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    1. Oblivion or something

      by , 09-25-2010 at 12:14 PM
      Yeye, it was a long time since I remembered a dream enough to write it down.

      First there are some vague memories of playing trackmania with kim. Then I was playing (or experiencing) some other game that I think was oblivion. I was in a very dark hallway with a huge sword. Some undeads or something approached me and i had to slice them. Even though I was there myself, it did still feel as if I steered from a computer or something. For instance, I had to drag a mouse to swing the sword and it was somewhat difficult to time.

      I proceeded through some hallways and corridors that were really dark with undeads here and there. Outside it was winter and really cold and windy. It was snowing those really small snow flakes that kinda stings your face when it is windy at the same time. The surrounding was quite different now and I had no sword or such. I walked around switching on lights to make it bright because the undeads wouldn't spawn then (lol i didn't realise before, but minecraft?). The place was some kind of apartment. Suddenly simon and some other friends that I can't remember was there. When I had lit up a part we said that it was a really cosy small apartment or something. It was a living room and some bedrooms.

      I continued on to light more switches and realised that the place wasn't that small. I found a second living room with a really strange bass guitar hanging on the wall. I _think_ that I thought something like "Oh, that is a fugly bass guitar. It is only because this is a dream." or something but I didn't become lucid. I went down a basement (that I also lit up) and from there I found paths to the hospital culverts. I thought that was really cool because I have always enjoyed exploring the culverts. I saw a doctor that I followed. After a while I arrived at some kiosk thingy that were selling candy. I wanted to buy some. While standing there in queue, I took up my wallet to find two tio-kronor to pay with. I could only find one because my wallet were full of foreign money. Many were Australian, lol. I don't know where the other foreign money was from but many were really similar to tio-kronor and I never managed to find two.
    2. Post apocalyptic FPS

      by , 09-06-2010 at 12:04 AM
      I intended to write this dream down earlier but I didn't for various reasons. Now I have forgotten some parts of it.

      There was some part involving me ordering fast food at some place where their card reader were broken so I couldn't pay. Therefor they wrote down the IP addresses of all people who ordered and I was like "uhmm, what is the purpose of that? People can just give you some random number and even if they give the real IP there isn't much they can to with it to demand money".

      Then I was in some computer room or something, talking about the CSN web page that had something to do with paying for the fast food. You needed some kind of application similar to windows media player to pay for it and I was annoyed by this.


      Somehow I was now in some post apocalyptic looking city with abandoned withered buildings and empty streets. I walked near a house that was some kind of storage house with many rooms. I knew that there was a death metal concert in it. I entered and met a vampire looking guy who just stood there. It had to do with the death metal image and I wasn't sure if he was a vampire or not. In any case I showed my hands and made sure to convince him that I didn't want to fight.

      The people in this house was like a battlefront for those who still lived in the city and I joined them or something. We knew that some army of shadows or shady creatures was about to attack and I was on the roof of the warehouse. From there I could see a river passing through the town. It had two bridges leading to the evil side where the shadows lived. One of the bridges was already filled with shadowy things marching in lines towards our place. The mood became rather tense and hurried.

      After this followed a battle episode where I fought the evil stuff along with the other people. They weren't shadows anymore though. The first wave of attackers consisted of people with baseball bats lol. I had one too.

      I fought with a big one that also had a gun in one hand. I managed to disarm him and take the gun. This is followed by a part that I don't really remember. There was something about me acquiring a powerful gun that I used to destroy much (it looked kinda like an FPS game at this point so it didn't feel like I was actually fighting something for real). Then when I was low on ammo I saw some care-taker looking guy and I asked him to cheatingly refill my ammo which he did. Then the "god" of the world appeared and he looked like morgan freeman (lol bruce allmighty?) and he scolded me for trying to cheat by refilling my ammo and he turned my gun into something that could only pour out a small stream of water or something like that. My memory fades at this point.
    3. Forest, skiing and voodoo

      by , 08-24-2010 at 10:30 AM
      Me and some other randoms were in a forest place that was rather cliffy and had some kind of canyon. Some savage-ish kids appeared and started to throw rocks on us. They threw quite big ones so dodging was easy since they threw slow. I tried to throw back some fist-sized rocks but somehow I couldn't throw right in a very dream like manner.

      We started to run away instead along the canyon which was now a forest stream. I ran through it since I had rubber shoes. I stopped and saw a Physarum Polycephalum (lol) on a mossy branch and I thought "Awesome! Too bad I don't have time for this now... :/" and then I kept running.

      After a while we arrived in a place which I can't say if it was outside or inside in a large storage thingy. There was a cliff in there at least. I noticed how the surface of the cliff was loose in a huge chunk. I realised that it could be nice minerals behind it so I bent it over, exposing what was hidden behind. I found like five or six different crystal pieces.

      [Now there was a small memory loss but I think the next section still was a part of the same dream somehow]

      The place we were at was now a skiing place with tall hills you could ski down from outside. Fred was there. Somehow during a short part of this section I had a discussion with kim on irc while the other stuff happened. I don't recall about what. I was wearing skis and I went out to go down one of those hills and I think I did. Don't remember much of it though. Then we all decided that we wanted to buy some food, so we went to a food store. It was snowy outside.

      In the store I was suddenly wearing ice skates. At the checkout, the checkout girl said "Sorry, you aren't allowed to wear those in here" or something. I excused myself and she said that I had to help in the store because of it. She showed me to the shelf were they sold batteries and I was instructed to tidy it up. I said that I know how it is done because I had worked in a store before. I started to line up the batteries nicely on the shelf and removed some empty boxes. Then I saw some half-rotten fries with dressing in the corner of the shelf. I thought "wtf" and started to take pieces of it and throw it away in a garbage can. Under the fries there was salad and some burger.

      When I had dug below the fast food, there was some other stuff. I only recall that there was a red deformed potato and a piece of ginger both wrapped in plastic. I continued throwing the stuff away until I saw some human teeth below the stuff. I was disgusted by it and noticed how the teeth was stuck in some strings in a circle or something and in the middle of the circle was two voodoo dolls that someone had hid there below all that stuff.

      I was a bit creeped out by it and I didn't want to touch them. The other people who I was with poked them in the face and they were slimy. We discussed a while about them. Then strange things started to happen because they touched them. Some strange nick joined the irc and posted some threatening stuff related to the dolls. I don't know if much else strange than that happened, lol but everything had a "strange things are happening" feeling to it. Fred wanted to go home so he went to get the car (he can't drive irl). I told him I wanted to get a ride home. When following his progress on a map we could see that he got lost.

      I think I woke up at this point. It was not a nightmare, but it had a creepy feel to it.
    4. Various things

      by , 08-19-2010 at 08:48 AM
      At first I dreamed of minecraft. We had a new map on the pallkars server which we explored. You were able to view it as a map. I remember thinking that the water on the map was too spread out evenly. No huuuge oceans and no huuuge landmasses. Only randomly placed water here and there.

      After that I dreamed that me and a couple of friends had sneaked into the culverts of a hospital. There were empty corridors with branching doors here and there. Some of them were made of armoured glass and some were locked. We weren't allowed to be there and we hoped no one would find us. What we were doing there was to "fix" the place a bit. I don't remember for what reason but I for instance painted the wall so that it looked nicer (All though I had no paint so I had to use my hands by licking on my hands and stroking them over the wall so that they became wet. Then they got a darker colour, lol.).

      A while later we went up from the culverts and got into some kind of school. We were spotted by an old teacher I had back in primary school. He didn't see to care though. I don't remember really what happened then.


      I was sitting at my PC writing down the dream about the culverts into this DJ (this was still a dream). <--Very vague memories of this part

      There was something about how I was planning on taking some extra courses along with my program because the extra courses was really easy. They were about extended python programming and basic PHP.

      Then there was a part in which I was at my grandpa's place (he lives in the mountains near norway). I was lying in a bed there. I got up to go to the bathroom. First I was going to drink water from the tap in there. I thought about how cold and fresh the water always is at their place. The water was quite nasty though because there was some brown slime coming out of the tap sometimes along with the water and I drank only a little. Then I was going to use the toilet, but that didn't seem nice either since the bathroom had many windows without any cover and my grandpa was working on something just next to them, lol. I tried to cover the windows with some curtains but they were semi transparent anyway.
    5. Mini minecraft

      by , 08-18-2010 at 02:03 AM
      I just remembered that in my dream last night I was in some place that I suddenly realised consisted of minecraft blocks. There was some strange fancy 3D filter on that I didn't like.
      Tags: game, minecraft
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Damaged arm!

      by , 08-13-2010 at 12:17 PM
      Omg, this dream was really really freaky and weird!

      I don't recall the beginning of it but somehow I hurt my arm really bad. I think I almost died or something in the injury. The first things I remember is that I was in the room in which I stayed in my parents place when visiting them in Umeň. I was surrounded by a whole bunch of people I know (Simon and Kim are the ones I can recall). Somehow my friends were helping me to regenerate into perfect health. Unfortunately my arm was too damaged to be regenerated because it wasn't connected to the rest of my body with veins anymore. I had a huge chunk (approx the size as if you would have ripped it off with your hand) gone from the upper arm. Only the bones and like some centimeters on the underside was left. I needed to get blood into the lower part of the arm, otherwise I would lose it. This was done by letting a bumblebee crawl there. Somehow that gave me like a plastic pipe from the vein in the top part to the lower part which allowed blood to flow through.

      It hurt in my arm and I recall feeling faint due to the blood loss. I could barely move/lift the lower part of the arm because then it hurt in the wound.

      After some time everybody was gathered in the living room to watch spirited away. The couch was crowded by people. I still felt pain in my arm and I knew that it would take really long time if it would heal. Linus said some word in english and Kim said it back to him in swedish but he didn't hear due to the noise from the TV. That made her believe that she had pronounced it wrongly when she hadn't so I told her she'd pronounced it good.

      Plotron was suddenly there as well and sat next to me, lol (even though I have never seen him). He praised a sculpture thingy that stood on the window ledge. He said some constructive things about the construction. It was Linus who had made the sculpture and I told Plotron that. I was eating ice cream with my left hand since I had the injury on the other arm. I then dropped some on the floor and when I was trying to pick it up, I couldn't because it hurt when I tried with my damaged arm and I had the ice cream in the other. Plotron saw that I needed help and picked up the dropped ice cream and ate it, haha. XD

      Peter and some other guy said to me that it was strange that I couldn't use my right arm. They didn't really believe in my injury or that it was that bad. I decided to show them the hole and I started to pull up my sweater arm. That was a un-nice process since every time I accidentally touched the injury, it would hurt and my arm twitched a bit. The hole was now covered with a bandage or something, but there was a hole in the bandage where you could see a part of the wound. they said "damn" or something similar.

      Then I woke up and thought "omg...". I even checked my arm to make sure it was whole. xD The strangest thing about this dream is that it was sooo long! I remember having the impression that when we sat there and watched the movie, it was for a really long time. During all of this time I felt a slight pain in my arm that would get worse whenever I moved it or something. really freaky and weird dream.
    7. Haha, wtf.

      by , 08-13-2010 at 11:37 AM
      Okay, so the night before yesterday, I remembered some dreams. I didn't write it down yesterday and now it is almost entirely gone from my mind. I do have the keywords I wrote down right after awakening and they are very funny. xD First of all, considering the handwriting I think I was extremely tired upon writing them, lol.

      Some guy was evil
      Me rabbit form (I have vague images of me being half transformed into a rabbit. I could jump to the ceiling)
      Beat the guy due to starcraft? (wtf starcraft)
      Daniel move, walk with furniture (This is something daniel kinda wants to do irl as well. To move somewhere and walk there with the furniture)
      Dog challenge
      Talk with a wheel (okay, wtf. This takes the prize)
      Edi make fun of animal planet
      Tags: random
      dream fragment , non-lucid
    8. Board games and Movie night

      by , 08-07-2010 at 09:48 AM
      I was walking somewhere in some city with my board game club. We had heard of some place where you could show that you had certain board games to get rewarded with some unique candy that you couldn't get elsewhere. After a while we entered a house. It was like one of those apartment block houses as seen in umeň. Next to a door into an apartment was a scanning thing where you were supposed to scan the bar code of the board games. It was only possible to get the candy reward if you scanned a type of game that no one had scanned before. Also, the stock of the candy was not unlimited so we felt that we probably wouldn't get any candy.

      We scanned the first game which was a really common one. Despite this, it got approved! Tistou's name was shown on some electric device (spelled wrong, however.) and that meant that he should go behind the counter (yes, a counter had appeared with two girls standing behind it that was working there.). Since there was no way around the counter, he tried to climb over it but the staff complained and showed him a hole in it where he was supposed to crawl. He did.

      Next up was another game that we scanned. It also got approval and the screen showed a name. We couldn't see who's name it was because of some disturbance but we guessed it was my name so I crawled inside as well.

      In there was a kitchen with some random people in it. They showed me a nearly empty tube of chocolate sauce and a bunch of papers that was lying in the pantry. I did as I was supposed to, which was to grab a sheet of paper, tear a part from it and squeeze out some chocolate sauce onto it. Then I could lick the sauce from the paper. Apparently that was the unique candy, lol. I explored the area a bit and it had a very slacky feel to it. There were only young people there.

      Somehow I was in a couch with some random dudes in front of a tv. A movie night was upcoming. On the screen they showed a commercial from a new pirates of the caribbean film that wasn't really a sequel since it had nothing to do with the old characters or plot. I think it seemed to be lame. A discussion started on which movie to watch and I jokingly said "lord of the rings!". One guy was like "Oh, yeah, good idea!!" and pulled forth vinyl discs with all three movies in the trilogy in extended version. The other persons were like "Oh, nooo! That one takes ages to watch! damn!".

      Then I don't remember anything more.
    9. Trains and shooting

      by , 08-06-2010 at 09:00 PM
      Me and like three others (don't remember who, except Linus, my brother) were sitting on a railroad, eating various food. As if it was a picnic or something. Suddenly I saw that a train approached fast. I yelled to the others and threw myself of the rails. I remember that I considered grabbing some of the others and throw them off while jumping myself but I didn't do it because there wasn't time for it. It was really chaotic when the train passed by and I worried that someone was hurt. Especially Linus who was in the worst position for getting away.

      It turned out that everybody made it without injuries. Shortly after, another train passed by. We saw random people here and there. Suddenly the police arrived and were shooting at some bad guys that respawned after dying. The police was now on some higher altitude platform. I climbed up to them to be safe. I first thought that they were going to shoot me as well, but I raised my hand to indicate that I had no weapons.

      The police gave me some gear. It was some vest along with weapons. I was expected to fight back the bad guys. I knew that the next wave was coming in like 10 seconds but I hadn't figured out how to use the weapons and stuff. They arrived when I was not ready at all, so I circled around some container, avoiding the thugs. The thugs were now people from my class and it all was some kind of paintball-ish game or something. I figured out that I had to pull a thing on the weapon and then I could shoot. Then I think I went around a bit and shot at my classmates but I don't really remember.
    10. Event at summer house

      by , 08-03-2010 at 11:24 AM
      Recently my sleeping pattern has changed for some reason. Before, I was never tired before 3 am and I would often not get tired until as late as 5 or 6. When I slept I often woke up after a dream, letting me write it down to remember it. This could happen several times a night. Now however I get tired at 11 or 12 pm and I get to sleep about 1-2 hours later. I don't wake up after dreams anymore but the last three or four days I have been waking up at ~9 am, remembering dreams but too lazy to get up or write them down. Then I fall asleep again after quite a long time. About one or two hours after this I get up.

      Last nights dream:
      I was bathing in nydala with some friends. I can't really recall how many we were but Fred was there at least. Suddenly, Kim showed up, lol. I don't know how she appeared. We all got surprised and asked her to join us for some event that was being held at my family's summer house. We swam there and we talked about a swimming technique that consisted of lying on the back while wriggling like a snake kinda. xD It was extremely fast but you could easily lose control and be forced below the surface. We all tried to use it and eventually we got to the summerhouse.

      The event was some kind of gathering of random people that did planned stuff. Like some arranged party or something. Most of the people were foreigners. Kim proposed that we all should play some ball game, then she said something to a random dude in fluent german, lol. Everybody (maybe 15 people) lined up for the game in two separate rows facing each other. I think the goal of the game was to throw the ball to each other i between the rows or something.

      Before the game started, a arabic looking man came out from the summer house. He was the chef and requested that three volunteers would go and help him prepare the dinner. No one seemed keen to do it because everyone wanted to play the ball game. Then he decided that he should pick three randomly. I knew before that he was going to pick me and I felt a bit disappointed because of it. He did indeed pick me and I went with him to the front porch along with two other randoms that also were unlucky.

      We sat down around a table for four people and started to eat dinner (what happened with preparing it? xD). I remember that my friends were all seated at other tables and I wanted to join them, but I was not allowed to. Instead I spoke a bit with the chef guy who looked arabic. The only thing I remember from the conversation is that I asked him what country he came from. Apparently he came from the country "hentai", lol. I recall that I noticed that he expected me to laugh or something, but I didn't because I knew that hentai was also a country and the guy was somewhat impressed that I knew that.
    11. Bears in the forest

      by , 07-31-2010 at 11:47 AM
      I don't remember as much from this dream now as I did when I woke up after it.

      I was in some kind of forest with a house. I think it was some kind of public house because there were all kinds of random people there. I have forgot the details on what it was about. :/ Suddenly when I was outside I saw two bears that were approaching the house. I have vague memories of how I was in a vehicle or something trying to lure the bears away from the house. It gets too foggy after this.
    12. Short dream fragment

      by , 07-30-2010 at 11:57 AM
      It has been a while since I wrote here due to some friends visiting.

      Last night I had a dream that involved minecraft. I think I was in a minecraft world. I remember seeing some monument that made me think something like "wow, I remember that one! That one is really ancient from before we updated the server! AWesoem, I must conserve it". Then I don't remember much more other than that I was in a dark place with an old classmate that was acting strange. He seemed evil and tried to make me follow him. I suspected that he was going to kill me so I started to run. I think he ran after me but I am not sure.
    13. Thugs in nydala

      by , 07-16-2010 at 03:00 PM
      I was on the gravel road outside of our summer house and some other guys was there as well. We had some kind of fireworks that was like small round balls that flew up in the air, staying there for a while as static glowing balls exploding after a while. When we had fired up like 10 of them we noticed that birds thought that they were food and tried to eat them. I was like "omg, they have them in their mouth! They are going to explode" so I tried to scare the birds away. However at the same time I kinda wanted it to happen because it would be a typical "fun" thing you would see on the internet or something, lol. xD

      There was some extreme cobweb on the trees to the right of the driveway in to the house. It was like a giant sheet that hanged from the branches down to the ground. Jimmy set it on fire because he didn't like it but I quickly extinguished it because of the risk that it would develop into a huge fire. Instead I was going to rip the web down. Somehow it got stuck in the roof of my mouth! D: I tried to rip it out but only got out a small bit at a time and I forced myself to not get the throw-up-feeling. I managed to get it out eventually.

      I was on the other side of the yard and I saw that my dad got visited by some thugs that looked dangerous and had guns. He walked with them to our summerhouse. This even somehow happened like several days in a row or something. Without the time actually progressing. Each time the thugs took stuff. The reason for this was that my dad was in a really bad debt and needed to repay it. I remember feeling quite upset by it since they seemed dangerous, but dad seemed content with the situation so I let it go.
    14. Minotaur army and random stuff

      by , 07-15-2010 at 03:20 AM
      Writing this down now more than 12 hours after I woke up so I might have lost some details.

      It started out with me and some friends in some house. We were making dinner. I was cutting cucumbers and salad and I noticed that the cucumbers got bad really fast. They became all soft and squishy while I was cutting them.

      At the same time there was like a party night or something outside and there were drunk people everywhere. After a while they started to invade our house for some reason xD. They were exactly like zombies. I fled to the attic of the house in which there was a ladder going up through a square hole in the roof. I knew that that was a special hole that let to another world and I climbed up.

      It became somewhat like a game. Me and some others were collecting items at a beach and the other people was nice. This part is really blurry but somehow I ended up being chased by some hunters tribe. They chased me to a house that was fugly. It was like 0.5*2 meters wide and broad while it was maybe 20 meters high. Imagine the shape you would get if you stacked like 1000 mattresses on each other. It had a rope on the outer wall hanging from the roof and I climbed it all the way up. Then I clinged to the roof while the tribe threw rocks at me. The rocks somehow caused the house to sway back and forth in wide slow movements as if it was made of something soft. It swayed so much that they could almost reach me in the extreme positions.

      I knew that a minotaur army was approaching the land. I took the opportunity to sneak away from the house to the place where the minotaurs flooded forth. They rushed along some castle wall and I lured them to the same place as the tribe to make the minotaurs attack the tribe (all of this I didn't really do physically. It was more like that I thought it and it made it happen while I was watching kinda). After this action I knew that people thought I died when I disappeared from the roof. I went to the beach and someone who looked like gandalf was there lol.
    15. Thunderstorm

      by , 07-12-2010 at 05:07 PM
      I was in the kitchen at my parents place. It was day and raining outside. Gradually the rain went over to be a thunderstorm. It wasn't very powerful at all though. After a while I think it subsided some and the clouds were pretty white.

      Suddenly I noticed two tornadoes that had formed. They were much darker than the rest of the sky. I got excited and decided to photograph it fast! I ran to my jacket and pulled out my cam from a pocket and hurried back to the window. They had decreased some, but there was still time to photo it. Much to my dismay I realised that I had my mums cam! Unacceptable! I ran back to my jacket (who walks around with several cameras in a jacket?), pulled out my own camera and rushed back. The tornadoes was over... xD I got disappointed. Left on the sky was only smoke that looked like tornadoes. The smoke came from peoples houses that were burning for some reason.

      Kim and Tistou appeared in the kitchen somehow and I told them about the tornadoes. Then we just random talked, I cannot recall about what. :/ I do recall though that Kim said some swedish phrases without any apparent accent, lol.


      I had another dream as well and it is very possible that that one passed over into this one. I don't remember much but it was something about me being at konsum (a food store) with some friends. I think Tistou was there. We were going to eat sushi. Somehow my old japanese teacher from gymnasium was dragged into it and she was there with some kids that was hers. We all was going to go home to her and make sushi because that was much cheaper than going to a restaurant.

      I don't know how this transcended into the thunderstorm dream, but I just have a feeling that it did.
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