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    LD: Drawing Pictures...and Pigging out AGAIN

    by , 10-18-2012 at 12:57 PM (633 Views)

    Lucid Dream:

    I was in this big dance hall type place when I became lucid. I don't remember what triggered it. I was watching a fitness competition. I got excited knowing that I was lucid because I would have the ability to do all kinds of fantastic feats of strength. I jumped on the stage area and was about to begin to show off.

    But then I wondered if I should try to do a task. I thought for a second and then decided that the task had been to draw a picture. I jumped over to a table and found a piece of paper and a pencil I was curious to try this. I had never drawn anything in an LD before.

    The first thing I drew was a cat. It was very simple and sloppy, but I didn't notice that at the time, but only in retrospect. I was amazed how real it felt to hold a pencil and how my contol seemd exactly the same as in real life. I could even feel and hear the lead as it moved on the paper as I drew.

    Next I drew a face. Also in retrospect I see that it wasn't something really my style. And it was also not very good. But in the dream I was satisfied that I was succeeding in my effort to draw and thus completing as task (which I have to now be satisfied that it was my personal task because it wasn't any official task).

    There is a transition period here that I don't remember.

    I was with my mom next. I suddenly thought about how I needed to take advantage of the LD by eating bad things that I can't eat in real life. I looked around for something good to eat. I didn't see any food. But I was confident that I could find something. I looked over what might have been a kind of booth. On the other side I saw a plate of cookies. It was stacked up with large chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cholocate chip cookies and these bar cookies that had white frosting with a reddish drizzle on top. I wasted no time and grabbed stacks of two to three cookies at a time and stuffed them in my mouth. They were a very soft texture. I stuffed them in my mouth until there was hardly room to chew. They tasted fantastic and the soft texture was wonderful.

    It seemed like I was distracted at this point. I may have had a false awakening. But at some point I remembered that I was still in a dream and that I could eat more cookies. So I found another plate. This on was filled with mostly bar cookies with different kinds of frosting. I followed the same pattern of cramming in as many as I could unitl I could hardly chew.

    Then the same thing happened. I went on to something else before I remembered again that I was in a dream and which point I found more cookies to gorge myself with.

    Haha...I feel like such a pig after I wake up from these dreams. But the good thing is that I use these dream to act out somethig that I would never do in real life. So my physical self never has to worry about the consequences of stuffing myself with all those cookies. And that is a good thing.

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