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    1. Terrifying sea creature, almost got raped again, battle royal

      by , 08-15-2018 at 03:27 PM (Exterminate)
      Alright I have had enough of these dreams where I almost get molested by creepy dudes. Is it a subconscious fear I have now? I wonder where the hell it came from because I want it gone.

      I was on a lake/ocean in a boat/vehicle. A family member was with me, but then they left for some reason. They said they'd be back soon, but as I was waiting I heard a very disturbing sound beneath me. It sounded like the growl of a large and ancient beast. It sounded similar to this one, with the reverberating breathing. It was loud and made me scared to my core. Anyway, just after I heard the sound the car bumped up a bit. And again it happened. Suddenly the vehicle capsizes. I had opened the window a bit earlier to try to see what had made that noise, but now that I was capsizing I tried to roll the window up but I didn't have enough time. I saw the water coming closer and I took a deep breath. I then fell into the water and dove as far as I could to try to avoid the beast from below. I was not fast enough, and it bit off my leg at the knee. It then circled back and swallowed the rest of me whole. I tried to grab hold of it's mouth just before it swallowed me just so I could know what it was that killed me. It had a long pointed snout and reminded me of a shark. I woke up likely in sleep paralysis. My whole body felt constricted and I thought I was actually dead for a second.

      There was more to this one, but basically me and brother were in the middle of nowhere with a semitruck. There was just desert all around. While he wasn't looking I threw gas on everything and then lit the truck and ran for my life. The thing went off like a nuclear bomb. I expected the mushroom cloud and the heat and stuff, but didn't anticipate the flying debris. I just kept running to avoid being chunked down by the flying pieces. It was truly a sight to behold.

      My brother driving me through a town I didn't recognize. It was a large city and reminded me of Vegas. It was at night and I saw several fireworks displays going off. As we drove down some winding highways at a decent speed I took in the sights of the various light shows and suddenly my brother tells me to hold on to something. I look forward at the road and it has a large gap with the street continuing after a few feet. We keep our speed and fall right through the hole and find ourselves doing some weird roller coaster of a track designed just for this. It takes the speed and weight of the vehicle and as long as you keep the pedal to the metal, then you will complete the track without injury. This thing was wild. It had loop-de-loops, jumps, falls, the works. I saw a smaller car that failed the loop and ended upside down and crashing to the ground. I felt very scared that our car may end up the same. I got mad at Kris for taking me here, and he said he brings many people here and that it is one of the best attractions in town.

      I was playing a battle royal sort of game, with gameplay like fistful of frags (Played the game for hours yesterday). Each game was 100 players. There were several weapons you could use and they were all pretty good. It was so satisfying getting 6+ kills in a row. I was able to escape large groups of people by floating above. I remembered this technique from my past as I could hold my breath and it allows me to fly higher. The group of 5 said I was cheating because they only had melee weapons and couldn't reach me. I said they were cheating for being in such a large group, and that there was no way I could beat all of them when they're grouped like that. I played a few rounds of this. Out of maybe 4 rounds I came in first twice. I recall the last time I played it the remaining 2 enemies besides me were Conan O'Brian and Stephen Colbert. Conan was weaponless and wasn't actually playing. I managed to get Stephen Colbert, but it wasn't easy. I had to attack his head and he kept using a hood to conceal where I could attack. I eventually pinned him to the ground and sliced open his neck. Brutal.

      I was at a hotel trying to mind my own business but the people behind and in front of me pressed so close against me they forced me to follow them. I wanted to just leave them alone, but it seemed they were doing this on purpose. I noted the guy behind me was wearing skin tight latex. Not the black kind, but it was red and white. They got me to a floor with nobody around and a guy tried to pull a gun on me while the latex guy advanced toward me and tried to sexually assault me. I fended them off and ran up the stairs as fast as I could. As I rounded a clearing the guy was rounding the clearing in the stairs just below. This continued for 2-3 floors until I stopped and waited for him to catch up. Just as he was about to come into view I swung around the corner and knocked him down the stairs and kept running until the dream ended.
    2. Let's just say it. January's dreams.

      by , 01-29-2013 at 09:55 PM (Exterminate)
      -Top dream cut and re-posted, just remembered details on it the day after- Look 2 posts past this for the LD

      1/05/13- All I remember is going through our old paper routes, unplugging everything we could see at people's houses, and taking down things for winter.

      1/08/13: Chairs from my tulpaforcing session last night, a player on a minecraft server telling me my town was griefed, and a haunted mansion-ish dream about monsters and that lantern thingy.
      Allow me to further explain my Minecraft dream, as that is the only one I actually remember. I logged on, or rather into, my main minecraft server. I have a town called Szabo, and found it to be griefed. Now this town looked nothing like it's IRL counterpart, but I noticed a huge chunk of water drained. I fixed it, and one of my friends on the server was watching me do it. She wanted me to see something, and so I followed her. She ended up bringing me to this cove on one of the walls of the town, and there was a blue-eyed spider there. She got killed, her items dropped, and I picked them up. She decided not to warp back to collect her stuff.

      1/09/13- Playing a mario game on my oldest brother's GBC;
      Doctor Who(Tom Baker) in a dream that I can barely remember..;
      Short continuation of previous dream, ended up running from a very pissed off carbon copy of someone.

      Only one of these I recall is the mario game. I was digging through Jeff (My oldest brother)'s stuff, and found this mario game. I started playing it on his Gameboy Color. Jeff was over my shoulder watching me play, and told me there are 32 levels in all. I play 2-3 and see this huge [?] block. I jump up, and this Prince hat pops out. I collect it and grow giant. I walk around and get killed by a normal sized goomba. I respawn, hit the block again, grow again, and am told to hit another normal sized [?] block. I keep hitting it, and it doesn't stop giving me coins. Apparently in this large size, I can get infinite coins from a block.

      1/10/13: Grocery store combo lock-
      This dream was longer than I can remember. We go in, and are stuck in this elevator like room. There is what seems to be a voice activated padlock. We must answer 5 questions correctly to pass. We just end up using google to get the answers. I only wrote one of the answers done before, so the only one I know is: "A man in outer space is at what temperature?" Answer: 41 degrees.
      Once we got in, we talked with the person behind the counter about it, and she said most people just give up, but it is a fun challenge. I think the ending passcode to get in was like poodle or something like that.

      1/10/13: My dad goes insane- (Copying from IRC, as that is more close to what happened than my memories.
      My dad decided it would be fun to try and kill me and him
      Luckily for me, we never hit anything
      After a few close calls, he seemingly gave up, and stopped at a stop sign
      He then went in circles in the crossroads
      Stoping all traffic from passing
      I jumped out of the car
      Others got out of their cars
      and made sure my dad wouldn't leave
      I told them what my father had done
      And then I stayed until officials came
      the officials tied my dad up, and I hoped to never see him come back home
      I wasn't wearing any shoes, and it was cold outside
      I went to a bus stop, because I was halfway across town
      And I live in a pretty big city
      A bus came fairly quickly
      I asked him if he could take me to my house, and he said it is too far for his route
      He told me I'd have to take multiple buses
      I asked how much it cost, and he said it was free
      There was only one other person in the bus
      I told the bus driver what had happened to me, and the dream ended

      1/12/13: Mckenna is dead- I do not remember much of this dream, I just remember it fooling me when I woke up. I know two Mckenna's, and in the dream they were both dead. I recall talking to one's dad and saying that his loss must be devastating.

      1/16/13: Mega Skype update- I woke up to a brand new version of skype. It was slicker, with a black and green design. Something seemed different about it though, it had more than just contacts. Upon further inspection, it had every picuture, movie, memory, show, song, dream, you name it all packed into it. I got so excited I watched a show to test, got 2-3 minutes in and tested a movie. It was so exhilarating to see all these memories right in front of me.

      11/16/13: Meeting my Sister-in-law :/ -I do not remember much here, I just see this run down mobile home where my brother Jeff and his wife live in the dream. We have to cross a highway to get to it, and inside is not much. It is kinda trashy, and I count 9 kids she has(She has 5 irl). She didn't really like us, and we didn't really like her.

      11/16/13: Jeff leads me to a haunted house- Again, do not remember too much, but I spent the night walking around this town I do not know with Jeff, and he ends up bringing me to this house. The door is open, and it has an eerie feel to it. I walk in the door and see plenty of people around, mostly teens, laughing and having a good time. I take one step forward, have a screamer come from the roof, and I leave.

      11/16/13: Remote viewing- I was in my old house, upstairs. I find that I am not really there, but continue anyway. I end up peeking into Jeff's old room and things do not seem the same. I concluded I was Remote Viewing, but it much be more like dreaming. I was on the verge of lucidity, but woke up from this experience instead.

      1/18/13: Not much to add to these posts from this topic-
      1. My brother was trying to get away from his wife, so he got in a relationship with mom o.O
      2. Some fragment about an old cannibal woman
      3. Saw some other form of 3D, not near as good as Real-D 3D
      4. Saw Harry Potter 1 in theaters, tons of stuff added.

      1/19/13: THC channel-(Writing directly from my DJ)
      A commercial plays saying "THC: Thai Networking- You piss us off, we show you bad programming.
      Huge minecraft world, with tons of machinery going on. It is a superflat world, with at least 3-4 huge robots doing different tasks. I saw shirts dragging one way along a huge metal bar, car seats on another, it was just too much to take in. I flew around just marveling at all of the stuff going on. I noticed a pattern happening, and decided to study it. The dream kind of shifts to another idea, like another show going on. There are 3 superheroes of sorts, all with their special abilities. One very smart one that could create chestnuts for emergency food, one that appeared to be a leader who could make fortune cookies out of nowhere, and the other could fly, but other than that, remained secretive. There was a longer plotline, but the show ended with the one flying, taking information from the smarter one. There were two people flying behind the one. One of the people behind was this technical genius, he had created some way to fly, and was after the good guys. The good guy ended up flying into the air, then headed straight for a huge banner that behind it were big dumpsters. He led the two in pursuit right through the banner and they ended up unconscious in the dumpsters.

      1/21/13: Late to a meeting with Superman- I was attempting to fly through a woodsy area, but never went very quick. I eventually spotted Kris (My older brother), and he says he is looking for Superman. He has to meet him at a specific time to hear a top secret message. We find the place, but are a minute too late. Superman has left, and others are closing in. They wish to kill us for whatever reason, but we try to escape. This dream had an involved plot-line that I can't really remember.

      1/22/13: Snow apocolypse- It snowed for so long that the snow ended up being about 3-4 feet high. Kris and I started shoveling it, but it just snowed more. The snow ended up being 11-14 feet high, snowing everyone in. I just make a short entrance into this huge mansion, and lodge there. There was one other short part about the dream where I was under layers of snow, in a make-shift igloo of sorts, and people needed what I had. My mom asked for nunchaku, and I had two types. I had fake plastic ones, and real metal ones. I gave her the fake crappy ones.

      1/23/13- I made a home made bass drum but it went over badly in the fair. I decide to go browsing around the neighborhood. I walk into about 3 homes in all. I recall one more vividly than the others, as I walked through the cracked open front door, and hear a man talking on the phone upstairs. He is talking to someone about his exquisite trees and gardens that he owns. I walk through the main floor and just marvel at how beautiful the place is. In the back I see extremely tall trees and tons of flowers and gardens. It turns out this man's specialty was broccoli, and it was everywhere: In the gardens, growing from the trees, in the architecture, lining the archways, everywhere. I was just in awe of how awesome it looked. The man comes up behind me and says how proud of it all he is, and then I make a break for it as I do not want him to find out I sneaked into his house. I had a friend with me most of the time, that fatter kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He ended up getting caught by the police at one point.

      1/27/13- Just random combinations of the MineZ minecraft server and my being sick, probably about 3 different dreams in there. I couldn't get any sleep this night. The zombies would kill me, the bandits would make me even more sick, and the healers would alleviate my sickness a bit.

      1/28/13: The dream machine- I am given this machine that shows all dreams from the previous night. It saves them into its database, and then in the morning you can post the dreams to facebook, or just view them for your pleasure. They were in a format that you can simply save them on a flash drive or whatever. The machine was revolutionary. I tried it for a night, and found awesome dreams on it. I tried it the next day and found the whole thing was a fraud. It did not really save dreams, it simply played a pre-determined recording of some dream programmed into it. It was not real, it was just created.

      1/29/13: Lucid dream(Completed a TOTM goal!)- I was exiting a building that I almost got killed in when suddenly I asked if I was dreaming. I decided quickly that must be correct and that made me so happy. I leaped into the air and found myself in someone's car. I recognize the driver as someone I know IRL. I kiss him on his head and say I am thankful for being lucid. This is an angry looking driver with short white hair, a short white beard, and quite the attitude. I look in the back and see two dogs--The dogs I have IRL. I start petting the dogs and the man says angrily that I have their names wrong. I say that I own them IWL and that's their real names. He says he had found them and they were his. He was on his way to get rid of them. The traffic stops and he says that I'll never get away from him. I tell him I was planning on the traffic jam.

      I then got out of the car and started flying. Or rather, I tried flying. I could not go very fast, and it was hard to keep the momentum of the flight path. I flew above the power lines, making sure not to touch any otherwise I might have gotten electrocuted. I somehow made it to my house. As I am landing I accidentally touch a power line. I do not get shocked so I keep going. I remember that I should do some lucid tasks, so I expect to see Jeff hanging out from one of the windows. He wasn't there like he should have been, so I started looking around and saw Kris on the back porch. I tell him that I'm thinking of a number between 1-100. My number is 88. He is muttering some difficult equations trying to pinpoint the answer. He concludes it is between 50-60. After a while I ask him if he has an answer. He gives up, and I tell him the answer was 8. I have no idea why I said 8 instead of 88, but I didn't question my answer at the time. I told my mom that I was going to China to vandalize the Great wall of China. She says in the least caring way possible "Alright."

      I walk over to the bathroom, expecting to see a portal leading to the great wall of china. Sadly, when I walked inside I just saw my bathroom. I started to try to dream spin but when I stopped spinning I was still in the bathroom. I decided to fall backwards, into China. When I got back up, I was still in my bathroom. I then gave up on this task. I returned to the back porch where Kris was and I saw a huge snow-covered mountain. This mountain exists IRL, just not that large and close to our house. I started flying to it, but again, I had difficulties. I was unable to fly very fast which made me irritated. I decided to land and find myself a motorcycle since it would be much faster than trying to fly. I actually did see a motorcycle where I landed, but I had a feeling that the speed of this motorcycle would fail me too. I hopped on and took off toward the mountain at a high speed. I go over a bump and take off into the sky. I make my way at a good speed up the mountain and get to the top in no time. I lose the motorcycle and find myself at a snow-covered cathedral shaped house. It isn't a very large house, but due to the shape of the roof I am able to climb on top of it. I wanted to view my surroundings from this vantage point. I was expecting to see a giant frozen lake up here but instead I see a somewhat smaller and unfrozen lake. I got into the water and noted that it was freezing cold. I was about knee-deep at this point, so before I went deeper I imagined it was warmer. The temperature did indeed warm up enough to be comfortable. I notice two girls are now with me. I see a little embankment as water goes from where I am into a much larger area of the lake, dropping a few inches. I follow it down, but the water here is much deeper. It goes all the way to my neck, and I notice at this point that I myself am a girl. Before I could figure out when I changed, I bobbed under the water, and accidentally breathed in some water. As I got back above the water line, I coughed out some water then the dream faded out.

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    3. Catching my DJ up

      by , 01-01-2013 at 09:32 AM (Exterminate)
      Using this topic to write a few of my dreams down from the last 2 months.

      11/2/12- Gay friend

      I am at a friend's wedding and the best man comes up to me. I know this guy to be very wealthy, and I have known him for a long time. We talk for a bit, then he tries kissing me. I push away, telling him I am not gay. I hear news that he is dead days later.

      11/2/12- Godfather fighting arena
      Don't quite remember. Only thing that comes to mind is a big dirt track, in which me and someone else are fighting with guns. Appears to be right outside a huge mansion. Third person dream.
      Vague dream involving a me and a stranger fighting each other with guns while driving on a big dirt track. I recall seeing a giant mansion overlooking the track. It was a third person dream that felt more like a crazy movie than an actual dream experience.

      11/3/12- Caught my dad cheating on his wife :/
      I go to visit my dad at his place of employment (His dream location, he does not work there IRL). It appears to be an office job, seeing as there were cubicles everywhere. I looked everywhere for my dad but couldn't find him. I heard a noise coming from outside a window and saw a rather unpleasant sight. My dad was in the process of having an affair with some woman from his work outside. She was propped against a car and dad was taking her from behind. I quickly looked away and sat down crying because I never would have expected my dad to do such an awful thing to my mom.

      11/3/12- Parents divorce
      My mom finds out about what my dad has done and they end up splitting. I try to keep them together by telling them they should try to work through, but it was all for nothing. My mom ends up getting custody of me and my brother, and my dad is basically left with nothing. He leaves the home a broken man and me and my brother were left feeling awful for what had happened.

      11/10/12- Famous dude in town
      Someone famous was in town. I lived in a really small town, no more than 200 people, and this celebrity is visiting because he was born there. I remember going outside of my mobile home and seeing the celebrity down the road. I'm like "cool, it is just another guy." I then went back inside and the dream got creepy. I picked up my pillow from my bed and it was stuffed with bees and ants. I of course drop it and run like a little girl. As I leave the house Slender comes up to my face and I wake up.

      11/10/12- "Fun" at the arcade --Dream edit. WTF is that supposed to mean?!

      11/13/12- Secret room in the mansion
      I was exploring a mansion when I found a secret room behind a huge painting. The room was not very big, only about 15x15 feet. It seemed cozy enough though with a stove a table, and a robot. I also saw this beautiful chandelier above the table. Oh yeah, did I mention the robot? He started telling me a story about how he was created. The man who made him hid him away in this secret room to keep him from the evil designers of the castle. It was only meant to be temporary, but sadly the creater of the robot slipped and died on wet concrete outside the castle. He was paved over and his dead body is still mixed deep into the walkway outside the castle to this day. The robot took the liberty of showing me where the man had fallen. I could see no record of him being in there, but the thought alone was sad.

      I was talking to Randy D. about AWANA. I was on this hill at a camp I went to a few times, and then out of nowhere I hear a sound. Coming from over the hill came a bunch of Indians, some with guns, some with blowdarts. One yelled through a bullhorn that the end is near. I run for the camp at full speed, trying to hide. I tell everyone else to run, but I just try to find a hiding spot.

      11/16/12- Failed non lucid sex in 2 different dreams.

      11/17/12- Assumptions
      I was hanging around a 12 year old girl playing games but people around me start assuming I am doing bad things to her. I try to defend myself, but nobody seems to want to listen to me.

      11/17/12- Mocking
      My brother laughs at my failures while I play a video game. It appeared to be a racing game, but I got myself into quite the car crash. I was unable to recover.

      11/17/12- Calvin and Hobbes cancelled??
      I know this cartoon strip is long gone, but this was the center of the dream. I hear news on tv that the famous cartoon strip got cancelled by the author, and I take the news badly. The guy who made it happened to live on my street, so I talked to him about how his comic has touched so many people and a lot of people love his work. I convince him not to stop making it, and he makes a television broadcast explaining that someone on his street showed him just how much people love his work, and that he was just so touched. He said that he swears he will never make the comic again, no matter who wants him to.

      4 years later and I am not 100% certain this is the same dream. The world is in a mass panic: Fires, chaos, people turned evil, anarchy. One of the worst of the worst people was crucifying people in a mall parking lot. I know the guy as a Christian from a few years back in the dream. I end up getting caught and put on the cross. I start reasoning with the guy and eventually he allows me to leave. His friends tried to stone me but he stopped them just in time. He distracts them as I make my way out of there. I see some more of his followers and they start acting like I'm their friend. They decide to try to help me, but I am cautious. The dream continued on to a fight with some monsters in a huge castle but I have forgotten the details of that part unfortunately.

      11/25/12- Keno
      Parents were playing a 4-player variant of keno, I volunteered to play, but they said it wouldn't work with only 3 people.

      11/27/12- Choices for homes
      My parents make me a deal. I can get either of two homes. They both cost $350/month, and they would belong 100% to me. I just have to decide which house I like better. I was faced with a 2 story fixer upper, or a really nice, small mobile home. I have to literally crawl at some points to get around on the inside of the houses, because for some reason I had a problem with movement and the hallways were narrow. I was considering the small mobile home when my mom yelled at me to choose the larger one. I ended up with the larger home.

      11/27/12- Leadership role at church
      I am only 17 years old, but I distinctly remember being in a nonexistent part of our church that was located next to where the bathrooms are now. I was leading a high school group, but I never did any work. There were 2-3 other adult helpers, and I just got them to do the work. I then walked out of the room, and saw a teen boy and girl run into a room together and lock the door. Knowing myself, you can probably guess what they were up to. I then went down the hall, and saw many rooms, and people in each one. They looked like sex rooms, like a girl in each one that would do you sexual favors for free. They were there by choice, not by being forced.

      12/5/12- Went to camp!
      I have had a few of these kinds of dreams. Just out of nowhere, on the day camp starts we decide to go, unprepared, hoping for the best. Apparently I almost missed going to the beach because I had to study for something.

      12/7/12- Powers, grandpa dies
      I do not remember a whole lot from this dream, but it has impacted me a lot.
      I visit my grandparents every Tuesday, and sometimes it just gets boring and irritating, and I suppose I just got kind of sick of it.
      In the dream, I was kind of grumpy, and not having that great of a time at my grandparents house, then we just kind of left without really saying goodbye. Next thing I knew my grandfather had died. It really hit me hard, since I left him on bad spirits. The last time I had seen him, and it was like I didn't even care. I didn't want to believe that he could just pass away whenever. Later in the dream I was talking to people about powers and stuff that I had. I remember seeing someone levitate above the ground, and I said I have been able to do that all my life. I breathed in, and I jumped in the air. I soared forward until I ran out of breath. I then fell to the floor. The guy talks to me and tells me that it is all a matter of holding your breath. It has nothing to do with control, powers, etc. Just hold your breath, and jump. It was cool to finally hear an explanation on my flying abilities in my dreams.

      12/11/12- Went picking Jalapeno-cherries, got in the way of someone, then started picking broccoli.
      - Visited the newspaper place I used to work at, someone was parked in back stuffing their van with thick papers.

      12/14/12- Secret B&B mansion
      This is a dream that spread over a few days, perhaps even weeks. I am assuming I just had a few dreams about it in the same night.
      I remember hearing about a mansion with many secrets tucked away inside. I heard someone was plotting something vile and my family just had to know what they were up to.
      I went with my parents as they spent time with the owners of this establishment, meanwhile I was getting into some trouble. I remember getting a tour of the place, but most of the time in the beginning was spent in one room. There was a very fancy dining room table in the middle of the room my parents and the owner of the mansion had dinner over. I sat in a corner and played a gambling game involving cards and a magician's hat. I listened in on their conversations and everything sounded right, but there was just something wrong. I looked over my shoulder and saw a door in the next room over open, and there was like a toybox with stuff coming out of it. I stood up, walked over to the door, and was just about to look in, when someone stops me from behind. He tells me I must be 'one of them' to use their stuff. I do not quite understand. The next meeting time comes, and we come to the same room. They flip the table over and it turns into this big royal pool table. It looks really neat, and the four of us start playing, but for some reason they kick me out and I go back to my gambling game. I end up making a few bucks, but my parents leave without me noticing. I look outside the door and see a dresser in front of that curious room. A man comes up behind me and says that I must be part of 'the brotherhood' in order to have a room here. I ask what that entitles. He tells me that the brotherhood is basically a family that helps each other, cares for one another, and does not want to see another harmed. They do their daily chores, but in return get freedom and friendship. I for some reason want to move out of my current house, and see this place as a really cool thing. I ask to join the brotherhood and they give me a room. I see into the room next to mine and inside is a teenage boy with a computer and a bed. He just kind of welcomes me to the brotherhood without leaving his bed. I go to my room practically leaping for joy as I can now have my freedoms.

      I can do whatever I want on the computer whenever I want, I can go whenever I please. I have near to no responsibilities. Time-skip a few hours. I am now downstairs. This is a large room, probably about a 30 foot roof. There is a really nice marble counter with dimmed lights. The kitchen is inaccessible to the normal person living there, but the maids and workers and butlers can access freely. I see 3 people standing around, and someone calls out that it is bedtime. One of the girls gives the maid who was in the kitchen a hug and starts bawling because she has to sleep. It isn't that she doesn't want to sleep, it is just that she does not want to be alone. I feel much sorrow as I see this girl crying, just at the thought of not seeing her friends for a few hours. This scene starting from when the time-skip happened replays, and I end up going to bed. The next morning is here, and I am already outside on the porch, with all the other residents beside me. I decide that this is not the place for me, this place is designed to house: the Lonely, the homeless, the orphaned, the broken. I had a home, both parents, and everything else I could need. These people had nothing. I didn't have the right to live there. I saw many teens standing around. They say we can take a walk, play in the yard, etc. We were free to do whatever we wanted. They had just one rule at this point though. Let the ladies go out first. If a lady leaves, then we must wait 5 minutes before we can leave. So a few women leave, then it goes for 3-4 minutes with nobody leaving the building. Just as it is about to hit 5 minutes, another girl walks out. I start talking amongst the guys about how this one girl Cheyenne looks cute. I stare at her from across the huge yard. I start thinking about her, then the dream soon ends.

      12/16/12- Celebs are in town!
      This all took place in what felt like an abandoned mobile home park. I remembered spending time with some celebrities, which if I remember right were Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus. I felt as if it was just last week I had so much fun with these three, just hanging out, being friends. They promise they'd return one day and they finally do. I see them and we meet up and sneak into this abandoned mobile home. Inside is the motherload. Alcohol and drugs of many kinds. It was a loser's paradise. The place just looked like a wreck. There was nobody else inside, so we just kinda enjoyed our stay. We all did drugs and drunk a bit but I was not really too much in favor of it. The dream ended up with sexy time with one of the celebrities.

      12/21/12- Bible study strangeness

      I do not remember much. I just remember this huge lion thing. It seemed like it was a dude in a costume or something, and it licks the back of my neck. Our group has dinner, and then this thing transforms into this huge worm, eats the leader of the study, then shows himself to be a demon king.

      12/22/12- Lucid- "Hey DC How do you know me?"
      I realized I was dreaming at the beginning of the dream. I asked myself what I should do and the first thing to come to mind is ask all the people around me how they met me, or how I knew them. I was in a restaurant and saw some people I recognized, but many I didn't know. I came up to Mario and asked him about our first meeting each other and he said it was a Christmas service at our church. I talked with another older couple and they said they didn't know me. I talked with another person who went in depth on how they knew me. Successful experiment.

      12/22/12- Lucid- Sneaking into my neighbor's house...
      Okay, I was a little pervy on this one. I was at my house and had the bright idea to meet up with my neighbor across the way. I sneak across the street and behind her house. I go into the window and in her room. She is barely dressed. I start talking to her and she doesn't seem to find this strange. The house seems kind of nice and they seemed pretty well-off. I give her a hug just because it was nice to see her, and she kinda gives me a strange look. I wonder what is wrong and she tells me she probably would have given me a hug willingly had I asked. So I then asked and she gave me another hug. I thought I heard one of her parents coming closer and I panicked causing the dream to end.

      12/26/12- I'm sharing the details of a movie I recently watched with some children from AWANA

      12/26/12-At a restaurant with family. Someone comes up and starts complaining about their incorrect Figis order. (My parents used to work at Figis)

      12/28/12- Thrift store
      Me and my family walk up to a thrift store. I forget why we came, but I ended up talking to the guy who owned the place for a while. There was some cool stuff there. He had his kid with him. After a while, my family started to help move stuff out as people bought items. We basically did volunteer work for the guy so the customers wouldn't have to carry their heavy items. After a few hours, I walked outside with my brother and then a woman asked me for money. She spoke as if I promised her money but I didn't have any myself. I walk past her, and end up going into a big wal-mart that had a fun-zone. After a long walk into the arcade room I saw about 3 kids inside, and a bunch of games. Kris started playing a game, as I just watched.

      12/29/12- Deathmatch game
      This whole dream takes place in a big building. It felt kind of like a warehouse. There was two floors, but the second didn't have a full roof, it was more of a platform. The building had bathrooms, and shelves that lined the walls. As I walked into the bathroom, someone stops me and notices me from making Epic Rap Battle videos. I say it is nice that he knows who I am, but to not tell everybody, and I go about my business. I tell my brother about this, and we agree that we have probably made more Epic Rap Battle fan videos than the original guys. The rest of the dream is all about a game of deathmatch with non-deadly weapons. Think laser tag or nerf fights. There was about 8-12 of us running around with various weapons: Rifle, pistol, knife, saber, swords, sniper rifle, and more. There were two rounds. I remember two specific events: One, between rounds I saw this extendable saber (Kind of like a light saber, but solid and not a laser) for $0.99, so I pocket it. The other event is I had a rifle and shot someone 2-3 times in the head but they weren't eliminated. In this game you get shot and even though it doesn't damage you, if you sustain what would be a lot of damage, you fall over and act dead. The guy didn't want to play correctly so I ran the other direction and he shot me twice in the back. I fell over dead because I actually cared about the rules.

      The next 4 are verbatim from a physical DJ.
      12/30/12- Future children
      Dream about children. My mom took care of our kids with us. I was grumpy and asked for advice with the one child I had, whereas Kris (My brother) was creative and fun. I looked back on my parenting skills and thought that I was not a very good parent, but my mom said I was doing just fine. There is some strange scene about a wall coming apart, and Kris fitting it over the room in a creative and awesome way.

      12/30/12- Nightmare, Harry Potter dream

      My first nightmare in months, before that, years. Harry and Voldemort are fighting, doing the whole Expelliarmus vs. Avada Kedavra thing. Harry wins, then the dream repeats. Somehow something in the story shifts, and Draco is going against Voldemort. Harry is following behind, but he seems different, weaker, not as confident. Voldemort easily kills off Draco, then goes to Harry. He uses a simple Avada Kedavra on him and kills him. Then Voldemort sees me. He shoots the curse on me, and I die. I roll over in the snow, and am alive again somehow.He kills me again, and it hit me bad this time. I open my eyes to see him right above me, staring right into my eyes. He is wearing a black hood, all skeleton. His eyes are the most horrible shade of red. He is a black skeleton. His appearance is loosely based off of this I believe. He Avada Kedavra's me again, and I roll over in the snow. He hits me again, then again. I try rolling in the snow, but he hits me twice in the back, right where my heart is, and kills me instantly.

      12/30/12- FA/ paper route

      Suddenly I find myself doing paper routes near my old house in Marshfield Wisconsin. It is just me and my dad in the car, and I start to talk to him about my nightmare, and how scary Voldemort was when he appeared right over me. As we turn into a cul-de-sac, I see this huge transformer looking thing coming down the road. We continue doing papers, and it comes up behind us. I miss a tube, and have to go out and put it back in. Turns out the driver is friendly, and that transformer thing was just a decorated bobcat tractor. We talk for a few minutes and the dream ends.

      12/30/12- Random discussions at starbucks.

      So the whole reason I can see myself as being here is to wait for my mom to pick me up. As I am drinking a slushie, I am talking about some dude's performance that I just watched. I ask someone nearby if the guy is new or something, and they reply that he isn't, he just sucks. I tell them that I have been practicing with my yo-yo for about 3 years without much progress. Then someone, Gracen I think, starts leading the conversation with provoking questions and comments. I respond to one of his questions and he notes my response as being a good one. The others tell me to keep quiet so I don't give too much information about myself and to keep making statements such as the one I just made. I saw Jessie with a Bible, and a book inside about understanding girls. She explains that it is just as difficult to understand girls for her as it is for guys. I explain that I understand girls a lot more now than I used to. When the dream ends there is a conversation going on about how bad smoking is. I share that my mom smokes and that she puts small amounts of baileys in her coffee every day. Just as I bring this up my mom comes in and I have to go.
      I suppose this dream was about the future as well, because it doesn't correlate well with the way my life is now.

      12/31/12- Various fragments
      1. Something about like an evil neighbor, had some invincible minions
      2. Was supposed to do some dance in front of a bunch of people
      3. (Same dream as previous, different scene) Some game about stopping kids/dogs from touching chairs
      4. Was promoted from 1st to 2nd grade in a school that felt like it was in a mall.
      5. Some girl sits down on a beach while she strips

      That was a lot of writing... I Hope I keep the dream journal up to date from now on.

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