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    Tom DeLonge and Jillian Michaels

    by , 05-28-2014 at 11:38 PM (736 Views)
    I will catch up with a couple of dreams that I have had recently that have stood out to me.

    I notice that I have certain people that I dream about regularly. Two of the people that I dream about are Tom DeLonge and Jillian Michaels. It seems like once I dream about certain people it's like they have permission to keep showing up again and again. Seems to be a pattern.


    I was in some sort of a game show. The questions were all about athletes. I was starting to panic since I felt I knew nothing about the types of questions they were asking. My turn was going to come up soon. Suddenly Jillian came to me and told me she was give me a hint. She handed me a little jacket of hers. All over the front of the jacket were pieces of jewelry pinned on it. She told me that my question would be what was her favorite piece of jewelry on that jacket. Then she walked away. I was grateful for the help, but as I looked at the jacket I realized that I was in just as bad of a predicament as I was before her "help". How was I supposed to know what her favorite was?

    But then I looked closer. I saw a tiny carved wooden dolphin. I suddenly recognized it as something that I had carved and had given her. I suddenly was so grateful. Not only did I know the answer, but I felt so flattered that my dolphin was so special to her.


    I don't remember a lot of details except that Tom was hanging out at my house. He was going to go with me to visit my grandma in the rest home. I thought that was so cool of him to do. He also told me he had a bunch of clothes that he was giving me.

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