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    Five Stressful Dreams

    by , 03-18-2015 at 05:57 PM (404 Views)
    No LDs last night. Just stressful dreams.

    In one I was asked by a lady I didn't know to do the decorations at her daughter's wedding. I had no info on exactly what was wanted. Not sure of the date or colors, etc etc.

    In another I was with a guy who was stealing materials from this site. I was with him, but I didn't want anything to do with stealing. I was just wanting to disappear.

    In another dream I was somehow back at this wonderful park of my childhood (in retrospect, it wasn't a real memory). I remember standing there looking over everything and feeling such strong overwhelming nostalgia. But then these teenage boys came and chased me off.

    In another I was going up the stairs to what was supposed to be my college dorm, but the stairs were messed up and I would have to jump across this really big gap....or fall three stories. To make it worse I was feeling kind of dizzy and was carrying a bunch of stuff. I think a cute guy might have come and helped me. But I don't remember much of that part.

    In another my friend and I were listening to a song from a favorite childhood band that had reunited. There were 3 of the original 5 members, and they were all old now. They had changed the band's name to something with the word "Order" in it. This dream seemed relevant somehow.

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