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    WILD--Grandma, Mirror, Spiders, Etc.

    by , 12-07-2011 at 12:17 AM (540 Views)
    Old Dream from 2-16-07

    I can't believe it--I had another long WILD. I started the 61 point thing. Somewhere I have a gap in my conscious. I do remember I thought I was transistioning into my LD.

    I remember hearing people talking (Teresa and someone else) and I remember seeing the dream world, but I was still aware of the talking (Which wasn't actually there , but I thought that meant I was still half awake.)

    I also was aware of my body. I am not sure if this was real either. But I seemd to feel my physical body laying in bed while I was trying to go into the dream world.

    Eventually, I felt like I was completely into the dream world. I am not sure whether to count this as a WILD or not.

    I remember flying for a while down some narrow streets. (fuzzy here)

    I then remember being indoors, and I saw my grandma who in real life is not alive any more. I wanted to ask her if she would predict my future. But something seemed wrong about asking her that, for some reason. So instead I decided to ask her how she was doing....how life was in the Spirit World. She was purposefully being vague. She would answer with little "Hmm's..." and "mmm's...." like she wanted me to answer my own questions. I did realize that I would have done that anyway if she had answered.

    At one point I reached out and touched my grandma's arm. It felt soft and wrinkled like an elderly person's arm would.

    The next thing I remember doing is looking for a mirror. I remembered CB's experience with the mirror and wanted to try that too.

    I walked into a hallway and there was a mirror at the end of the hall. I walked to it and looked at myself. I looked pretty much the same. My eye makeup was slightly smeared under my eyes, but otherwise I looked normal. Then I tried to make myself change. And sure enough my face started twisting and changing before my eyes. I got myself looking quite deformed and ugly. I smiled and noticed that I had several black teeth.

    I then looked at my hands. My fingernails were very short and dirty, but otherwise my hands looked like normal hands.

    I floated down some stairs and decided to do push-ups at the bottom. They were completely effortless. I was wishing I could do them this easlily in real life.

    I then went outside. I was between houses on a little walkway. Along the walkway were stones. I decided it would be fun to look under the rocks to see what bugs I would find in my dream. Would there be any? Would they look like real bugs or would my mind create something completely unnatural?

    So I lifted one of the rocks. Under it were several of the spiders with white bodies and red legs. They looked very normal.

    Under the next rock were a bunch a small black beetles. Under the third were pill bugs. I thought that there were more there than probably would be normally.

    Then on the edge of the rock that I was still lifting up, I saw some black legs around one of the sides. I dropped the rock, and out into a web scurried a medium sized black widow. I thought, "There's my black widow....they always seem to show up".

    Then I went to a playground. I saw some kids playing on a tall rocket shaped climber. I flew over to a little boy that looked about 7 and asked him if he knew how I could fly. He laughed and said, "I don't know."

    I landed on the ground and saw a new kid walk into the playground area. I went up to him. He looked more like a nine year old. I told him, "I'll bet you can pick me up." He looked like he didn't believe me. I decided to have more fun. I picked up a little girl that looked about four and then had him pick both of us up. He could do it because I had made us both float. That was kind of fun.

    Then I was flying again trying to gain speed. I saw two jets go by and decided to try to follow them. I kept up for a short time, then lost them.

    I then tried to fly high. But every time I got to a certain height, the scenery below would start to white out. It was like my mind couldn't create all the detail for that much earth below me. I felt a little frustrated. I tried several times, but the same thing happened.

    Sometime in here I had a false awakning. I woke up in an apartment that I believed was mine. My first thought was, "I need to write down my LD before it fades. " So I pulled out an envelope and wrote all the parts I could remember on the envelope.

    Then I walked outside. All the area below the apartment had flooded. Thank goodness I was on the second floor. But then I saw some of my friends. They had an apartment on the bottom floor. They told me that their place was flooded. I felt bad for them. I then noticed that Tami had lost a lot of weight and looked really great.

    Then I woke up for real.

    My dream had lasted a full hour.

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