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    Late morning DEILD

    by , 05-27-2023 at 01:49 PM (166 Views)
    So I woke up around 6:30 this morning and fell in and out of sleep for an hour or so.

    As I was falling back asleep around 7:30 or so I felt myself falling into a dream and began starting to stabilize. As I was stabilizing I heard strange noises like shouts in the distance and a weird buzzing noise. At one point I also saw a nighttime sky with thousands of stars in it. I felt like I was pressing into my bed and it kept pulsing. Eventually I saw a light form out of the darkness, but then it went away. I kept stabilizing and then suddenly I was in my room. At first it felt like I was groggy and I had just woken up and it was a little hard to move. My room obviously looked weird as it always does in a dream, but a part of me still wondered if I was actually dreaming because it felt so real, even though I was very sure I wasn’t. I got out of bed, falling on the ground as I did so, and then slowly my movements got easier. I went to my window and opened the curtains and the window itself and looked outside. It wasn’t my backyard like in real life but a mixture of my back and front yard with a gravel path instead of my driveway. I smiled to myself and thought “yep, I’m definitely dreaming” when I saw this because I knew it wasn’t what my backyard looked like. I sat there leaning on my window for a moment, just taking it all in and basking in the fact that I was in a dream right now. I decided I wanted to go outside so I fazed through my window’s screen and ran down the gravel path. As I was running down the path these two birds came into my vision and landed in the air. It looked like they were one of those cheap animations that you can add over videos with a phone app and since the “camera” was facing up they “landed” in the air. I reached out and grabbed one and threw it on the ground and then did the same to the other. This was the most vivid lucid I’ve had to date and I kept thinking to myself that it was so vivid and stable. I began running down my neighborhood street which was a gravel path for some reason and looked up at the sky. It was morning and the sky was a pale blue with some cloud coverage. Then I think I heard my lizard eating his greens in real life and this woke me up.

    This is the first lucid I've had in awhile (except for one other very short MILD where I failed to stabilize once I realized I was dreaming) so it's very exciting! It was definitely the most vivid and stable lucid I've ever had, as I said, but I think I still need to work on stabilization. I was just running down the street one moment and the next I was awake. I am pretty happy with my initial stabilization though because I had to stay focused for around 1-2 minutes before I actually entered the dream and I did it! I guess that means I am improving, even if it is slowly. Anyway, I'm glad to be "back in the game" so to speak.
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