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    Missed Lucidity: The Stupid Mana Bar

    by , 01-22-2015 at 07:38 PM (479 Views)
    I just had one of those "Stupidest Ways You've Missed Lucidity" dreams. I always wake up frustrated after I have a dream where I am discussing lucid dreaming with someone and don't catch that I am dreaming.


    I am in my grandparents house with my mom and sister. I also see Marie walk by with her new Japanese friend. They are all dressed up. I am on what I think is the treadmill, but it seems to have a computer on it and I am reading from a lucid dreaming website. (I don't remember anything about it being Dreamviews specifically). I remember reading a post where someone is suggesting using a "mana bar" to help them with dream powers. I think about my World of Warcraft character, and how she uses a mana bar for her spells to work, and I think, "What a stupid idea!" In fact, I decide to rant to my mom and sister about just how stupid I think that idea is. I remember saying something like, "What...like I am supposed to make this mana bar over my head while I fly and stuff. And what happens if I run out of mana? Do I crash to the ground? That's just so dumb. I don't need mana to have my powers. I'll never run out. I just need to believe." And I think I went on a bit longer to my poor dream mom and sister.

    Then I remember sitting down at the kitchen table and asking my sister to pout me a bowl of cereal. She poured cereal into my bowl and what came out of the box was just marshmallows and chocolate chips. I said, "Whoa, I can't eat this." And she started scooping it back into the box. I said, "Wait, you can leave a few chocolate chips."

    And then my sister tells me about all these coupons she got from a cereal company by commenting on their website.

    Of course when I woke up I realized that it was my own subconscious that came up with the dumb mana bar idea. And that I missed a chance to become lucid, as well.

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