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    LD: Tasks--Make it Snow...and Sing

    by , 12-08-2012 at 10:13 PM (551 Views)
    December 5, 2012

    I did a WBTB this morning and had a lucid dream where I completed the two basic Tasks of the Month.


    I don't remember what I was doing when I became lucid. I remember I had been with this little girl. She had shown me her bedroom and I noticed there was a dripping sink there. I tried to turn it off, but instead made the drip much worse. I told the girl that she needed to find her mom to see if there was a trick to fixing it. I also remember the little girl showing me the teeth she had lost.

    Suddenly I was lucid. The first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to do some of the Tasks of the Month. I was pretty sure the "snow" and "singing" ones would be pretty simple. I was inside a building and I decided to fly out and make it snow. As I flew out the window I found that I was about six stories up. The city I was in looked old. The buildings were brick and aging, but nice in the way that a lot of old buildings were.

    The sky was dark gray, and I could see the first few flurries of snow blowing in the wind. I was pleased that it was happening already. I willed it to snow harder. Soon the flakes were coming down more uniformly, but still blowing in the wind. What I really wanted was for the snow to start landing on the ground and other things around me. I needed to speed this up. So as I flew, I tried to make the passage of time move more quickly.

    I then noticed the snow building up on some of the tree branches and against the curbs where it had blown. I continued to fly. The snow was starting to cover everything now. I saw a thick layer of snow on a tree branch in front of me. I reached out and scooped it up as I passed. I took a big bite of it. I could feel the texture of the snow, but it wasn't as cold as real snow. I felt a little disappointed.

    By now the sky was really dark. I couldn't see the sun. I wasn't sure if it had gone down or if it was just that stormy. I decided to do the task of Singing a Christmas Carol. Before I had gone to sleep I had thought about the different caroles that i knew and wanted to do something interesting. But now at this time I decided on the easiest one I knew....Jingle Bells.

    Jeff was suddenly standing by me. I told him to song with me. " Dashing through the snow.....In a one-horse open sleigh....."

    I didn't stick around to see if he would sing with me. I took off flying again as I sang. I noticed that it was no harder to sing the song in my lucid dream than it would have been in real life. I had wondered if it would have been different in any way. But it wasn't. I finished the carol and started thinking about the next Task I wanted to do. I wanted to see the Northern Lights.

    I looked around and noticed that I had somehow gotten inside of a building. The area I was in was very large--like a huge indoor mall. I flew around looking for an exit. But I wasn't finding any. I was frustrated. I shouldn't be having a problem like this. I was better than this. I knew that if I believed that I could go through the walls and be outside. I touched a wall. It felt so solid, but i knew that I had control over this. I backed away and prepared to fly through the wall....
    when my alarm went off.

    I pushed "snooze" and tried to will myself back into the dream. Nothing was happening. Then suddenly I got this very vivid image of a gray kitten with an orange tabby face looking through a window right at me. It startled me, and I was fully wake again. And at this point I knew that I didn't have time to go back to sleep again.

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