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    1. Strong Lucid

      by , 10-19-2013 at 03:59 PM
      I was dreaming about jumping around in a 3-D videogame-like landscape with lots of green hills. I turned around in mid-jump and saw a huge Sasquatch-like thing. I decided to ignore it since I jumped a safe distance away and it didn't seem to notice me. It disappeared and when I turned back around I became lucid. This was a very clear and vivid lucid; I felt like I was completely awake in the dream. I told myself "I'm lucid! I'm in a dream, I can do anything!" I tried to think quickly about how I should use the opportunity before I woke up. My initial reaction was to attempt to fly but then I thought "No, too generic." so I decided that I wanted to conjure up a "mana ball" between my hands just to launch it somewhere. As if in response a wizard appeared in front of me. While I tried to conjure it I was sort of confused as to why he was there. Then I thought maybe he was just symbolically there, "teaching" me how to conjure so I could do it. I tried to make a mana ball appear by focusing between my hands until I woke up. I wish the visual quality of the dream landscape was more realistic than a video game, and that I conjured a mana ball, but the level of lucidity was remarkable.