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    In the House of Dogs

    by , 08-09-2010 at 08:00 PM (303 Views)
    In the House of Dogs (Non-lucid)


    I'm in a beautiful mansion, that is full of dogs.
    There are girls here and they are super goth dominatrix type satan worshiper girls. They want to spill blood for the devil and for some reason i want to impress them, when it comes to my turn to cut myself I tell one of them to cut my eyelid off. She cuts off part of my eyelid, it hurts like hell and I now look like a freak. After a while I decide I want my eye back to normal, I ask one of the goth girls if she still has my eyelid. I get it back and am going to try to sew it back on, or glue it on with eyelash glue.

    I'm looking for a bathroom with good light to do this, but there are giant dogs everywhere and they won't leave me alone. I also keep dropping the eyelid and I get very sad everytime because its so hard to find I think I lost it everytime. I see a tattooed mini elephant. I'm reminded of bob fossil for some reason and I say something about the little hand -foot man. The tattooed elephant has shapeshifted into a humanoid. I comment that I like it's tattoos, it thanks me.

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