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    Xanous' Dream Journal

    Old Grey Mare

    by , 10-11-2012 at 10:51 AM (473 Views)

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    MILD/ DEILD Mantra
    1MG Melatonin
    Sleep time around 10PM

    Old Grey Mare

    I am driving following my mom in her car. We come to a stop and her car dissapears. There is a barbed wire fence in front of me. I am talking to my brother on the phone. I tell him I lost her. I said, "You know how sometimes you drive your car into a barbed wire fence and then it messes up and your car disappears? Yeah, that happened to mom." My brother just says, "Yeah."

    I am out of my car now looking in the woods beyond the fence. I expect her to return soon. I see horses out there and rocky Ozark mountain cliffs. I see a phantom like horse trot by. I think "ghost horse." I see Kathy from work next to me. She says, "Why don't you just call out to her?" But I don't. I see a really small grey mare. I think, "Old Grey Mare." I am so fascinated with the horses. I feel as if I am missing something when I wake up.
    Try DEILD after this dream. Mild vibes. Had to pee. I didn't recall this dream untill I was out of bed.


    I really wanted to WILD. I got some funny sensations and mild vibes but I really could not stay comfortable. Then my mind kept racing a lot. I kept hearing some kind of noise it sounded like from the bathroom. I got up to check but I could not figure it out. I RCd several times. I finally went to the recliner in the living room. I almost got in to the zone when I heard the noises louder and louder. Then yelling. So I RC and look outside. The neighbors apparently hosted a party and there was a drunken fight next to my wifes car. Plus a white SUV was trying to leave. Being extremely pissed that they ruined my WILD I called the cops on them. The SUV left but the 911 lady they had them pulled over before I hung up. HAHAHAHAH DONT MESS WITH MY SLEEP!

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