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    Running Killing

    by , 08-09-2010 at 08:06 PM (343 Views)
    Running Killing (Non-lucid)


    I'm at the mall, it is a giant underground maze, teeming with hordes of people. I go inside and go underground. I'm looking for the arcade, I find something that looks like an arcade, but I heard there is a really nice arcade somewhere, this can't be it, can it?
    It's like a giant Disney store. i see some games, but I have no quarters or my camera, so I leave. I'm able to find my way back out of the mall. Some kid at the arcade grabbed on of my buttons of my jacket, I grab him in a rage and smack him around a bit, security says they'll torment him for a bit longer when I leave. i thank them and tell them not to arrest him though.
    Outside, it is early morning, cold, cloudy. Cops are moving past on cop elephants. I get out of there way warily. One stops right in my path and takes forever to move.
    I'm going back to my car, over by college market. I start running, like a jog. I'm over towards that neighborhood, I see a beautiful dark haired woman out jogging, but shes dressed in a skirt for like a party or something.
    I wave at her.
    "<Thelemic>? No you're not <Thelemic>."
    "Yes I am! I was waving at you."
    We start talking on the sidewalk, somehow I pull of my moves and I'm holding her close.
    Kissing her, her chest has tattoos. Shes up against me, I'm up against a car, we can feel the vibrations.
    I get her to come with me instead of where she was going, we are going to get some drinks and have them at the park.
    We meet up with Christian somehow. He falls and it looks like he broke his wrist.....it looks bad I see the elephant cops nearby, I tell Christian they'd probably give him a ride to the hospital, but he is healing at a freakish pace. He is all healed.
    We are at the car. Getting ready to go and I see a man at the trunk of my car stealing my camping tent. He says "Going camping this weekend." He seems very satisfied with himself, I jump out of the car and unleash a string of violent obscenities at the man.

    He takes off running and I give chase with a weapon I pulled out of my trunk (like a hex head screwdriver).
    He drops the tent by the sidewalk and runs towards a house with its door open, his house.
    I feel like he may be going for a gun inside. I catch him at the doorway and stab him with the screwdriver in the spot between the shoulder and the neck. It goes all the way in, more blood. I run off, grabbing the tent and run across the street. As I'm shoving the tent in the trunk, I tell the girl "We're going." In a serious voice.
    She understands and gets in with Christian.
    I jump in the drivers seat and struggle with the keys momentarily. We drive off. The man is not following us. As we head towards the park, I start wondering how I'm going to get out of drinking and driving, as we are going to the park to drink and make out, I'm not going to be able to tell this hot girl afterwards "nahh I can't drive you home now.." It'll never work and I don't like it. Def Leppard - Animal is playing on my blackberry and headphones, I plug it in to the car stereo so we can all listen.

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