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    Dreams Begin

    , 05-23-2011 at 11:40 PM (705 Views)
    So I really want to get back in the hang of things.

    I slept for a really long time and have a bit of recall, but not much.

    I think I'm back in uni and I'm climbing a building to it's very top. I somehow end up in Felix's room, which is very wide and gray, and well protected. It doesn't seem to have nay door, just a small attic-like entrance on the carpeted floor. It's pretty high up. I walk around, I get a little anxious that Felix might come up here and find me and think I went here intentionally. But then I'm like, no way. Lo and behold, the attic door starts moving, and I see his hands making their way up. I get really panicked and wonder how the hell am I going to explain myself. I make it obvious I'm in there and he stops moving and is like..uhmmmmm..who is this? So I tell him..hehe..it's Rabia..I didn't realize this was your room. I make up some lame excuse and he accepts it with ease. Funny he is not freaked out that I'm in his room. Before he even gets up there, I'm already talking regularly as if nothing happened.

    There was another dream I can't remember much in which I spoke to him for a really long time, and discovered that he was actually a really dull person. I remember waking up kind of panicked, and feeling relieved it was just a dream. It was a bad dream, all right.

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