front of me there is a woman, obviously a teacher or something like that.

      "What are you doing?!?!?!"
      "Get out!"
      "What for?"
      "GET OUT!!!"
      "I want to speak to your supervisor!"
      "Are you serious?!"
      "Very serious!"
      "Very well."

      We walk through some corridors and doors and we end up in an office. There is a guy sitting behind the desk.

      "What's the matter?"

      The woman turns a monitor on and there is a playback from a basketball match replay. The court is the same in which we were before. I can tell because it wasn't an ordinary court. I recognize a some part of the match (i don't now how, there was no match where i was sitting). After that part i don't seem to remember anything from the match i see.

      "What hair gel are you using?"
      "What does this have to do with it?"

      We go outside the office and i see a small counter. It's split into three parts that are named "Class A" B and C. I realize that depending on what you want to take part in, you have to use the equivalent hair gel. So in the basketball court there were both a theatrical play and a basketball match. But the members of each event could not see or interact with the the members of another event in the same place. Yeahh... riiiiight...

      "Let me ask you something... What is this place?"
      The guy looks at me. I already know... (semi-lucid)
      "...I mean except for being a dream..."
      I become lucid.
      This is not a dream..."
      "Well, it is..."

      I leave. Someone holds me from my shirt. I call him off but he doesn't leave me. I think that i should look for a E. I see a door and decide to try summon her behind the door. I pull the other guy who is holding me, with me. He finally leaves. As i open the door i just KNOW she 's gonna be behind it. When it fully opens i can she her. She's talking to a girl. She sees me and we hug.

      "How are you?"
      *Stupid smile*
      Uhm... ok... I grab her hand.
      "Come on we have to fing J. now!"

      She doesn't seem to agree and walks the other way. My vision gets blurry and i wake up.

      I managed to summon someone!

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    14. Lucid #12 Wbtb #2

      by , 04-30-2011 at 04:48 PM
      Lucid #12 (wbtb2) (WBTB)


      I didn't put much effort on this. I just tried to keep my mind busy when i woke up in the morning but i still wanted to stay in bed. So, this is what happened:
      I am lying in my bed. I open my eyes but can't see very clear. It's like each eye sees a completely different picture. I pinch my nose and breath. I flicker my eyes many times, but things don't seem to get better. I try to watch my other hand, but i can barely see it. Like it's invisible or sth... I hate the feeling of the blanket so i push it off me. I stretch my hand in front of me and my vision gets an extreme field of view effect... The dream fades and i wake up.
    15. Lucid #11 Wbtb #1

      by , 04-30-2011 at 04:33 PM
      Lucid #11 (wbtb1) in my room (WBTB)


      [/COLOR]I wake up At 11:30. I go to the bathroom, because of a stupid pimple. After 10 minutes i go back to bed. I do some breathing meditation and am going to try wbtb. After 40 minutes i turn on my right side and wait to get asleep. At some point i feel like someone is lifting my bed in the air and is slowly rotating it towards tha back wall. I felt my body crawling and my head hitting the wall.I am in a dream and lucid. I know it even though everything is still black. I open my eyes. I am in my room in the exact same posture. I sit up and hold on to my bed. The room seems pretty empty. There is only the wardrobe which is more wide and doesn't touch the ground. It's like it's hanging from the ceiling. The room is really bright. I feel dizzy and thing get blurred out and cleared again and again. They finally clear up for a while. There are many objects on the bed. I think of touching them to stabilize the dream. I reach for something that looks like my keys. I grab them and as i bring them close to me suddenly i can't pull them closer. So i keep staring at them, not sure what to think of. I slowly realise that what i am looking at is not my keys but the head of a person in a poster i have in front of my bed and i am... awake with my eyes open wide! There was no dream-fading-away part and i don't remember opening my (physical) eyes! It was a really strange experience but also interesting. First Wbtb.

      Any ideas on what that could be? Anyone with similar experiences?
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