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    On The Run

    by , 11-18-2011 at 02:35 AM (430 Views)
    On The Run

    I Start Out In A Bedroom.The Walls Are Orangy And Redish .I'm In A Clay House.Inspecting Everything.I Walk Out Of The Bedroom And I Am In A Familiar Room From A Call Of Duty Game..I Walk Out And Turn And I Am Faced With A Hallway That Seems To Go On For An Eternity.I Walk Down The Hall And I'm In Front Of A Door .When I Open It I Look Left And Am Faced With All Of The Guitars I've Ever Wanted.This Room Is Huge! It Is About 1/3 The Size Of My Local Grocery Store. I Blink,And Everything Is Gone.In Disbelief I Check Everywhere In The Room.I Call In My Dad .My Dad Comes In And We Have A Conversation.(I Don't Really Recall What It Was About)I Later Walk Out Of The Room , But The Hallway Isn't There ..Instead There Is A Busy Grocery Store.I Walk Out Astounded.I Run Out Full Speed .When I Finally Get Out I Am With My Best Friend . (It Is Dark Now)He Is Wearing A Ghille Suit. We Lay Down In Some Grass Nearby To Hide.Some Crazed Teenagers Drive By.Soon After So Does A Cop. We Then Get Up Out Of Hiding.We Then Run Down The Street At Super-Human Speeds.The Sunrises Quickly As We Run ,Almost As If We Were In A Movie Being Fast Forwarded.We Eventually End Up At A 4-Way Intersection.We Then Turn Around And Run In The Opposite Direction.As Were Running I Say ,"You Wanna Take A Break ?" He Says ,"Sure."We Then Run Into A Car Garage .One Guy Is Working On A Mustang ,The Other Is Working On My Jet Black Les Paul Guitar.I Pick It Up And Say ,"Cool."My Friend And I Then Leave And Continue To Run .We Eventually End Back Up At The Store .(It Is Now Dark Again)We Run Into The Store Like Sonic The Hedgehog.Weaving In And Out Of Different Aisles .When We Arrive Back At The Door ,In Which I Found The Guitars,There Is A S.W.A.T Team Waiting For Me.They Point And Yell At Me ,But I Turn Around And Run .

    -End Of Dream-

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