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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Aspects of Self

    by , 07-05-2016 at 01:52 AM (233 Views)
    I intended to take Galantamine last night but, remembered that I didn't need it. However, I think my recall would have been much better if I had.

    #491 - DEILD - 2:44AM

    I partially wake up and focus on relaxation. I immediately get vibrations and quickly get up. It's dark and I and I end up in some trippy body sensation where I am twisting around all weird. I have a moment of thinking I am moving my physical body and open my eyes. For a moment I think maybe my physical eyes are open but I trust my instincts just go with it. I can see now and I go out side and fly around a bit.

    I have a huge memory gap or maybe I lost lucidity but when I come back to myself I am floating around town with a woman that resembles my wife. There is a closeness that feels like a part of myself. I say I wonder what aspect of myself you are. The woman giggles. We hug as we float around a food court. I grab her tit and she pushes my hand away. I have an understanding that she is resting because I don't want this type of lucid dream. I nod and verbalize this to her.

    Suddenly we are having ice cream. I take a bite and then decide to leave. A disfigured and mentally ill kid runs after us from behind the counter. I suppose he expects us to pay. We fly out of the food court and effortlessly phase out a window. I look back at the kid running after us. I wake up.

    #492 - DILD

    I am shooting some type of full automatic rifle in a shooting range in a cave. Says "Carbide" on the rifle. At some point I recognize I am dreaming but I continue shooting. I don't worry about reloading properly. I just dump some bullets in. I notice the bullets are made of stone. I continue to shoot noticing how dull the shots are in dreams. I know I can shoot as much and as fast as I want. I carved designs in the wooden targets. I smile and just enjoy that I am having a lucid dream.

    A NLD about making copied from objects in a mirror. Some how I put something in front of the mirror and turn around to find a duplicate. I ended up doing this to myself but somehow copied bunch of other people. I some how got the duplicates to go back to where ever they came from but I kept the copy of myself. I wondered if having sex with myself would be gay or just masturbation. I try to talk about this to my copy could read my mind. We left the question open and unanswered.

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