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    ZAD's DJ

    Short-Term Goals:
    * Become lucid at least once a week (every week so far since August)
    * Meet my dream guide more often
    * Improve visualization ski
    Long-Term Goals:
    * Have a ten minute lucid dream once by the end of 2019

    Common Abbreviations - [F] My fiancee [D] My dog [CH/9] Childhood home [APT/8] Current apartment
    Most of my DJ entries have been copy/pasted from my quick morning phone notes lately for lack of time.
    Will try to have higher quality entries in 2019.

    1. Some lucids - November 12

      , 11-12-2018 at 03:25 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Note: These are out of order and I'm missing a few, I didn't have amazing recall last night because of my dog moving me into strange positions and almost kicking me off the bed as the night went on. Another strange thing I noticed was no mention of 9 in any of the dreams I remembered, and instead the almost constant presence of this mountaintop room.
      Dream: FA in dark room, extended version of my own, but it should have been obvious it wasn't. I was thinking about dreaming and even about what I wanted to do in my lucid dreams, but I was convinced I was awake and was trying to shut my eyes. I could see through them though (I convinced myself I was seeing through my eyelashes). Really should have caught this one
      Dream: Longer dream in warmly lit orangish-yellow room, with windows all around the north and east walls. At first I'm sitting with my back against the south wall, sitting at a folding table. I see Gillum, he smiles and walks away -- feels malicious. Some time later I'm over at the east wall facing the corner, in a desk which I've "moved into" -- there's some weird system of school assigned seats + work + real estate going on here. Out of the window I can see a beautiful but vague mountain view all around -- blue skies and white snowcaps. I see the two younger indians from work (who were in the walking on water dream). They say that they're moving into a desk three away from mine. One of them has a broken arm. Later, the older indian man comes and says he wants to take that desk. I inform him they want it. He seems distressed and a negotiator (played by an actor whose name I can't think of -- but he always plays the shifty salesman/negotiator in movies). He says he'll offer them 300,000, or break their legs.
      Frag: A woman is driving a car in an old-fashioned holiday movie version of NY at night. I know her from a previous dream or earlier scene in this dream, but I'm a camera, not a character. She crashes into another car or people off-screen, and the camera pans to an oddly dressed doorman/paperboy/announcer standing on a grate balcony over an inviting bar with flashing lights. He makes an announcement/proclamation in a grandiose but silly way.
      Dream: In Walmart, I'm waiting in a line for self-checkout, but the lines are oriented in a strange way that I've never seen in any Walmart -- they're perpendicular to how they normally would be. I'm with F, but I see a few people passing, and casually examine them. Then I see one woman who eyes me suggestively, and I make a point of looking away and talking to F. I don't know what this dream means.
      Dream: I enter the warmly lit mountaintop room from before, but from a darker hallway in the southwest corner. F is at a table facing away from me. I approach her and become lucid. [Censored for DV]
      Dream: I'm not sure where I was looking back at it, it's highly probable I was in the warmly lit mountaintop room. I see an attractive girl and become lucid. [Censored for DV]
      Frag: Vague memory about a house?
    2. October 28 - Nov 2 (recap - part 1)

      , 11-10-2018 at 12:50 AM (ZAD's DJ)
      Fragment: I remember two men's faces, one of them being Jerry Seinfeld.
      Dream: I'm at 9, some new neighbors have moved in to a house I used to petsit at; it's an odd couple, a young asian man and an older white lady. Someone is having their wedding there and F and I are attending. As we enter there's a "good" bottle of wine in a blue bottle which someone takes out of a lit china cabinet. I'm in a room with F and we're having dessert, I do some kind of unconscious dream control and transform a wine glass (like glassblowing, but just with fingertip gestures). My grandpa is calling me from the other room. He says something loudly and brashly which is confusing/embarrassing. Tony Soprano is there. Maybe it was Meadow's wedding.
      Fragment: View of a street corner at my old college. It's morning, the light is tinted blue, there aren't many cars on the road.
      Fragment: Brothers (that's all I wrote).

      Dream: Long two-part dream with a painting/cooking competition (influenced by watching S1 of Skin Wars with F - I was competing against Mythica). I'm outside, in a grassy space near some bleachers, crowded with trees and some other metal/cinderblock structures. My painting is very saturated in its colors, it's of several columns with a vibrant sky behind them. The sky/weather around me is morning with tinted blue light -- from now on I'll just denote this as MB since it happens so often. I go to/under the bleachers to get a black plastic or metal barrel and start cooking, it's some kind of jambalaya or gumbo with sausage and potatoes. Later I'm in a bus with F's younger cousin, we're searching for ingredients. The bus is more like a warehouse, with a long table going down the length of it (maybe 2-3 times as long as a regular bus); I find what I need: potatoes and my pot of soup, which is smaller now than the barrel. I pull it from under the table, and notice some bugs crawling around some of the bags of ingredients. Transitions again and I'm at 9 having a crawfish boil and cooking hogs whole.
      Dream: An old HS classmate who was a bit ditzy is asking for my work ID (the environment is a mix of HS and work) so that we can go on a date. I make an excuse that I have to go to my locker to find it.

      Dream: I'm yelling angrily to my dad about my grandpa's medications. It starts in the backyard with my grandpa in a wheelchair near us, my dad is being to lax and not getting the prescriptions filled on time. I'm really yelling and beating on him, he's unfazed. We end up in the front yard, and a lot of family members and family friends are across the street in my neighbor P's driveway/front yard. They're all watching on as I yell and beat my dad. Eventually I walk over there and talk with them to calm down. Transitions and I'm in our driveway in our old van. My aunt is in the front with a baby, and she's holding it out so I can see it. It has a weird mouth -- it extends too far like a proboscis.
      Notes: br stall; swing, flying bound?

      Nothing down for 10-31 or 11-01

      Dream: I'm standing next to a pool. Several of my indian coworkers are walking on water, and I ask them how to do it. An older one who sits near me explains about prana and breathing; a younger one who was on my first team makes an analogy that goes something like "A young man ...(insert foolish attempt); An old man ...(wiser, more effective method)". It was actually really good advice but I didn't write it down.
      Fragment: Off of a country road, there's a suburban house with a staircase to a small loft right off the front door.
      Dream: In 9, at night on the back porch. I'm with F and my dad, there are some ice chests lying around and a tablecloth on the table. It seems like a party is planned soon or just finished. F or I inquire about drinks and my dad says "MImosas" with an emphasis on the first part, making it sound like "My" -- this ties in with an in-joke F and I have about him and the way he says "My TV" or "My truck" in a specific way. There are also tall cans of bud light with weird plastic caps on them. I understand them to be bud light but they look like miller high life; strange. We're on our way to the pool, and I am trying to decide on shoes or flip flops.
      Fragment: Something happened here but it's lost now.
      Dream: F is in a room next to the bed. She stands up and walks to a door in the far left corner, and when she opens the door, a hand reaches out and grabs her. I can't move but I force the perpetrator to let go of her and approach me instead with dream control. I intrinsically understand that I have a certain energy or "light" that will dispel his darkness. I make him touch my arm and he goes blank-faced; this is similar to a past dream where I would reality check and engage with DCs, at which point they would go blank-faced and sort of become broken robots. He was kneeling down near the bed and had an Optimus Prime toy on his head.
      The interesting part is how it started -- I wouldn't call it a WILD, I guess it was more like a DEILD but without the L. I had just gotten up for a bit and I lie down and immediately sort of popped into this one, I just didn't catch it and make it lucid.
      Lucid: I decide to really try and get lucid after being teased by the last dream with awareness. I focus my efforts on it and very soon I'm hearing a radio drama in my head, although I still have full awareness of my body. It reminded me of HS and college when I was staying up late or close to sleep due to a project or homework I was working on, and I would get auditory hallucinations of voices/conversations with friends or family members, and or a loud bang or gunshot. Anyway, the radio drama sounded like It's a Wonderful Life, and one of the key characters was Uncle Billy, who was being forgetful about the night before of course. He remembered that he keyed a tree, scratched his name into it. Soon I can feel a sensation of moving back and forth, and I realize I'm on a swing. Once I realize it, the visualizations follow. I see myself in a wooden swing in a small yellowish room, with darkish blue light coming in from a window to the right. I say "I'm dreaming" as I swing, and imagine myself feeling the armrest, and I pop into the dream and lose most awareness of my physical body. I'm able to use pyromancy, and use my fingertip-flame-laser to carve shapes into the wood of the swing. I jump/get up from the swing and start interacting with a wooden desk with loose objects on its surface. I sweep them them off onto the floor, some wooden items, some glass beakers or bottles. I pick up a wooden item -- I forget what it was now -- and inscribe its surface. I remember the words "left" and "sou". The smoke effect from the pyromancy was vivid.

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      Tags: pyromancy
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment
    3. October 27

      , 10-27-2018 at 05:14 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Frag - stadium
      Frag - HS friends (seth)
      L chain - TAZ:BoB I'm fred/freddie (wrote this down in imaginary DJ along w pictures of windows)
      over the course of 5-8 lds in a chain, i meet group of people in a smallow yellowish office with windows and curtains overlooking an orange/yellow sky, we talked about something serious (a conspiracy, a plot for revolution, a threat facing the world?), then woke. the next time i got lucid i was back but they were all about 50 years older, we talked about similar things and they told me i could join their org, wake. next lucid they're touring me around the facilities, in another i was in a large hallway talking to someone. i think i had a few groundhog day loops of some scenes, but i remember getting lucid every loop. a lot happened but in the end half of the org turned against me and half of them were woth me and we fought in a huge bluish grey sanctuary and eventually i extracted the relic (crystal circle/bracelet in a large wooden box with holes - can't look at it! will go into more detail on this dream later.
      Frag - sex - part of LC?
      L - walking in darkish (dim red sky) city, reach junk pile and start to fly, flying feels very fake , like I'm laying my body outstretched and the scene is just moving past me, so i flip over on my back flying and admire the beautiful view above me - the wooden slats coming apart and the junk in this under-bridge area and some train tracks - this gave me a literal and figurative perspective change - LDing is not always about doing things perfectly or achieving goals, but usually the best dreams, lucid or not, are when something amazing or simple but different is happening and you're a part of it, and it inspires childlike wonder in you
      NL - i drew a pretty good (not amazing but probably better than i can do iwl - for some reason I'm a great artist in dreams) picture of a wizard/sorceress girl and was adjusting the mouth and coloring (f was there possibly?)
      Frag - sneaking suspicion i had a dream about 9 backyard and enjoying the sunlight
      NL - FA in wl 8 room, looking at videos on phone, get up several times in a groundhog day-like loop, look at myself in mirror (my torso looked ripped, but somewhat sagging?), i go downstairs (it's now 9) and consider going out the front door to talk to a dc (was semilucid but not fully there) but decide instead to sunbathe in the backyard, when i reach the kitchen i call out "who's there?" and my dad comes through a door that doesn't exist in his signature windbreaker and we talk for a second, wake up
    4. Vivid NLs - October 26

      , 10-26-2018 at 04:28 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Had a vivid, long dream about a list of words, one of them being vacuum. This transitioned into a dark city scene with a high train raised above everything else.

      Had a vivid dream right before waking about being at a beach with F. We were looking at a sandstone or just time-worn statue of Cleopatra which was very beautiful. There was a youngish Asian couple (early-mid 30's) who were standing next to the statue, petting a fish. There was a gigantic fish which the man was petting near the statue, and it swam away. F gave me two rings to hold and went to get a drink from a stand.
      memorable , non-lucid
    5. Deja Vu lucid, nl - Oct 25

      , 10-25-2018 at 03:06 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      nl - in a college math classroom with a smart (or dumb but hardworking) guy who the teacher pointed out was doing double problems because he didn't have a partner (he had a sort of greasy notebook)
      blue square experimental water (diving?) mask is forced on me, stressof not being able to get it off, finally manage to get it off but pretend it's still on, somehow gets transformed into shark mask (i remember thinking this was cheap)
      younger rita(from dexter)/mazella(old teacher) at pool, I'm using the shark version of the mask

      I'm in the woods, the trees all have a strange peely white bark, I'm throwing a black handled screwdriver from WL into the trunks (it sinks in nicely each time), I'm hiding out from some pursuers? i have to squeeze under some very low branches (intense fear) and then take a path through houses that is 100% deja vu (dont think i journaled it but I've been here before), at one pt took an alternative path, became lucid, just went w the flow, 1234 in big serif letters like an address, white building, in the past i went into the workshop w wood floors and walls, this time i bypassed and went into a white sunlit room with a small tv, realized i was losing dream and counted but it was too late, had brief fa where i could tell it was transp. eyelids effect amd not real, was making patterns on the pillow with mind
      Tags: déjà vu
      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    6. Oct 24

      , 10-24-2018 at 01:51 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      3 more lds tonight! I'll try to come back in November and update the gaps and maybe flesh out some of these bullet point-like dreams.

      nl - in a supermarket, long and vivid
      lucid - in a greyish room, see a section with chairs (seems like a public place), become lucid and expect f in one of those chairs, see her but she's spaced out, try to kiss her but she is almost catatonic
      lucid - in walmart in the last aisle before the garden center, laying out some yugioh cards on a table (they're not real and I can tell) and I'm trying to sell them to a worker who doesn't seem very interested, I'm surprised as I go how weak they are for looking so cool, become lucid turn the corner and see an elderly woman, try to transform her and wake up
      nl - f is leaving for the morning and she's forgotten her phone and badge, I run downstairs and am trying to decide whether to try and go to her place of work to bring her her stuff or wait here since she might come back, go downstairs in my apartment and there's a heavy industrial door, see her coming in, wake up
      nl - series of fa's
      lucid - in 9 living room, it's dark, I try to turn up the thermostat knob (similar to old light switch we used to have iwl) to turn the lights up, eventually just say "lights on!" and it helps (still dim), try to summon f but end up just summoning an invisible presence, try to verify its presence by having it interact with me by having it whip me (don't question dream logic), it works (like a light electric shock where I expected it to whip), wake up
    7. Oct 12-16, some lucids

      , 10-16-2018 at 08:11 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      All from phone, sorry for quality

      Oct 15 2018
      2 lucids, 1 remembered

      library F recep card octagon room s. time people thru window recep card cc ods testing room leave quickly expect recep frantically searching instead seated patiently complaining about something else, have 2 donut holes and a jelly filled, give them away wrong? uni library hall - place is fusion of libraries from past and cc

      8 par. br top closet shelf open box mms see antenna poking out throw on ground and smash w shoe (?) another comes out i kill, not quite r's, sth off

      previous lost lucid - something about pressure of finger thru hand

      lucid - 8 my br dark, in front of mirror, pumpkin, crush/pull alart w hands, inside is an orange-tinted paper towel roll, lucid, my face becomes cotton/pt/gauze texture, work on mouth being sturdy so i can't penetrate w finger, no features just slight indentations, transform self in mirror then wake (tried to add but too late)

      cool vampire/TAZ dream w armor n weapons (variety, changed a lot), killing and moving through level, at some point changed to shooting glitchy white balls from self like a turret (froglike?)

      In 8 br lots of people there, guy asks for root beer, go down to street to neighbor where lots of kids are crossing in a big crowd and there's candy being distributed and there's a bus? I cut in front of some kids but return with a packet of ibuprofen instead and pack it with the rest (root beer heavily associated w E6) i put ibuprofen away in larger hospital packet (spelled wrong?)

      Oct 12 2018

      lucid - f in street car lightning to diner talking

      Oct 14 2018

      nl - in 8 w f, d inoffice separated by fence from parents sog, take nap on couch
      lucid - 8 street daytime become lucid in street fly a few stories up decide I'm using force summon lightsaber, swing around and force throw, lose lucidity
      nls - in 8 street, carving a stick w laser pointer/lightsaber
      lucid - in 8 street night, lucid, want to summon an enemy, first think of a giant but can't decide what in SW universe applies, decide on some twilek sith like in SW:JK:JA, at first think it didn't work, then realize i double-cast it, there are 6 dual-weilding sith twileks, i speed past the first 3 and take a commanding position at the cul-de-sac and isolate them using force push,each time i take one out they fall dramatically and for some reason get somewhat naked like an elder scrolls game when you loot their armor
      nl to lucid - in familiar dream house (have visited before), the first story is like 8 but with high ceilings so its like 2 stories for the first story, huge staircase, dark (usu. is), i am walking to bathroom, talking to f, i look in mirror and get lucid, toothpaste/water splash spots are hi-def, i touch mirror and it feels cold and frictiony the way glass does, i try to summon a saber again but it comes out as a clear tube with red liquid and red straw, i drink it

      Oct 16 2018

      lucid - 8 b.y. F I dismiss after long insec. dream, walk up staircase of square tiles into sky g.c., i look back n shes pegasus flying, i start flying too, it's her and i grab her hands but we're out of sync, hands don't match, remove/insert and feel WB, wake

      anne s. in car dealership screaming abt. how stg (weather?) is no joke in LA

      j.p. n old famous guys in svitz-bath w nun costumes, watching "blue x", jp on diving board gold
      Tags: lightsaber
      non-lucid , memorable , lucid
    8. October 4

      , 10-04-2018 at 03:15 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Oct 4 2018

      Forgot abt. 3 which initly remembered, one was funny
      Awoke 4:24
      Walmart dream, with family (mine?) and little kids (cousins?), I'm searching for a wooden dowel/rod/block combo to hang something (for some reason can't just nail it to wall), looking on wrong aisle. Find right section and there are dowels with multi-colored clipboard rubber clamps, talk to fake dad
      Buying stuff for the weekend, then not because ere are dowels with realized F not working
      Crawling on ground, I'm avoidant then aggressive towards bees, crawl through G and other (they're talking - init'ly paid attention to what about)
      Crawl & stand up, slight but fluid transition, in strip mall entrance w 30ish people, enter (door holding) they're nerdy, it's like a fitness center, black circle yoga/D&D combo - oh no, I forgot my socks! See Coran and L.L., talk about band & scars & fb, laughing
      FA/TrEy., Carving into dresser, R.H. - didn't feel dreamlike, mote like vivid interactive visualization
    9. Dreams - October 2

      , 10-02-2018 at 02:53 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Oct 2 2018

      Suburb dusk hill orange green frag

      City, F, cat? Frag

      Long 9 dream. Mom criticizes F and I drinking sodas and eating swedish fish. We go in another room and I give her a present I prepared before I knew about the swedish fish. It comes in a little box that comes apart. Inside are the words "save" on one side and sth else on the other, in black pen. The present is gummy worms and I already ate one (vivid taste - could feel the sugar crystals, it was an orange and yellow one. She is disappointed and I'm trying to fix the wrapping, then I pull out 2 other things (long chocolate-covered pretzel like longer thicker pocky with no unchocolated "handle", and one of those Lunchable packs but with just real pocky, maybe cheese, and marshmallow fluff. I think at this point we were half in a 9 variation and half in a World Market snack section (I could see the aisles off past the couch. Natural white daylight from windows throughout.

      At mall of sorts and/or bad part of town (day residue from warning a friend about New Orleans & Mardi Gras) with F. At first it's the town, we're driving a black sedan into a corner which I've been to alone recently (repitition), there are sketchy people going by. Suddenly realize it's a dead end (concrete wall) and we can't back up. Now we're in a mall rounding a display corner, don't remember what happened next. Orange light.

      Go to movie theater, sit around middle on left side, for some reason I'm sitting behind F, it's packed. For some reason there's a listing of titles and showtimes on the screen as if we get to choose now that we're here already. We see a trailer for a new AHS movie which F says is just an episode but I don't believe her, in any case it looks awful. The screen changes and the lights are a little less dim and a college aged announcer guy gets on a microphone and starts to say some partyish stuff (reminds me of leading male from One Day during obnoxious announcer years). Some multicolored lights* start going and a select few people start getting up and dancing. A kid asks F to dance and I step in from behind and put my hand on his shoulder and say "sorry bud, she's taken", in a way that seems nice but he seems dejected. Then he asks me to dance! Not wanting to be inconsistent but feeling bad for him (he kind of looks like and reminds me of a younger version of myself) I kind of do a lame dance and then something I make up on the spot and call "the lightsaber*". He seems happier and F is laughing. Suddenly suction cups are being passed out and some girls are putting them on one of their breasts. I see F with one and get angry but it turns out the girl had one and it got stuck to F's knee. (maybe all of this has to do with my possessiveness?)

      Anyway pretty vivid dreams tonight, but as I'm writing I feel like there's a big one I'm missing.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. Emotional/Color Dreams and a Lucid - October 1

      , 10-01-2018 at 02:55 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Oct 1 2018

      Fragment 1 - With F in hotel or cabin - clearly feels like a form of temporary escape or travel-like lodging. There are layers that we're stacking in order to block this one segment of the house, we try to rearrange them in several different ways. For some reason we don't want to go outside, there's a deep sense of fear. The colors white and black are prominent.

      Fragment 2 - In big field helping my dad move something (folding wooden ladder-like structure like an attic pull-down door, but huge. Dad loads it into back of vehicle, I'm laying my body on/across the top of it (several stories up) to "support it". We're driving across a daylit green field. Suddenly he's at the top with me. I see a roach and tell him, it turns out to be a scorpion, he squishes it and it oozes black ichor. Important colors - green, blue, black, wood-brown.

      Fragment 3 - Nighttime, in hotel that is based off an elongated version of my apartment block; I'm walking around the outer perimiter and can see in to people's windows clearly. I round the corner and enter the hallway to a seemingly endless hallway of doors. I get spooked by the fact that they're all closed and think about the connection between doorways and expectation and become lucid.

      Lucid 1 - I enter the door and see a strange sight - my hairdresser from childhood to the beginning of college, in an all-white small square room. She's a stocky woman with short dyed-red hair in her trademark white and red-dotted shirt and matching shorts. She's standing in the right-backmost corner, facing the wall. To her right there's a black trash can on the floor with her head in it, looking at me. I approach her and say her name, then wake. Important colors - black, white, and red.

      Dream 1 - F and I go to an after-hours college professor's dinner. She's rumored to be a murderer or seductress; this is connected to fragments 1 and 3, maybe she's what we were fearing? Here I see several of my high school friends, and we jab at each other for not staying in touch. The woman enters the room and we are all on guard. I can't remember if she killed anyone. Maybe we played a board game or discussed a book. The room was distinct, a deep red.

      Note - all of my dreams were extremely emotional and marked by color.
    11. Lucid - Finally Had A Lightsaber Fight! - September 30

      , 09-30-2018 at 07:41 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 30 2018

      (3 dreams, 2 lucids)

      pre-star wars interstate/table in front yard, F's car - why are the keys on a table in the front yard? they can be stolen! have to get her car back, getting angry

      lucid/semi-lucid star wars dream* (badass)

      wbtb (lasted for 3 hours)

      lucid with D and 8, and roach antenae then hopping away like a deer, short, got lucid halfway through

      space station dream getting a delivery, we were running out, boss says forget about the reeses puffs and then they give us twice the delivery (everyone mad "we could have been getting twice this whole time? we didn't even get any reeses puffs") and guards and cutting ribbon lines (dad, w/ gun or broom) and other stuff (transformed into noir music video at end); remember the black slats on the divider vividly, and the floor; like an arcade! vivid, long

      lots of HI and feeling for dream scene, but no successful WILDs
      feeling for a white tennis shoe
      feeling for a white metal corner with slats on it

      *Star Wars dream:
      I'm in the office of 9. My best friend (A) and his previous long-time girlfriend (T) are there. There's also another girl from the previous dream who has orange hair (we'll call her O; I had a feeling she might have been a manifestation of my guide). A has a hooked nose unlike in real life, and he's standing next to the bookcase in the far left corner comforting T. O is sitting in a chair looking at me. It's a persecution-style dream, someone is going to eradicate us. I think I had to kill someone in the office, someone was a traitor. I become lucid but decide that instead of pursuing goals I'll let the dream take me wherever it was intending to go. I have a lightsaber and there was someone else there (my dad or F?) who had one, so I offered the group mine thinking that the other person and I could take them with just one lightsaber. They declined and I decided against it anyway, I would need it. So instead I give them a purplish greenish small box of parts to make their own. The dream shifts and I'm in the front yard in the passenger seat of the van. My sister and F are across the street selling pumpkins (as a disguise/to make it seem normal that we're there and that we have nothing to hide). They need to close up so we can go. In the car with me is O, and my dad and possibly mom are near the car. [I say something to someone.] Sister brings me a pumpkin in F's WL purse, it's ripping, I tell them to stop messing around, there's danger. Eventually the scene transitions and the pumpkin stand disappears, it's darker outside, I can tell Sith are coming. I think I told the van to drive away but I can't remember now.

      I walk to the curb and it's much darker like a storm's coming, dust blows by me dramatically and I see two white Hutts at the very end of the street. I remember now that I had told them in the van not to fire their blasters unless they had to, because if they did the others would know where they were. For this reason I don't draw my lightsaber yet (it's probably about 6 houses until the end of the street so I have some distance to cross). When I reach about halfway I notice three more Sith, they looked like Tuscan raiders. Unexpectedly one of the Hutts charged me! It was much faster than I expected because instead of slithering towards me it floated/levitated towards me at an alarming rate. It also held its red lightsaber in a fully forward way, arms up and forward at the chest. It was very intimidating. It also had force lightning. By this point, I had succumbed to the dream's validity to the point where I was still lucid in awareness, but it was more like an elevated state of consciousness and control of my own actions, not control of the dream. In any case I didn't think to use dream powers but was limited to the constraints of the universe, so because I had a blue lightsaber, I only had force push, and becuase they had red, they also had force lightning. So essentially we would circle around each other while facing each other, him sending lightning at me and me pushing or lightsabering it away. This was very intense and I was still only facing one of them. Once I had sen that the van was gone, I decided to flee as I couldn't face them all. I think I may have killed one of the Tuscan raiders first? I ran to a kid's bicycle and as I boarded it, one of the raiders had come up behind me on a Star Wars bike. I used the force to lift the bike up and start flying. The raider and I get into a contest of side-swiping and I dismount him. I have to pull up because there's a white fence/gate at the end of my street.

      Now the sky had gone from storm-blue with dust in it to full-on apocalypse brown. I was flying past twisted trees and power lines, turning sideways to dodge them. At some point
      the dream faded.

      Most of these dreams came from day residue; the SW part came from listening to an episode of MBMBAM discussing naming a kid Anakin; we recently got a new end table by our front door where we leave our everyday carried items, and it's next to a window with blinds so I recently thought "what if they can see through those?"; the arcade-themed space station was due to seeing a Dave and Busters-themed scene in the show F was watching (I think Once Upon a Time). Anyway the lightsaber fighting was badass, even though it wasn't as conscious as it could have been; but it probably would have been much shorter if I had been fully lucid the whole time, so I'm in part glad that the dream and the threats it posed felt 100% real.

      Interesting note: At the end of the SW dream, I was in an FA with the layout of my room being slightly different and although my eyes were closed, I could see a thin strip of light in front of me (in reality, this would have been to the right of me). I sat recalling my dreams and had a brief visualization/WILD attempt within the FA! Then I woke up. For some reason I wrote in my DJ that it's possible I had the SW dream stemming from visualizations during my FA? Interesting but I don't remember about the FA to say for sure now.
    12. Most LDs In One Night Ever! - September 29

      , 09-29-2018 at 06:14 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 29 2018

      Background - i didn't get nearly enough sleep during the week (b/t 5 and 6.5 hours a night) so i haven't had lucids since last sunday and have only been remembering 1-2 dreams a night on avg. so maybe this was sort of an extended REM rebound effect? i didn't sit down to meditate (although at many points i made myself hyper-aware) or visit the bathhouse, but anyway i remembered to do math in most of my lucids, got to talk to my dream guide (or it felt like it), and got my subconscious to play music. p. cool night!

      3 NLs - before waking at 5:30 (went to sleep 11:45) (fortunately i wrote all of these down)
      * in 9, my parents are talking to "Mr Jeff" in the front porch, talking about walking sticks as "staves", they examine one i found in the forest when we went to the cabin at the beginning of august
      * in 8, seeing an older woman out of the apartment who had just helped F and I with something or was maybe just visiting. she has the body of a younger person but has surface-level wrinkles, almost like they're a painted-on texture with no depth (they're white) and I think she even had black hair. but her skin also looks quite dry. she reminded me of one of my neighbors who walks two dogs
      * in 512 (grandpa's house) with F and my dad. F and I are sitting at the dining table across from each other, dad is to the right. i have tea and she has water, my dad asks for some of my soft drink because there's some rule that anytime i have soft drinks he gets a portion (he used to do this IRL too ;_ but i tell him i'm drinking tea and that i don't (or barely) drink soft drinks anymore, he points out a detailed list of times i've had soft drinks over the last year. i'm eating a wrap and unexpectedly i see a splotch of guacamole getting pushed out of the top like a tube of toothpaste, i lick it so it doesn't fall and i can vividly remember the taste - it was spot-on. really good guac!

      LD 1 - WILD after WBTB - after lots of HI coming close to successful WILD, finally it's sort of like an FA, in bed, can see light coming through curtain, sit up and move curtain (feel body shift into dream body). It's light out, I look around, look at body and try to transform, wake up. go back to sleep pretty quickly after that

      LD chain 2 - WILD, DEILDs, and DILDs - too many so I'll only write summaries - didn't write all of these down because after finally waking from the chain I just dove right in to the second chain
      * walking outside in area between 9 and neighbor's house, asked subconscious for music to play, got some symphonic. it came and went, but as it faded I would conduct it with my hands and it would get louder. after a bit the music changed to a medium tempo pop instrumental and I conducted it as well. I was focusing on the sight/sound/touch sensations involving the wood fence, white lattice, the foliage, grass, swingset, etc. very vivid
      * converted FA in 8 bedroom, summoning big cuddly dogs (F's grandma has a big dog so whenever we go over there like we did yesterday, I cuddle with it); in the dream they're very warm, i'm starting to feel temperature more in dreams whereas before with touch i would only feel pressure; one of my goals is to actually feel the bones inside my hands and the muscle contractions
      * something with F in 9, can't remember details now...
      * morning daylight scene, approach white service van and enter, there's a moldy (not really decomposed but with a green patina almost?) girl in the back sort of under the carpet (skin sort of the texture of the under-carpet material in floor boards) I try to move her head and her fully black eyes open, I kiss her (or do CPR?) and every time I do she blows air at me, weird weird weird wtf
      * there were a lot more (i'm getting vague impressions of more FAs and maybe one more outdoor one), they're just lost on me -- i'm giving it time and hopefully i'll catch a few more during the day

      LD chain 3 - WILD, DEILDs, and DILDs - too many so I'll only write summaries - had these after a brief wakeup and pee
      * met dream guide as pudgy girl (reminds me of an outgoing version of F's little cousin), talked to her about my thoughts and whether she was real. I didn't ask my subconscious for the dream guide, I just saw her and knew -- i asked "are you my DG?" and she said yes, we held hands and walked through a crowded mall and talked for a bit.
      * fight/murder in crack, blame - there are two men and a woman, the man and woman are fighting (they're married?) on a second-story floor with long cracks perpindicular to the hallway, so that you can see through to the first story (long fall); the second man walks up and says something to the first man that makes him jump through the crack. the woman is distraught but turns to the second man (her lover?) for comfort. at first i'm a semi-lucid observer but after this i summon my dream guide and he shows up in a doorway behind me as a tall built older man, feel his sides (like obliques) through shirt and they're warm. he says it's the only way he could get to me (like KPAX sort of - why is a soap bubble round) (when I first see him I saw other girls who looked similar but definitely different to the girl DG from before, their eyes were different)
      * red curtain in parent's bedroom and transition scene - cool technique where I was looking in a mirror and I summoned a huge red curtain and threw it sort of over and around me and wrapped myself in its suspended self to transition to the next dream, however the next dream was somehow "too small" and so it faded quickly as I couldn't get a grasp on it
      * lost a lot of these too... will keep trying to recall

      as i lay in bed trying to recall and recount these dreams, i'm perfectly still, when i finally do try to move there's heavy resistence and then a snap! and i awaken, it turns out i had been in a detailed FA the whole time, as a result I lost some of the lucids. before waking I could recall 13 lucids total. not too bummed though as I'm sure I'll have a lot tomorrow night too!
    13. NLs - September 28

      , 09-28-2018 at 04:17 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Rogan couch, cop n girl oth couch consoling, big dark office w fireplace, someone died or missing

      Hulu/animated 9 backyard, girl "going on for 4 years you would think I'm crazy" little poorly drawn show about flamingo and other bird
    14. Nonlucids - September 27

      , 09-27-2018 at 06:34 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 27 2018

      [F] Odonis - method (pencil), water?, visitation, name, shallow handshake/deep hug. Daylight, Mediterranean island southern coast (diff locations, and pencil happens indoors)

      [D] Howl's Moving Castle w F, she's my boss somehow, we have something else we're focusing on but attn keeps returning to white square/rectangular building, after a couple of times looking at it realize the orangish cone/airwick shaped chimneyes lining the top in layers are telescoping and undulating, this is significant. Daylight, see it across open field

      [F] Joke dream about kid warming up glass bowl of water and "ball of condos", parents are watching, amused, and crack jokes, kid embarassed, shift to pokemon evolution chart (one looks like a mon one is a regular object) (orange is the catalyst)
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. Weird Emotional NL - September 2018

      , 09-26-2018 at 11:13 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 26 2018

      [D] I'm on a bed in early morning daylight. F is there and urges me to leave the bed and go to a courtyard/street. It reminds me of 6 courtyard mixed with the street I drive to work everyday. The dream transitions and I'm in 9 on the couch. To the left on the treadmill is one of my cousins. He's laughing. Suddenly he's in the hallway and has a large twisted plastic lattice tucked somehow into his briefs (he's also wearing a t-shirt and socks).

      Later I'm in a bathroom with F who's trying to get something from the medicine cabinet. We're switching apartments or houses this day. The hair on my legs is 20 times longer and hangs off at the sides like a wavy beard. My dream self thinks/makes a comment about being like a Yak but F is busy and doesn't respond. In retrospect I looked like a satyr. I'm worrying about work, something related to me being adopted and I say the wrong thing.

      I'm in a sundown-lit street with F, F is mad at me for something.

      I'm drunk, running down a street along the sidewalk on the left side. I almost run into several poles and fences. There are people at several houses/front lawns which are restaurants, some people are leaning back in their chairs and heads are over the fence. I arrive at F's grandma's house. She and a lot of people my age and younger are sitting around tables under a pop up tent in her driveway. I see her and she looks mad at me, I try to appease her by offering to make some pink lemonade (there's a huge pink lemonade canister, probably a foot and a half in diameter and a foot tall, which is mostly empty and somewhat crusty [like how it gets when the powder has been opened and closed so many times and exposed to moisture for too long]). She refuses my offer and refuses to speak to me. Eventually I sit down and notice the cousin from before is on the other side of the table. Finally F's grandma confronts me about the work/adoption issue from before, and says "I thought you were moving in". I try to explain but it all comes out wrong. I understand that my cousin is jealous of my living situation/work because he lives here with F's grandma.

      This was all one long dream btw, very vivid. The running dream was interesting -- in these dreams my awareness is usually activated.
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