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    Forgotten Dreams

    by , 01-15-2015 at 04:47 PM (457 Views)
    I found a paper by my bed. On it was a list of dreams that I had about a month ago. I had written down brief notes. Now if I had gotten them written up in my DJ here on the day that I had the dream I'm sure I would have remembered them. As I read through my notes I was a bit sad when I realized that I really didn't remember much. A few sort of rang a bell and I remembered a slight image from that dream, but with no detail. Other dreams on the list could have been dreamed by a stranger-- they were that forgotten. This is a huge reminder to me why journaling is important. Immediate journaling. Dream memories fade way too fast.

    But for fun I will list the notes here anyway.


    1. Rappelling in hotel

    2. Grandma's house/bathrooms/Christmas present/shirt from Elden/bows

    3. Weird bathroom/naked/kids in backyard/medication

    4. Looking for food with friend Marie/shop/clay bowl in class

    5. Talking with ladies/Jan Y/bed/quilt

    6. Lady/joke/dress-up

    7. Ghost/cave

    8. Cathy/letter

    9. Camping in gravel parking lot with Angela/worried

    10. Living room with Robert's kids

    11. Huge Fish tank in living room/lots of plants and baby fish

    12. Taking care of Mexican baby Malinda

    13. Baby Daniel talking

    14. Having a baby on the Rez/Paul B

    Ooo....I really wish I remembered the ghost/cave dream. I wonder if it will come to me if I really think about it.

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