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    20210521: Nonlucid fragments

    , 05-21-2021 at 03:12 PM (91 Views)
    Trying to get back in the game again.

    * Multiple dreams likely influenced by watching a few episodes of Love, Death, and Robots on Netflix yesterday.
    * Fragment: walking through a dark city.
    * Extended fragment group: in a pop-up community nested inside of a combination warehouse/train station. I was younger? Started out sitting on the floor, feelings of rejection. Our community is being sabotaged by the unseemly inspector/pest-control man. Alternating dark brown and light white/blue environments. Sitting on a long central bench with previously tentative characters after bonding - themes of friendship, community. Wholesome.
    * Sleep notes: asleep around 11-12, woke at 5:10 and was very uncomfortable until 7:20 when I forced myself up.

    * EDIT: forgot to add that after sleeping primarily on my back for the last few months, I made an effort to sleep on my side the last two nights, which may have helped with the more vivid dreams. I had pretty long and detailed dreams last night as well.

    * A lot of dream fragments featuring my wife in different forms.
    * Fragment: themes of age and youth. My wife and I are in the second story of a stone castle-like apartment with all of the lights turned off inside, looking out and down on the yard/driveway and downtown street. It's dark, illuminated only by streetlights. Late night or early morning. We watch the young-adult-aged daughter of the house owner approach the oddly positioned staircase with her small dog. We don't want to be caught watching her approach -- we may have been hiding out in the house? The dog sees us and enters our room playfully.
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