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    Discovery of the Mind: Xereniak's DJ

    2017.04.04 - An Important Day Wasted

    by , 04-08-2017 at 12:09 AM (214 Views)
    The setting of the dream appeared to be of April 5th, the waking day which would occur after the dream ended.

    Recall Begins:

    I am in a space which existed both as my basement and the entry hallway into a local anime convention. It is the early morning, and I am with several familiar faces as I prepare for the convention, which I felt was to be later that day. MoSH is among the group. I also believe my younger brother was there. I cannot recall the others.
    /jump/ It is 2.00 pm, and I am suddenly quite panicked. I had previously planned to meet with an old friend of mine at 12.00 pm that day, and I had somehow forgotten all about it. I am now more definitively at the convention hall, despite details of my basement remaining. I was quite convinced that I had travelled a distance, for the span of about an hour from my home. The concrete, grey halls leading to the convention entry way are quite distinct from the much warmer whitewashed wood panelling at home. As I walk toward the admission (person? gate? robotic automatic recognition system? wildcard*), I suddenly realise that I have left both mine and MoSH's VIP admission badges at my home. It will be a 2 hour round trip to go get them. I cannot recall whether or not MoSH took the round trip to my home and back with me or if he waited the entire time, but I consequently missed another important appointment I had at 3.00 pm.
    /jump/ I was once again very upset about having missed an important time frame. I could not however figure out how I had failed to plan the convention into my schedule, given that all 3 things were absolutely important. Nonetheless, it is now 4.00 pm, and I have finally arrived at the admission (wildcard*) with mine and MoSH's entry badges.

    Recall Ends.

    ...And in the end, I never did get to attend the convention either. What a waste of a day. Fortunately, the real one afterword went much better.

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    1. Man of Shred's Avatar
      The date of your convention dream, i think is the same date of my wrong convention dream. Very close! Edit: I guess i had the dream the day before...
      Updated 04-08-2017 at 01:43 AM by Man of Shred