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    Flying on an Invisible Dragon

    by , 06-09-2023 at 11:11 AM (156 Views)
    So last night I had a brief awakening around 3am and as I was falling back asleep I was able to stay conscious.

    The dream formed and I was lying in my bed as I always am with DEILDs. My room looked off of course and I knew I wanted to get outside. I went to my window and opened the blinds and fazed through the window itself to get outside. Once outside I knew I wanted to fly on a dragon because it was the theme for the Summer Competition and I had been thinking about wanting to incorporate it if I became lucid earlier in the week. I tried to summon a dragon to fly on top off and all of a sudden I was flying over my neighborhood on one, but when I looked down it wasn't there. It felt like I was on top of one and I could feel it's movements, the beating of its wings, etc. all as if I were on top of a large flying dragon, it was just invisible. After flying for a bit I believe I lost lucidity. I woke up a few moments later and didn't remember the dream right away, but after thinking for a minute or two I suddenly remembered I had become lucid and rushed to write it all down.

    Good thing I didn't just go right back to sleep! It just goes to show that we all may have lucids we end up forgetting about.
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