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    1. Random DILD

      by , 10-13-2023 at 02:29 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Was outside with friends and I saw 2 strange blue stars close together. I recognize this old dream sign and get lucid. I reach to the stars and everything else fades away as the 2 dance around eachother. I lose the dream and fall victim to a false awakening. I enter my dream on DV and get instant comments then I am somewhere with odd looking animals and have another reoccurring dream that I think I received and answer as to why.
    2. Random DILD forgotten

      by , 12-06-2022 at 04:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I forgot most of this but it's worth noting

      Saw my dead father in law and it triggered low level lucidity. I recalled the dream when I woke up could not recall what I did later this morning.
      Later dreamed I flew somewhere to visit a customer with my brother for work. We brought parts back. During the flight back the plane vanish and we power glided to the plant.
    3. Mafia Man

      by , 09-30-2022 at 03:58 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I kep forgetting to post this from a few days ago. Quick summary.
      Hiding from fat mafia man in black suit with 2 others. We dive in water in a well lit cave. I notice I am breathing water and become lucid. I decide to dispatch the mafia man by summoning a gun and shooting him. The gun doesnt appear and I cant seem to fake. I end up just putting my ***** in his mouth. He turns into a pretty woman and I wake up.
    4. Progess

      by , 10-26-2021 at 02:00 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Im excited this morning. I have really been struggling with recall and lucidity. I think my kratom usage has been sabotaging me. I initially started taking it for my restless legs so I could sleep. I didnt realize it was a trap. After a few years my doseage got high due to tolerance. Now Im am horribly addicted. Once I realized this still was starting to negatively affect my mental health, I tried to quit cold turkey. I was not prepared for that sort of living hell. I have since then tapered down quit a bit but its still been a nightmare. However, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am nearly done; Just a few more weeks. I only mention this as a fair warning to anyone thinking about or currently using kratom. Yeah its legal in most states but this stuff is far from safe. Dont the the pro kratom group lie to you. If I had known this is basically opiod addiction I would have never started it. There are even several reports of people having seizures and in some cases they die from it. Not to meation all the other various healt issues. I believe these people. They are just normal people like anyone and its not some big pharma lie.

      Anyway, the real point of this post is that I dreamed VERY vividly last night. Maybe it was some REM rebound since Ive been dealing with horrible insomnia from the kratom withdrawls, I dont know. However, I noticed a dream sign during a dream. There were just random multiple tornadoes in the sky sitting stationary. I thought it might be a dream but for the first time ever, I could not blow through a nose plug. Maybe I subconsciously held my breath? I wasnt a real thoughtful nose plug. I was very disappointed I didnt blow through and felt something still wasnt right but I quickly dismissed it. Then went on to have a very long vivid dream of jogging through my old hometown and interacting with various DCs. It was a failed DILD but I am so excited at the level or recall and vividness. I hope this continues.

      Also F kratom.
    5. Possible Precog

      by , 09-13-2017 at 03:10 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Not a lucid but possibly precognitive.

      Last night I dreamed that I was in some sort of post apocalyptic world with a small group of men and women. We are survivors. I recall feeling vulnerable to some danger; someone or something will come back to kill us. We pack up our things that we have looted over time and need to leave our base/home. We are in some large warehouse looking facility... not sure before or after we leave.

      Later tonight, for some reason, I decided to start up season 3 of Last Man on Earth. I was surprised how many elements from my dream matches several of the episodes we watched in waking life. It could all be coincidence, but it's still very interesting when these things happen. I would be nice if my precognitive dreams would be of something that matters and that I know it's precognitive before it actually happens.
      Tags: precog
    6. Climbing High

      by , 01-22-2017 at 05:57 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #502 - DILD? - between 4AM and 8AM

      I woke up with a headache around 4 and take two Excedrin so I have have inadvertently use a lucid dreaming supplement due to the small amount of caffeine. Either way, I almost forgot this dream and the memory of it isn't as clear or as vivid and I would like from and LD. Still, I'm glad for it.

      Something triggers lucidity My old friend caffeine?. I do a quick nose plug and remember my goal to climb buildings and clffsides like the two video games I have been playing occasionally these last few weeks. (Shadow of Mordor and Uncharted 4) I look around and see some ruins similar to SOM and I start climbing. I get to one ledge and want to try to leap to another. As I leap I feel like I am pressing L1 on the PS4 controller but I don't let it bother me. I pull myself up to the top and think I'd like it to be more medieval looking but it all turns really cartoony and looks more like a texture pack from Minecraft. I become really wide-eyed and try to take in all the visual details. I don't fuss with getting the looks down too much and continue to climb, loving the ease of it all. I reach the top and I am really high up now. I look over the edge (I don't recall what I saw there) and take a leap. I end up flapping around clumsily in the void for a moment and get fooled by FA. I remember thinking there was a gap in my lucidity so it felt like two lucid dreams, but I'm not sure that is true.
    7. The Silver Cord and Brett Barside

      by , 02-27-2014 at 05:03 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #287 - WILD - 4:30AM

      After a good hour plus of wakefulness I manage to calm myself to WILD. Strong HI starts. I see a woman handing me a cube with a long erect wire like an impossibly thin blade. I think of the Variable Sword from Ringworld. The woman wants me to follow her and I was supposed to do something but the vision fades.

      Suddenly I am gripped with SP sensations. The gravity has shifted and I feel like I am in OBE mode. Everytime I try to transition, I hear a loud indescribable, sci-fi sucking sound with the feeling of being pulled back into my body. My vision of the dream room is blurred and it seems like I can see part of the room being warped with the suction. I feel a type of mental exhaustion with the effort and let it take me back. I am determined to get out and I try again, but to the same effect, though I think this time I last a little longer. I experience lots of G-forces and acceleration each time. I continue trying to escape each time a little farther. At one point, I reach the window and begin to phase. I feel myself pass through, but my vision is as though I am only pressed against it. This causes confusion and I feel like my physical eyes are opening (they weren't). I realize that I can feel something at my belly button and see the infamous "silver cord" for the first time. I find this astonishing and give into the suction taking back to my body.

      I open my actual eyes feeling fully wake. I decide it's time change tactics and stop focusing on my body and start focusing on HI.

      Within what feels like only a few seconds I see a woman running. I grab at the waist and holding on tightly. The dream feels thin and I am desperate to lock myself in. I say, "Help me." I get a view of large breast under a grayish blue shirt and white undershirt or tank-top. She has a hold of me as well dragging me along. I am pulled into an elevator and I stand up.

      I look at the woman more closely and she turns from brunette to blonde and then looks like my ex. I feel like I need to get physical stability so I kiss her neck without sexual intent. In fact, I worry this may cause unwanted dream sex. She pulls back wordlessly disgusted. I decide that was the wrong action and turn away embarrassed. when I do, I see the elevator door has opened and we exit.

      I look around and see that I am in a hospital. Maybe now I can finally figure out what all these hospital dreams have been about. I decide this is my goal for this dream. I get the feeling that this woman, who doesn't look much like my ex anymore, wants me to follow her to the left but I feel like I am supposed to go right. It doesn't make sense and I hesitate. I feel a strong need to go right, but decide I should go with the woman since she was helping me. As soon as I make the chose to go left, I wake.

      I DEILD easily and now I am coming to a dead end in a branch of the hospital. There is a patient's room with an open door. I see an old and dying man lying in a hospital bed. It's slightly elevated and a lamp on the other side of him casts a sharp silhouette on the curtain. this feels wrong so I turn around. I wake.

      DEILD. I see the blonde going another direction in the hospital. I start to follow her but I see the elevator I came from down a hallway to the left. I am drawn that way again. I should have listened to my instinct. This is why I keep waking up. I forget about the woman and head the way I should have went all along.

      I pass the elevator and come to a nurses station. A red headed nurse in an old style uniform and hat is standing there. She seems to recognize me and hurriedly points farther down. Saying, "It's Brett Barside. In there!" I feel the need to hurry and rush into the only room I see in the direction she is pointing. I pause at the door and double check the name.
      I am not sure what I am supposed to do, so I quickly enter the room unprepared. I see a small boy lying unconscious on a bed on his left side. I feel love, pity, compassion, and anxiety for the sick child. I don't know him, but I have some sort of emotional connection to him like I should know who he is. I lay next to him and hug him, telling how much I love him. I tell him that I am here for him, but he never stirs or responds in anyway. I shake the emotion off and decide this child must be in some kind of coma.

      I take a moment to notice my environment. The room looks more like a colorful child's bedroom than a hospital room, but it's definitely a hospital room. This is typical for the pediatric wing, I suppose, but for some reason I think, Children's Hosptial. I look down and see several sticker labels on his bed. I focus on one and it reads [My Last Name] and then something like "filter". The characters of the last word are shifty and hard to hold shape enough to read very well. I decide this is unimportant and note the others. They are too blurry to make out so I leave it. Curious, I decide to wonder into the hallway, but this dream finally ends as I step out of the room.
    8. The Monster

      by , 01-12-2014 at 02:59 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #265 - WILD - 5:10AM

      I have trouble getting back to sleep after my WBTB but this works well for WILD.

      Some HI forms into me lucidly organizing random stuff on a table. I was lucid but really into making everything look right. After a moment full lucidity kicks in and I realize the dream is ready for me. This is it. I remember my goal to eat a magic mushroom so I stand up and start to walk out, but the dream doesn't feel stable enough and I can tell from experience that any scene change will kill the dream. I turn and pace the living room for a while. I realize that I don't have to be outside to find a mushroom growing. Anything can happen in my dream. I look down at the floor but only see my bare feet and notice that is the first time if ever seen them in a dream. They seems to be moving really fast and blurry.

      The dream begins to fade so I sit back down at the kitchen table and examine more objects. One looks like a tall blue pump spray bottle. Everything is really blurry and I can't make out any other detail. I notice my mom next to me. She seems to be sweeping the floor. With out looking at her I say, "Mom." No answer. "Mom. MOM." Now I am yelling.
      "What?" She says.
      I ask, "Have you seen my mushroom top?"
      Before she answers I have a FA.

      I open my eyes and it all feels real. I don't care to DJ just yet and I want to DEILD back in but something strange happens. The lights in the bedroom begin to flicker on and off. I feel afraid and dare not move. The blanket is partially over my face and I can't see who is at the light switch. I yell my wife's name but there's no answer. I try to get up but I feel paralyzed. Now I understand. I say, "This is just SP. It's not even real." Knowing this frees me to move.

      When I stand up, it's totally dark. I turn to the light switch but see a shadow cast on the wall in front of me. It looks monstrous and reminds me of the movie, "A Monster In Paris", that we watched yesterday. I am not afraid of it up I want to stabilize the dream. I turn to fight it up the rooms goes dark again. I blindly attack and feel like I am hitting something.
      I hear an external noise that wakes me up.

      Tags: galantamine
    9. The MILF NLD

      by , 06-27-2013 at 12:04 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Had some dream about Michelle at work. She was talking to some dude who I thought she dated once. I wondered how they could be acting like nothing happened since they had sex.

      Another very vivid dream... There was a guy in a store sitting on the floor next to a magazine rack looking at some magazine. She was saying things like, "Oh you like that? "You want it? Yeah, that's right." I though we was getting off looking at a porno mag but it turned out he was just talking on the phone. I couldn't see the phone because he had long curly hair and was holding the phone with his shoulder on the opposite side.

      Then suddenly a woman appears. She is extremely attractive but I could tell she was an older woman probably in her mid 40's. I noted crows feet and laugh lines but they were subtle and actually made her look more beautiful and refined. Then I noticed the rest of her... She was completely topless wearing nothing but light blue panties and black stilettos. She walks right up to the magazine guy and stands in front of him in a Wonder Woman pose smiling.

      I notice her perfect breast and admire her beauty for a moment. When I do the view zooms in too close and I am now on my knees right in front of her. I feel her soft belly press against my left ear.

      I walk away feeling embarrassed now and laugh at the guy on the phone instead of paying attention to the woman. Then I realize I am opening a new store and begin setting up the rest of my goods. There is a spinning rack with cheap children's toys on it and fiddle with that as a distraction.

      I wake up at this point and use MILD to remember the scene and imagine myself becoming lucid. I get very strong imagery and physical sensations right away but it quickly becomes sexual as I remember the MILF. I get pretty far into the dream state and I would have had a full lucid success but I woke myself to avoid having another lucid sex dream.

      Geez you'd think I was sucking down menthol every night!

      I got about an hour of insomnia after that so I tired WILD with the twin bodies technique but only got some random NLD that I don't remember now.
    10. 2 NLDs

      by , 05-25-2013 at 04:30 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I was on a football field at a Steelers and Cowboys game. There was a 3rd team also. There were racks of free team swag on the field up for grabs. I get some Cowboys stuff for my dad.

      My older daughter is a princess and has to learn stuff like manners and posture ect. I try get her out of it because I feel they are too strict on her. Later I am walking at work and there is strange carpet. I feel the softness under foot. Somehow I understand why they were so hard on her and my daughter is more excepting of it. I talk with some noble about eating cold meat. He says that because we like cold meat, it means we are getting old. I tell him that I prefer grilling steaks frozen on high heat; that way it's blackened on the outside but rare in the middle. He seems to think that is a moot point.
    11. test

      by , 12-03-2012 at 10:56 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
    12. Joplin Assassins Creed

      by , 10-30-2012 at 01:13 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      3MG Melatonin 300MG B6
      Was very sleepy only got 2 or 3 rounds of SSILD before I black out. I missed my WBTB and was too tired to care. I forgot a few dreams because when I tried to think back and remember I fell asleep before I recorded.

      Bedtime 10p - 5a

      I ate a heavy meal late in the evening. (Stuffed Bell Peppers) I am wanting to stop eating at 6. It seems that when I don't eat late I have better recall and more lucids. I'll continue to test this idea.

      Joplin Assassins Creed 3:02AM

      The Joplin tornado leaves the town in anarchy. Missouri succeed from the union. Unfortunately, and evil dictator takes over. The first part is vague but I remember stalking him from behind. I casually walk up behind him and put a hand over his mouth and quickly thrust a blade into his rib cage and back.

      I climb to the top of a tall building in down town Joplin. I look at the sky and remember the events that took place. (I think I am doing what I do during the day. Remember the past few hours)

      I see con trails from planes. Some are white and some are black (dream sign). I know the black ones are planes that belong to the US and the white ones are planes that belong to Missouri. I hope that we get a better leader now and we can be at peace.
    13. Old Grey Mare

      by , 10-11-2012 at 10:51 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      MILD/ DEILD Mantra
      1MG Melatonin
      Sleep time around 10PM

      Old Grey Mare

      I am driving following my mom in her car. We come to a stop and her car dissapears. There is a barbed wire fence in front of me. I am talking to my brother on the phone. I tell him I lost her. I said, "You know how sometimes you drive your car into a barbed wire fence and then it messes up and your car disappears? Yeah, that happened to mom." My brother just says, "Yeah."

      I am out of my car now looking in the woods beyond the fence. I expect her to return soon. I see horses out there and rocky Ozark mountain cliffs. I see a phantom like horse trot by. I think "ghost horse." I see Kathy from work next to me. She says, "Why don't you just call out to her?" But I don't. I see a really small grey mare. I think, "Old Grey Mare." I am so fascinated with the horses. I feel as if I am missing something when I wake up.
      Try DEILD after this dream. Mild vibes. Had to pee. I didn't recall this dream untill I was out of bed.

      WBTB WILD @ 3AM

      I really wanted to WILD. I got some funny sensations and mild vibes but I really could not stay comfortable. Then my mind kept racing a lot. I kept hearing some kind of noise it sounded like from the bathroom. I got up to check but I could not figure it out. I RCd several times. I finally went to the recliner in the living room. I almost got in to the zone when I heard the noises louder and louder. Then yelling. So I RC and look outside. The neighbors apparently hosted a party and there was a drunken fight next to my wifes car. Plus a white SUV was trying to leave. Being extremely pissed that they ruined my WILD I called the cops on them. The SUV left but the 911 lady they had them pulled over before I hung up. HAHAHAHAH DONT MESS WITH MY SLEEP!

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    14. 5 dreams 1 fragment

      by , 10-11-2012 at 12:00 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      Bed 10:15. 1MG MELATONIN, VILD for 15 minutes. My mind ends up wandering but it is on what I want to do in next lucid so Im ok with it. I have heavy HI. Then I realize how long it has been and rollover. I don't feel sleepy so I meditate and mantra "I will question reality". I am asleep in a minute or two

      Fart Spray Statues 1:43AM

      I some smelly arisol like fart spray. I am in a room full of statues and I go around spray each one in the face. They all start puking from the smell. I laugh hysterically. I see some strange "Were the Wild Things Are" type monsters eating the puke. Then I have a plate full of rainbow colored Oreos. The Oreos are portioned way down in to fourth cookies. I have two fourths. I take a bite and they taste really sweet.

      That Same Baseball Field 2:35AM

      I am at a baseball field that I have dreamed of several times before. It is a small field but there is always this old guy that likes to play there. He is so good that no one can beat him. He pitches to me and I hit it out of the park. He goes and retrieves the ball for me. He hands it to me. I see I hit the cover off. Whats left looks like a skinned turnip with cuts and nicks in it. I assume it hit something outside the fence.

      I start to think of the Sandlot. When that one kid hit the cover off. There are several of the characters around me now and we talk about the time he hit the cover off. I see a sheetrock wall with holes in it from baseballs. I hear the kids say, "Woooowwww!

      I get up to pee. Quick VILD before falling asleep

      Fragment - Jeopardy 4:00am
      I remember seeing the set from Jeopardy. I am a contestant.

      Half naked bike ride 4:00AM

      I go on a rather long bike ride but notice I am wearing flip flops and boxer shorts. I am mildly surprised but don't pay it much attention. I think I have an extra hour to ride because instead of having to be at work at 7 I have to be at school at 8. I ride though what looks like an old childhood neighborhood. I jump off a large curb.

      WBTB - 1TBS PB and 200mg B6. VILD

      Bladder is a dick 5:30AM Vivid and lengthy

      I am in a twin bed. I have some drawing paper in my lap. Someone starts drawing on it. It begins to look like a really cool version of my Arilou avatar. I get excited and look over at him. I expect to see LinkZelda but he looks like Bladder. I say, "Oh wow you are a dream Views member and you live in Joplin. That's so cool" I ask him why I never new before but he says he and his friends didn't want me to know. I try to be friends with him. But he is not interested. I try making conversation but he looks at me odd and continues to draw. I say in a girly voice, "I just want to chaaaatt." Then in my normal voice, "Just kidding."

      He done drawing and gets up. He gives me $2 and then askes if he can borrow $1.50. Im like, "ok whatever." Then I ask him for the drawing. He hesitates and starts acting shady. He changes the suject multiple times. I follow him into a hallway and he meets with a buddy. I get in his face and just look at him. I tell him to give me my ex-wifes wedding ring back. (I don't even have it in RL) It worth money and he has it.

      I pull out my phone to take a picture of him so that I can tell the cops. I tell him what I am doing. Of course my phone is not working right (Dream sign). I look up and he is running away.

      I chase after him outside. It is raining heavily. We splash though the water and I can hear it clearly. Then he runs to a really small drainage ditch and disappears in the pipe. It is maybe 6inches diameter. I get confused and look for him a ways down. I turn around and see another man running out the other end. He sees me and looks scared and runs back in. I know this isn't the same guy. I follow and stop at the pipe. Nothing happens. Then I think if I can run like I am running past it then I will enter. It works. And am in awe that I found this. I am in the pipe but it is a dead end. There are side tunnels but they are clogged with mud. I think maybe I should try entering where bladder entered but I am losing interest. I walk out of the pipe and wake up.

      Half naked at work 6:00AM

      I am at work and realize I am wearing just shoes and some basketball shorts. I am outside at the picnic tables. I feel really embarrassed. I walk to my locker. I see Jamie drive by and look at me. For some reason my locker is outside. I open it and put a hoodie. I feel stupid for forgetting my shirt. I keep saying, "So stupid."

      At some point I woke up and had a sudden urge to try DEILD. I had very mild vibrations and then it went away. I should have done an RC but I was sleepy

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    15. Work Dream

      by , 10-08-2012 at 11:18 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)

      Thoughts | Non-Lucid | Lucid | Techniques/Aids

      I forgot to add one. I remembered this on the way to work.

      Frank at work clock in. Mold shop. Tells me how to cut peek braid and then mold over the edge. He calls the peek plastic. Thought I was a few min late when I clock in on the job number. We talk about how Steve will fix the time in the system. Then I rember clicking and say nevermind I did clock in.
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