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    Trapped at the End of the Corridor of Darkness

    by , 09-10-2010 at 12:58 AM (929 Views)
    I was in some sort of game, and I had become stuck in this very long corridor stretching off far into the distance, into the darkness. I was near the entrance to the corridor, from outside. The corridor had no ceiling, but other than that it was a large, rectangular stone corridor. The stone was worn, it looked like it had been there since the beginning of time.

    Anyways, in order to teleport to some location to continue the game, I had to eat a number of corrupted peas. Let me explain... vines covered some parts of the corridor's interior, and pea pods grew on the vines... every once in a while (the distribution was random) you would find a peapod that was dull red, with short purple vine-ish protrusions coming out of the ends... these were corrupted peapods. Apparently dark energy had leached into them. The number of corrupted peas I had to eat was enormous, 120 I believe, and the corrupted pods were so infrequent that I lamented ever finding enough to consume 120... however, with a few minutes of exploration I discovered that the corrupted pods appeared with an ever-increasing frequency the further you went down the corridor. I should have turned back then, but my oblivious non-lucid self kept walking, leaving the entrance further and further behind... remember that the corridor was open air, so I wasn't walking into pitch-darkness, but I sort of was, because after a while suddenly there seemed to be a roof, and even though it wasn't pitch pitch black I still got the feeling that I was walking closer and closer to some source of darkness at the end (and I mean that both literally, as in dark, and figuratively, as in evil).

    I trotted happily along, collected corrupted pods to absent-mindedly pick open and eat the corrupted peas while I walked... eventually I felt as if I was no more than 100 feet from the end of the tunnel. I saw a side chamber, and felt an evil presence approaching from the end of the corridor... instinctively, I ducked into the side-chamber. I watched in hushed silence as a being of darkness floated past the entrance to the side chamber where I was hiding... my memory is a bit blurry here, but it looked like some sort of humanoid form composed of white and black flames. When I saw it, I got the instant feeling that it was a "lost soul," an "empty soul," a "hollow soul." And I also know that it would kill me if I alerted it to my presence.

    When it was sufficiently far away, I exited the side chamber (interestingly enough, I had found my IRL neighbor's cat in there, that was the only non-creepy part of this whole dream hehe)... anyways, I exited the side chamber and walked briskly down the corridor once again, determined by some sort of mad curiosity to reach the end and see what was there. I found a glass push-door. I pushed it open, went in, and found myself in a very ordinary building. The whole building was one large room, with couches and bookshelves and other furniture. It was very large, and had massive wall-windows that let in sunlight from outside. There was no one in it. I sat down, wondering about this turn of events, wondering if it was some sort of illusion. It was all o innocuous.

    Then I saw Y (IRL friends will be referred to by the first letter of their first name) with a bunch of her friends, J, and a bunch of other people I recognized, all walking down the corridor. They were talking and looked as if they had all been going down the corridor exploring together (I saw them approaching through the glass door from inside the building). I looked and saw that, at least to my eyes, they were all wearing black (I got a slight feeling that only I was seeing this, and in each other's eyes they were all wearing normal clothes). They opened the door and walked in as a group, and suddenly...

    *An episode of missing time occurs here, it doesn't feel like the dream just skipped ahead though, it feels as if the missing time was an actual part of the dream and something happened in between and we were all made to forget what took place, like it was cut out of our memory)*

    ...suddenly we were all outside, in these gorgeous mountains that surrounded the building. Tables were placed everywhere outside, elegant wood dining tables, and they all had a lavish assortment of delicious food on them... the whole scene was backdropped by a magnificent mind-shattering sunset that was happening everywhere, in all the sky somehow, like the sun was at multiple points in the sky and was setting at many points in the horizon simultaneously. It was like a symphony of color.

    Suddenly, I had a horrible epiphany.

    I don't know where it came from, but suddenly everything fell into place and made sense.

    I hurriedly clambered up to a table that my friend J was sitting at, with a blonde girl across from him. I sat at the table, ate some food, then leaned to him and told him what I thought "J," I said, "we're all going to be trapped forever here, eating this food in this sunset for all eternity."

    It was all an illusion. I had had a sudden feeling, and I'm convinced that it was true, that in reality we were all lying unconscious in that building (which probably looked very different than the sunlit room which it had appeared like to me) with shadow creatures feeding off of us, feeding off of our energy.

    The mountains, the tables, the delicious food, the table settings, the light, the sunset... it was all in our heads.

    It was like the Matrix, but more horrifying somehow.

    J turned to me, a worried look on his face as he began to comprehend what I had just said. He started to examine his surroundings, a look of horror creeping onto his face...

    And then the dream ended (thankfully).

    If it had lasted longer, I probably would have told everyone else there and then tried to find a way to escape from our mental prison and fight the creatures off (when we had returned to what was reality in the dream, rather than the fake sunset world, I mean), then leave the Corridor of Darkness and never return.

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      I hate those fucking shadow things.
    2. CrimsonStorm's Avatar
      Wow, that's a pretty intense dream. You have a pretty creative imagination, there. Haha, makes my dreams scene boring.