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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Angel Falls TOTY

    by , 02-24-2013 at 02:23 PM (1074 Views)
    WBTB @ 3:30AM 30min looking at Angel Falls picture.
    MILD - Imagained a OBE like dream since I was well aware of myself in bed
    Son yelled out and disturbed me briefly but he went back to sleep.
    I rolled from back to right side and switched to WILD
    WILD - Visualized a simple repetitive hand motion. This time it was arm flapping.

    Angel Falls TOTY 4:56AM

    I can't remember the first part of this but I don't think I missed much. Or maybe this is simply how the dream started.I am standing in my front yard just off the poarch. The dream feels dark and unstable. I have a hard time seeing. I get the weird eye opening thing again and I think I see the bedroom. I calmly close them and focus on seeing on the back of my eyelids. This seems to help. I can see the yard but it is really dark and unstable still. I hear a noise and I begin to listen. It is the fan in my room. This is no good. I remember a funny post of DarkMatters where he is basically telling someone to make out with the dream to stabilize. I laugh a little and throw myself face first on the ground.

    I start licking the sidewalk that leads from the street. I can feel the rough texture on my tongue. I am a little grossed out at how real it feels but I take this as a good thing. I go for more and I reach both hands out to feel the grass on both sides of the concrete. I grope and rub and feel and really make love to the dream. All of this helps a lot and I didn't even have to buy diner first.

    I get on my hands and knees and crawl around some. I see a small tree that is about 4 to 5 inches thick. For some reason I think "beaver" and I bite into the tree. It is soft but crisp like a peach. I note the taste but it is bland. I break the tree off and carry a chunk with me while I walk around the neighborhood. I continue to bite and chew as I do so. The sensation really helps stabilize the dream. I notice how I never seem to have to swallow. The tree just melts away in my mouth to nothing.

    I walk north a ways but feel bored. I think trying to travel at this point would really risk destabilizing the dream. Angle Falls will have to wait. I head back toward my house. I think maybe I will break into my neighbors house and see what I find. I begin to look for it but all the houses start morphing and changing into larger newer homes until I am not in my neighborhood anymore. I stop and stop a house that looks interesting to burglarize. I stare at the rooftop and I am about to make a leap but the dream gets wavy so I wait for it. Then, for some reason, I feel compelled to turn around. It was like could sense someone was starting at me.

    I see an old 70's model Ford truck parked in the street and a familiar looking young man in the driver seat. He is just looking at me expectantly. When I approach the vehicle he wordless moves over to the passenger side. I am surprised, "Oh you're going to let me drive?" I hop in.

    like this but tan color

    I tightly grip the steering wheel with both hands and floor it. I hear the tires break loose. I smile with excitement. The man next to me protests and says something about slowing down but I ignore him. I punch the gas harder. We make several turns and end up on a highway. I begin talking to him. I say, "You know what man? This is a dream. Do you know that? You're not even real to me right now."

    He looks really nervous and mutters, "Yeah, I guess so."

    I look him over again and realize that he looks just like LinkZelda. "Hey you're LinkZelda aren't you?" (I think, say yes)

    He's holding on to the o'shit handle. "Um I don't know."

    I am insistent that he remembers, "Yeah man. You get on dream views. We've talked a few times. Hey you know what? What if we are having a shared dream and you just aren't lucid yet? How cool would that be? Here's what I want you to do. When you wake up try to remember as much as you can about this ok? I mean you never know, right?" I start laughing like a lunatic and slap him on the knee. He seems totally put off. I just can't help myself I feel so energetic and happy.

    I look away at the road. I continue to stabilize visually. I don't look at him this time when I talk. I feel like I can't contain myself. I yell, "HOLY SHIT! I EFFING LOVE THIS. WE ARE TOTALLY DREAMING RIGHT NOW! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! I am a little afraid that my loud yelling will somehow wake me up so I stop myself.

    I look back at him to see his reaction. The passenger side is totally empty. "Dammit he's gone!" I laugh and shrug it off. I begin to think about getting to Angel Falls now. I look around and it has turned bright outside. I am on some road and I see that I am at the base of what looks like Angel Falls. I look up to see the top but there is a thick mist hiding it from view. I feel like its time to get risky now. I know from past experience that I will have a hard time getting through that fog. I really don't want to end up someplace else; or worse, waking up. "Ah screw it." I phase out of the cab of the truck and fly up.

    When I reach the fog I stop. It looks like a thick and opaque object. I push my head in but I am engulfed in white with nothing to visually ground myself to. I fear the dream will dissolve so I back out. Instead I throw myself to the rock face and begin to climb up. I focus visually and tactilely on the rocks. The climb is easy. I imagine comfortable hand holds as I go along and the dream obliges. After a while I decide I am nearly there. Just then, I see the top. I climb over the edge but when I stand up. It is dark again.

    I look around and I see a small flat screen TV floating just above eye level and a soda machine to the right of it. I hear some random woman giving a newscast but pay no attention to the words. Its just muffled muttering. The soda machine is an Orange Sunkist machine. It is brightly lit in the darkness. I have a feeling of being in a building. I felt like I had gone to "The Bridge" (A place in my town with fake rock climbing). No this wont do. I push the enclosed feeling away from my mind.

    I realize I am on a small platform. I lay down and peek over the side. All I can see is darkness at first but I focus and everything clears up. It still looks like night time but I can see that I am indeed on top of Angel Falls. I see the small white line of the river far below reflecting moonlight and water is gushing out the side of the cliff.

    I push forward and fall head first. I flip around so that I am on my back. I feel weightless and light. I look around and see the water falling with me to my right. It looks like it is frozen in time but I assume we are just falling at the same rate. I reach out to feel it but I only get a mild sensation on my hand. The I hear the sound of diving into water and as I suddenly slash into it. I look around. There is light but all I see is just slightly brown river water with nothing around me. I reflexively close my eyes.

    When I open then I am laying on my stomach. I can see river rocks and realize I am lying in a shallow side stream. I feel completely wet. I stand up and walk forward. I am now in some small building. Again I see the TV and the Sunkist machine to the right of it. This time there is wall behind them. I hear the same woman say, "...Here in Venezuela..." I listen closer now. "T is for Turkey." I laugh and move on.

    I look around and notice the building is mostly huge glass windows, like some sort of zoo or nature center. I can see lush jungle outside. There is water from the water fall creating rain outside. I can even hear it hitting the roof of the building. I see an enclosed glass area with what looks like some sort of tiger/panther hybrid cubs. I open the glass door and reach in to pet one. They all look content and sleepy. Suddenly one of then grows large and snaps at my hand. It lets out a feline growl. I laugh and say, "Ok. I'll leave."

    I feel pretty content that I completed a TOTY and am not sure what to do now. I begin to think how long this dream has lasted and how much happened. I begin to worry that I will forget. I think I should make myself wake up soon but I really don't want it to end. I wait a little longer.

    I step outside and see that I am in some sort of gravel parking area. There are a few cars but no people. I can see a thick wall of jungle surrounding the area. I feel triumphant and powerful and I get the sudden urge to become a werewolf. I stretch my skin and feel myself change. I can see my shadow on the ground in front of me and watch as I transform. I look at my hands and notice that I have hairy werewolf claws and fur. I let out a howl. It sounds a little weak and unconvincing. I try again. This time it is a long and clear WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A part of me thinks I am making a noise in my sleep. Then I remember. I really should wake up. And this seems like a good way go out of the dream.

    With some great effort I manage to open my physical eyes and fully wake from the dream.

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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Awesome!! Such a badass dream. Congratulations on TotY, man, that's great. I need the inspiration so hopefully this will get me going on it.

      I've also been looking at making Angel Falls my start as well. I've also been doing the thing where I look at some Angel Falls pics during WBTB. Were you looking at this on a computer monitor? I was using my Kindle and wearing my Dork Safety Glasses that block out blue light. Makes the pictures look a little weird, but Angel Falls has at least showed up in some non-lucids and lucid frags, though, so I think it's having a positive effect.

      I like the random werewolf transformation at the end. That was cool. It seems that you've replaced "victory sex" with "victory lycanthropy" in your epic task-completing dreams.

      I grope and rub and feel and really make love to the dream...
      LOL. Sensual temptations abound in dreams, I guess. I'll never look at a sidewalk the same way again.

      Great stuff! Can I say it? Can I? I think I'd better: Galantamine!!
      Alyzarin, Xanous and Linkzelda like this.
    2. Xanous's Avatar
      Thanks man!

      No I used my Galaxy Player 5.0. I have an app that adds an overlay to make the screen dimer than the device allows. I avoided turning on all lights as well.

      Yes victory lycanthropy is preferred. I was really shocked how easy that part was. I have never transformed in any lucid that I can think of. Really exciting!

      I have really worked hard to avoid sex in my dreams. LOL. But it's perfectly OK to make love to the sidewalk. I can't imagine what that would look like to a passerby in real life. I want to make one of those meme pics now with the caption "What? I'm stabilizing!"

      Linkzelda and Alyzarin like this.
    3. Linkzelda's Avatar
      Loooool. I don't even know how my dream self could send a truck just for you hahaha. I barely know how to drive other than to make a simple round trip.

      However, I do recall being inside of a vehicle, but that was in a completely different dream though. But if you want me to find some meaning of why I would be in a truck. In general terms, since trucks do represent some kind of load of burden or responsibilities, and since you had the task of the TOTY, maybe on a subconscious level, you wanted assistance, so your mind collaborated someone who would be useful in assisting you.

      Now for me popping up inside of the truck, there's so many things I can talk about that, but unfortunately, I don't recall anything about being in a truck. Maybe the dream projection of me was your mind's quickest way of finding someone that can help you just enough to set yourself on the right track into your dreams or something.

      And what's kind of funny is that I had the intention of making another shared dreaming experiment later on in the year where I would randomly pop into a presumably "shared" dream with a person, tell them something like a password so they remember it, and hope they were actually the real person in the dream, and then I would leave and do my own thing.

      But that's just me stretching the meaning too far.

      I would presume the truck and me in it would be the first interpretation, since TOTY obviously is a burden itself to accomplish, and having others to delegate for you would help tremendously.

      I'm glad you were able to feel positive throughout the dream AND still be in it without adrenaline kicking it from the excitement, really nice!!! Congratulations on the attempt, my friend.
      Xanous likes this.
    4. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Epic dream Xanous!!
      Xanous likes this.
    5. Xanous's Avatar
      Linkzelda, I didnt realize you were into that. I probably would have acted that way with any DV member in a lucid. I recall I had the same sort of idea the last time. Also, I think CanisLucidus' recent lucids leaked in there and thats why you showed up.

      Your interpretation is interesting. I hadn't thought of the truck in that way. Good call but I was more curious about where the Sunkist machine came from.

      I get really excited in my lucids. I do have to try to keep my emotions in check but once in awhile I succumb to random outbursts.

      Thanks OB!
      Linkzelda likes this.
    6. Alyzarin's Avatar
      Wow, what a long and epic lucid! I'm impressed! I love the idea of making out with the dream, too. XD Reminds me of one time I became lucid and was desperate to stabilize so I started licking the wall next to me lol.

      Anyway, congrats on the TOTY!
      Xanous likes this.
    7. PennyRoyal's Avatar
      Wow that is an AWESOME dream Xanous.

      I was talking to a friend a few days ago and I joked about making out with the ground to stabilize but didn't actually consider it . That made me laugh out loud.
      Xanous likes this.
    8. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      I had to hunt down this entry after hearing about it on the podcast!
      Xanous likes this.
    9. Xanous's Avatar
      Ha thanks. Im glad to say that I no longer need to be this desperate anymore. At least it was worth it in the end. This is probably one my favorite dreams.
      ~Dreamer~ likes this.
    10. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      Do you happen to remember where Darkmatters' original post was?
    11. Xanous's Avatar
      Oh geez. Probably just before this dream and it was a response to a question someone posted.. I actually tried finding the post after this but never could.
    12. ~Dreamer~'s Avatar
      That's okay, maybe I'll ask Darkmatters to see if he remembers.
      No big deal, I'm just curious about what the advice was exactly, haha.
      Xanous likes this.