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    Memorable Dreams

    1. M i r a g e

      by , 11-15-2011 at 01:16 AM
      M I R A G E

      Me And My Family Are In A Car.(In A City,Maybe New Orleans) My Parents Mention Something About Cousins And A Picture Of Their House Is Flashed Several Times(Except,Their House Seems Abandoned,Rustic,And Run Down.)The City Scene Shifts To An Indoor Rollerskating/Wrestling Arena/ Paintball Store.There Are Gym Mats Everywhere.I Am Then Taking Rollerskating Lessons From A Black Male.(I Actually Met This Guy In Real Life At A Local Skatepark ) After Awhile He Says '"Let's Take A Break." The Scene Shifts,The Black Male Is Trying To Sell Me Paintball Gear Or Maybe Rollerskates.Later, We Watch A Wrestling Match Between A Very Buff Woman And 2 Buff Men.Someone Screams And I Look Behind Me.The Wall Is Completely Gone And A Stormy Ocean Has Appeared.Very Gloomy.Lightning Strikes And Then A Huge Tsunami Hits .It Crashes And I'm Blind For A Few Seconds.When I Regain Vision,A King Figure Comes Out Of The Water With Followers.They're Carrying Candles And Chanting.Everyone,Including Myself,Start To Huddle.The Scene Shifts As Were Walking Into A Hilly Forest Area. My Deceased Grandfather Appears And Is Connected To Me By A Harness And Rope .As Everyone Continues To Travel Uphill, My Grandfather Disappears And We All Arrive At A House From One Of My Earlier Dreams.As We Arrive I Begin To Here Very Loud Noises.(Like Chainsaws And Lawnmowers). I See A Truck With Lawncare Equipment.(I Later Discover Once I Wake Up That The Loud Noises I Heard Are From My Mom Using The Blender In The Kitchen)When I Look At The House I See My Grandfather Sitting On The Front Porch Steps ,Smiling.

      -End Of Dream-

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      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Zombie Invasion

      by , 11-15-2011 at 12:47 AM

      Date: ?? -Zombie Invasion- Semi -Lucid

      Me And A Group Of People(That I'd Never Seen Before) Rush Out Of A Dark Courtyard(Filled With Zombies),Into A Dark Rustic Building.Once Inside, We Barricade The Entrance.Someone Passes Guns Out.We Travel Up Stairs In Effort To Find An Escape.We Don't Ever Find One.In Panic,(I Knew I Was Dreaming Here) I Jump Of The Huge Stair Case And Die.I Then Kind Of ,"Spawn" In A Beautiful Scenery On A Top Of A Mountain.I'm Riding Down The Mountain On A Type Sled With Wheels.I Then Force Myself Awake.
      -End Of Dream-