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    Fragments 1/18/19

    by , 01-18-2019 at 04:24 PM (78 Views)
    * I was in some sort of poly-amorous foursome with my partner and a good friend, lets call her Kristy. The guy in the group was some random DC. Nothing really happened, Kristy had teased me but there was no follow through. Didn't think being blue balled in a dream was possible but now I know.

    * I was in a war-zone in the middle east. I legit don't remember much past that. I mostly remember feelings and concepts of a war-zone more than the actual dream. Random mention on a cargo plane.

    * I remember some guy yelling at me for cutting in line in front of one of his kids at a burger joint. It was dark out and we were making our orders at gas station pumps. His kid had really cut in front of me but the confrontation started to get violent so I just walked away. Cut to a random burger joint server offering me free food.

    * One of my friends/coworkers, we'll call her Letty, was in my home town for some reason. She picked me up? All of this is very weird because I live and work a days drive away from my home town. I don't know what our destination was but I remember going under an over-pass and onto a dirt road. I knew all the back roads so I was giving her directions.

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