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    1. Let's just say it. January's dreams.

      by , 01-29-2013 at 09:55 PM (Exterminate)
      -Top dream cut and re-posted, just remembered details on it the day after- Look 2 posts past this for the LD

      1/05/13- All I remember is going through our old paper routes, unplugging everything we could see at people's houses, and taking down things for winter.

      1/08/13: Chairs from my tulpaforcing session last night, a player on a minecraft server telling me my town was griefed, and a haunted mansion-ish dream about monsters and that lantern thingy.
      Allow me to further explain my Minecraft dream, as that is the only one I actually remember. I logged on, or rather into, my main minecraft server. I have a town called Szabo, and found it to be griefed. Now this town looked nothing like it's IRL counterpart, but I noticed a huge chunk of water drained. I fixed it, and one of my friends on the server was watching me do it. She wanted me to see something, and so I followed her. She ended up bringing me to this cove on one of the walls of the town, and there was a blue-eyed spider there. She got killed, her items dropped, and I picked them up. She decided not to warp back to collect her stuff.

      1/09/13- Playing a mario game on my oldest brother's GBC;
      Doctor Who(Tom Baker) in a dream that I can barely remember..;
      Short continuation of previous dream, ended up running from a very pissed off carbon copy of someone.

      Only one of these I recall is the mario game. I was digging through Jeff (My oldest brother)'s stuff, and found this mario game. I started playing it on his Gameboy Color. Jeff was over my shoulder watching me play, and told me there are 32 levels in all. I play 2-3 and see this huge [?] block. I jump up, and this Prince hat pops out. I collect it and grow giant. I walk around and get killed by a normal sized goomba. I respawn, hit the block again, grow again, and am told to hit another normal sized [?] block. I keep hitting it, and it doesn't stop giving me coins. Apparently in this large size, I can get infinite coins from a block.

      1/10/13: Grocery store combo lock-
      This dream was longer than I can remember. We go in, and are stuck in this elevator like room. There is what seems to be a voice activated padlock. We must answer 5 questions correctly to pass. We just end up using google to get the answers. I only wrote one of the answers done before, so the only one I know is: "A man in outer space is at what temperature?" Answer: 41 degrees.
      Once we got in, we talked with the person behind the counter about it, and she said most people just give up, but it is a fun challenge. I think the ending passcode to get in was like poodle or something like that.

      1/10/13: My dad goes insane- (Copying from IRC, as that is more close to what happened than my memories.
      My dad decided it would be fun to try and kill me and him
      Luckily for me, we never hit anything
      After a few close calls, he seemingly gave up, and stopped at a stop sign
      He then went in circles in the crossroads
      Stoping all traffic from passing
      I jumped out of the car
      Others got out of their cars
      and made sure my dad wouldn't leave
      I told them what my father had done
      And then I stayed until officials came
      the officials tied my dad up, and I hoped to never see him come back home
      I wasn't wearing any shoes, and it was cold outside
      I went to a bus stop, because I was halfway across town
      And I live in a pretty big city
      A bus came fairly quickly
      I asked him if he could take me to my house, and he said it is too far for his route
      He told me I'd have to take multiple buses
      I asked how much it cost, and he said it was free
      There was only one other person in the bus
      I told the bus driver what had happened to me, and the dream ended

      1/12/13: Mckenna is dead- I do not remember much of this dream, I just remember it fooling me when I woke up. I know two Mckenna's, and in the dream they were both dead. I recall talking to one's dad and saying that his loss must be devastating.

      1/16/13: Mega Skype update- I woke up to a brand new version of skype. It was slicker, with a black and green design. Something seemed different about it though, it had more than just contacts. Upon further inspection, it had every picuture, movie, memory, show, song, dream, you name it all packed into it. I got so excited I watched a show to test, got 2-3 minutes in and tested a movie. It was so exhilarating to see all these memories right in front of me.

      11/16/13: Meeting my Sister-in-law :/ -I do not remember much here, I just see this run down mobile home where my brother Jeff and his wife live in the dream. We have to cross a highway to get to it, and inside is not much. It is kinda trashy, and I count 9 kids she has(She has 5 irl). She didn't really like us, and we didn't really like her.

      11/16/13: Jeff leads me to a haunted house- Again, do not remember too much, but I spent the night walking around this town I do not know with Jeff, and he ends up bringing me to this house. The door is open, and it has an eerie feel to it. I walk in the door and see plenty of people around, mostly teens, laughing and having a good time. I take one step forward, have a screamer come from the roof, and I leave.

      11/16/13: Remote viewing- I was in my old house, upstairs. I find that I am not really there, but continue anyway. I end up peeking into Jeff's old room and things do not seem the same. I concluded I was Remote Viewing, but it much be more like dreaming. I was on the verge of lucidity, but woke up from this experience instead.

      1/18/13: Not much to add to these posts from this topic-
      1. My brother was trying to get away from his wife, so he got in a relationship with mom o.O
      2. Some fragment about an old cannibal woman
      3. Saw some other form of 3D, not near as good as Real-D 3D
      4. Saw Harry Potter 1 in theaters, tons of stuff added.

      1/19/13: THC channel-(Writing directly from my DJ)
      A commercial plays saying "THC: Thai Networking- You piss us off, we show you bad programming.
      Huge minecraft world, with tons of machinery going on. It is a superflat world, with at least 3-4 huge robots doing different tasks. I saw shirts dragging one way along a huge metal bar, car seats on another, it was just too much to take in. I flew around just marveling at all of the stuff going on. I noticed a pattern happening, and decided to study it. The dream kind of shifts to another idea, like another show going on. There are 3 superheroes of sorts, all with their special abilities. One very smart one that could create chestnuts for emergency food, one that appeared to be a leader who could make fortune cookies out of nowhere, and the other could fly, but other than that, remained secretive. There was a longer plotline, but the show ended with the one flying, taking information from the smarter one. There were two people flying behind the one. One of the people behind was this technical genius, he had created some way to fly, and was after the good guys. The good guy ended up flying into the air, then headed straight for a huge banner that behind it were big dumpsters. He led the two in pursuit right through the banner and they ended up unconscious in the dumpsters.

      1/21/13: Late to a meeting with Superman- I was attempting to fly through a woodsy area, but never went very quick. I eventually spotted Kris (My older brother), and he says he is looking for Superman. He has to meet him at a specific time to hear a top secret message. We find the place, but are a minute too late. Superman has left, and others are closing in. They wish to kill us for whatever reason, but we try to escape. This dream had an involved plot-line that I can't really remember.

      1/22/13: Snow apocolypse- It snowed for so long that the snow ended up being about 3-4 feet high. Kris and I started shoveling it, but it just snowed more. The snow ended up being 11-14 feet high, snowing everyone in. I just make a short entrance into this huge mansion, and lodge there. There was one other short part about the dream where I was under layers of snow, in a make-shift igloo of sorts, and people needed what I had. My mom asked for nunchaku, and I had two types. I had fake plastic ones, and real metal ones. I gave her the fake crappy ones.

      1/23/13- I made a home made bass drum but it went over badly in the fair. I decide to go browsing around the neighborhood. I walk into about 3 homes in all. I recall one more vividly than the others, as I walked through the cracked open front door, and hear a man talking on the phone upstairs. He is talking to someone about his exquisite trees and gardens that he owns. I walk through the main floor and just marvel at how beautiful the place is. In the back I see extremely tall trees and tons of flowers and gardens. It turns out this man's specialty was broccoli, and it was everywhere: In the gardens, growing from the trees, in the architecture, lining the archways, everywhere. I was just in awe of how awesome it looked. The man comes up behind me and says how proud of it all he is, and then I make a break for it as I do not want him to find out I sneaked into his house. I had a friend with me most of the time, that fatter kid from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He ended up getting caught by the police at one point.

      1/27/13- Just random combinations of the MineZ minecraft server and my being sick, probably about 3 different dreams in there. I couldn't get any sleep this night. The zombies would kill me, the bandits would make me even more sick, and the healers would alleviate my sickness a bit.

      1/28/13: The dream machine- I am given this machine that shows all dreams from the previous night. It saves them into its database, and then in the morning you can post the dreams to facebook, or just view them for your pleasure. They were in a format that you can simply save them on a flash drive or whatever. The machine was revolutionary. I tried it for a night, and found awesome dreams on it. I tried it the next day and found the whole thing was a fraud. It did not really save dreams, it simply played a pre-determined recording of some dream programmed into it. It was not real, it was just created.

      1/29/13: Lucid dream(Completed a TOTM goal!)- I was exiting a building that I almost got killed in when suddenly I asked if I was dreaming. I decided quickly that must be correct and that made me so happy. I leaped into the air and found myself in someone's car. I recognize the driver as someone I know IRL. I kiss him on his head and say I am thankful for being lucid. This is an angry looking driver with short white hair, a short white beard, and quite the attitude. I look in the back and see two dogs--The dogs I have IRL. I start petting the dogs and the man says angrily that I have their names wrong. I say that I own them IWL and that's their real names. He says he had found them and they were his. He was on his way to get rid of them. The traffic stops and he says that I'll never get away from him. I tell him I was planning on the traffic jam.

      I then got out of the car and started flying. Or rather, I tried flying. I could not go very fast, and it was hard to keep the momentum of the flight path. I flew above the power lines, making sure not to touch any otherwise I might have gotten electrocuted. I somehow made it to my house. As I am landing I accidentally touch a power line. I do not get shocked so I keep going. I remember that I should do some lucid tasks, so I expect to see Jeff hanging out from one of the windows. He wasn't there like he should have been, so I started looking around and saw Kris on the back porch. I tell him that I'm thinking of a number between 1-100. My number is 88. He is muttering some difficult equations trying to pinpoint the answer. He concludes it is between 50-60. After a while I ask him if he has an answer. He gives up, and I tell him the answer was 8. I have no idea why I said 8 instead of 88, but I didn't question my answer at the time. I told my mom that I was going to China to vandalize the Great wall of China. She says in the least caring way possible "Alright."

      I walk over to the bathroom, expecting to see a portal leading to the great wall of china. Sadly, when I walked inside I just saw my bathroom. I started to try to dream spin but when I stopped spinning I was still in the bathroom. I decided to fall backwards, into China. When I got back up, I was still in my bathroom. I then gave up on this task. I returned to the back porch where Kris was and I saw a huge snow-covered mountain. This mountain exists IRL, just not that large and close to our house. I started flying to it, but again, I had difficulties. I was unable to fly very fast which made me irritated. I decided to land and find myself a motorcycle since it would be much faster than trying to fly. I actually did see a motorcycle where I landed, but I had a feeling that the speed of this motorcycle would fail me too. I hopped on and took off toward the mountain at a high speed. I go over a bump and take off into the sky. I make my way at a good speed up the mountain and get to the top in no time. I lose the motorcycle and find myself at a snow-covered cathedral shaped house. It isn't a very large house, but due to the shape of the roof I am able to climb on top of it. I wanted to view my surroundings from this vantage point. I was expecting to see a giant frozen lake up here but instead I see a somewhat smaller and unfrozen lake. I got into the water and noted that it was freezing cold. I was about knee-deep at this point, so before I went deeper I imagined it was warmer. The temperature did indeed warm up enough to be comfortable. I notice two girls are now with me. I see a little embankment as water goes from where I am into a much larger area of the lake, dropping a few inches. I follow it down, but the water here is much deeper. It goes all the way to my neck, and I notice at this point that I myself am a girl. Before I could figure out when I changed, I bobbed under the water, and accidentally breathed in some water. As I got back above the water line, I coughed out some water then the dream faded out.

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