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    05.10.2016 Threes

    by , 05-11-2016 at 02:51 PM (226 Views)
    Mother's Day, so i finally got some much needed rest. Hung around with my mom all day on Sunday, so a lazy day. Allergies are giving me headaches, but taking benadryl at night. Its been affecting my dreaming, though not so much the recall. I think I'm recalling more.

    DR 1
    I am visiting a house that, supposedly, I used to live in long ago. My mom is there with me, in the background. I walk into the kitchen and there is a huge table that appears to be a display table, with three tiers. On each of the tiers, there are red and white cakes and assorted pies. I am excited, but my mom acts as if she already knows about them, but it super happy. I am buzzing around and looking at all the old rooms.

    I begin to reminisce in one of the rooms, thinking about furniture and things..because now the carpet has been pulled up and there is only foam padding underneath.

    I come back to the kitchen and most of the cakes are gone. I ask my mom where they are and she tells me that she gave them away to her old co-workers. I become highly upset , so upset and start crying- telling her that she never thinks about me.

    As I am crying, i go back to my "old bedroom". I notice there is a trap door in the floor. I know that there is water in the room below the door, so I don't go near it. My mom comes into the room, she's wearing Ugg boots, and she asks me if I'm ok. She notices that there is water in the corner of the room. She steps toward it and I can see that the water is above her ankles, but she is wearing boots so its ok. She goes towards the trap door. I tell her there is water underneath, but she doesn't care. She opens it and we hear like a bump- a deafening rolling noise...and then a wave of water rushes up from the floor, but then, a huge wooden table top rolls up from the door in the floor and stops almost right in front of us...then a second, and finally a third. Then, a small wooden box with a gold padlock washes in. My mom and I stand speechless. Everything is then silent.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Ok so food is sinifcant to you, and represents love with held by the people or parts of yourself that should be nuturing you.
      Also your emotions are being held under control and you don't want to stir them up, (maybe your mother more accepting of her emotions? hence unafraid)
      but there be treasure in the depths of your subconscious