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    Failed stabilization

    by , 03-14-2023 at 02:08 PM (247 Views)
    So last night after waking up for a while and then going back to sleep I had another "natural" moment of lucidity. I was on a cruise ship for some reason and it had a concrete children's playground on it that looked a lot like a skate park. I thought to myself that it looked a lot like a liminal space and remembered I wanted to visit a liminal space in my dreams and wished I was dreaming so I could explore it. Then I realized I was dreaming. Everything went dark as it often does in these situations and I began to try stabilizing the dream by repeating "this dream stabilizes" which has worked for me multiple times before. I started feel a strong wind blowing me as I was lying in my bed and I thought I was about to get sucked out of my bed like the last time I did this but I got distracted because when I tried to swallow I couldn't. I was able to stay focused, but then I began to hear a noise which I thought was from my dream, but I soon realized was the music I had put on to try and help me sleep last night. This pushed me over the edge and I got too distracted and just woke up.

    I am very disappointment, if the music hadn't been playing I may have finally had another lucid after weeks of trying for the competition, but whatever it happens. At least it's progress. I just now need to figure out how to properly harness this to do it more often instead of only once a month or so.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Stabilization stumps me too. I haven't really found something that works reliably. I'm told that a WILD success yields a stable dream but I've yet to actually make it through to a lucid dream through the WILD process.

      I was thinking the other day though...while I've seen progress during comp, I really wish there had been more in this timeframe. But the thing is, progress doesn't have to stop after comp. We get to keep trying every night

      So don't be disheartened! Anyway, that's my unsolicited advice of the day.

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    2. WanderingGhost's Avatar
      Thanks shire! Yeah WILD is hard and I've never really successfully had a real WILD before. I find DILD methods to be easier to grasp, although this morning I did have what I guess would be considered a WILD, but I'm not really sure. I'll make a post about it in my DJ in a little bit.

      Anyway, thanks again for the encouragement and happy dreaming my man