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    The Nursery School

    by , 01-19-2021 at 09:50 PM (51 Views)
    Yet another dream where I seen to be stuck in my childhood, even in my childhood home. I still can't understand why I don't have dreams about the beautiful new condo I just moved into.

    Dad enrolls my younger sister in an after-school program and wants me to take her there. I drive there ahead of time to scope it out, and it turns out to be a day care for kids too young for kindergarten! (For context, my "baby" sister turns 40 this year.) I go home… to my childhood home, that is, and try to explain to Dad why this nursery school is all wrong. I'm standing in the garage, looking out at a snow-covered driveway. I walk out to the driveway and there's a car parked there, but it's not my car. I look back into the two-car garage, where my car appears to be wedged between another car and the garage wall at a 45˚ angle. It can't be car, can it? It's not driveable at the angle. Maybe I left the car at the nursery school. I try to get someone to take me there to look for the car.

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