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    #5, Jewel Power Pt. 2

    by , 06-30-2010 at 02:30 PM (684 Views)

    Jewel Power Pt. 2 (Non-lucid)


    "Unwanted" came in between Pt. 1 and Pt. 2, so that's why it is a Pt. 1 and Pt. 2. This was set straight after Pt. 1.

    As the Diamond shattered, I saw a bright green light coming from the side of the oval. I checked it out, and saw that the Emerald was intact. I took it and was going to take it back, but I strong gust of wind picked it up and it was floating in a small whirlwind and flew away.

    Some of my friends came home with me, but when we returned we saw a humanoid spirit in my backyard, she was really attractive...and angry. We wondered who she was and she yelled at me, "You're the one who tried to steal me before!" I was shocked and asked if she was Emerald, she was, I hadn't seen her spirit form, i'd been talking to her through the Emerald itself, while she was still in it. I was confused at her not recognising me, but she suddenly sent two other spirits after me and my friends, they were humanoid.

    One was wearing a red jacket, wielding a large mace. The other was wearing a slim blue suit, wielding knives. They said their names were Garnet and Azurite, and that they had evolved. They were apparently friends with Emerald, so they were standing up for her because she thought I tried to steal her. Garnet and Azurite were a lot more powerful than what they were when they were dragon-like, Garnet still attacked like a savage, but he could send a shockwave in earth with his mace. Azurite attacked the same way too, except for space manipulation, he could make portals and send a sort of invisible space pulse out of his hand. We defeated them...somehow...it's a blank.

    She then sent out Onyx, who was an unevolved dragon spirit, but far more powerful than the others. He charged towards us and attempted to ram us but I shot a flamethrower out of my hand, which held him back for a short while, I still had the Fire Opal. Next time he tried to charge, I jumped on him and rode him, pressing my hand to his neck, shooting fire that close. The space around my hand was glowing with fire, Onyx was roaring, going completely crazy and threw me off near the fence. I saw an Amethyst on the fence and used it when the dragon charged, everything within about 5 metres of me froze...including me, but I melted it with my Fire Opal.

    We tried get Emerald, but there was strong winds and flowers blooming, Emerald could control Nature, makes sense how the Emerald disappeared when I got it. The wind shot some of the flowers up in the air and they came crashing down, spinning like razor discs. I avoided them but they sliced my backyard up into bits, as well as shattering Onyx. She used her power over wind to send tonnes of debris like parts of building and tree branches toward us, which really dream hurt. It knocked me on the ground and I saw more Razor Flowers heading down and I rolled out of the way, my friends were attacking Emerald during me nearly being sliced to bits, but she was completely unaffected. I forget what happened next but Emerald suddenly came to remember me and everyone was happy. I hate when I can't remember anything.

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    1. lucidreamsavy's Avatar
      Awesome jewel dreams! It sounds like you had so fun! I wish my dreams were fantasy-ish . My dreams are odd and random!
    2. Zezarict's Avatar