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    Train Station

    by , 04-27-2015 at 07:17 PM (373 Views)
    Really long nap wow 12:30PM-2PM
    I'm at a train station with Becca, Jarred, Agassi, my father's side, not including my grandparents, and Jessie, Jeronimo, and Layla. They're all following Becca, Jarred, Agassi and I. We accidentally get on the wrong train, then get off at the first stop to switch back. "Oh my God Alex, I can't believe you got us lost!" Jessie says jokingly, with a big grin.
    Rayanna sits on the side of the platform. I gasp, and say "No no no! Don't sit there!" Her mother does too, and she finally leaves the edge. Brandon starts climbing all over things like he's a bored child. Aunt T comes over and says, "Alex, you think everyone looks the same!"
    "I do not!"
    Brandon and Rayanna both come stand beside her and talk to AJ, who is now beside me (but wasn't with us before). I start looking at my cousins profiles, how their faces are so different. Rayanna has a hooked nose (she doesn't in real life).
    "See, I can see how they're different!"
    My aunt just shakes her head like she doesn't believe me.
    I faintly hear the train coming down the tunnel to greet us.
    Then, I wake up.

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    1. ToukieToucan's Avatar
      Interesting, a common dream sign for me is if I'm at a train/trainstation although I'm not a fan of trains