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    Xanous' Dream Journal


    by , 11-21-2022 at 02:50 PM (208 Views)
    False awakening

    On an airplane. I look out the window and I am high in the sky. I decide I must have fallen asleep before takeoff. My mom is there.

    Some dialogue.

    Iím in cockpit view now but I'm not the pilot. The plane keeps going up.

    Iím above the cockpit now outside of the plane. Think video game.

    The plane is not flying right. It goes straight up and down then stalls out.

    Now it's tumbling toward the ground. I sincerely believe I am about to die.

    Another FA except I know its a dream but its a low level of lucidity as I am still invested in the previous scene.

    I decide to rebuild the plane so it can fly correctly. Its still a video game view and the parts of the plane are very much like Terratech.

    My son is with me discussing how to do it (we have been playing a lot of Terrtech together in waking life).

    The wing pieces donít look right and my son keeps making suggestions. Annoyed, I finally say, "Look we can just pretend it will work and it will work (knowing its a dream).
    It doesn't have to look right."
    I wake up.
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