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    1. #6, Hangin' On

      by , 07-05-2010 at 04:26 AM

      Hangin' On (DILD)


      The start of this dream is a bit fuzzy, I know that something was happening, but, I don't exactly know what.

      Dream fuzziness, I remember a girl who I befriended at my house but that's it, I was thinking about how wierd this is, and the opposite thing of what ormally happens happened. Instead of my mind distracting me into thinking everything is real, whe I opened my door, the girl I befriended was bleeding out on my bed...I just thought, yep, this is a dream. She was screaming out "MA***, HELP ME!!!" Being the gentleman that I am, I waved my arm over her and she was completely fine, she hugged me, then I went outside my front yard.

      I often end up outside my house when thinking of what to do when a ute with a tailgate came by, it was speeding by really fast and I thought I might try jump over it, but it stopped and tried to get out of my way. I followed it and then i'm pretty much chasing it around for a bit, it keeps avoiding me but then I eventually jump, miss, and grab the tailgate.

      The ute starts speeding really fast, i'm struggling to stay on, the speed it was going was completely lifting me off the ground. As it's speeds along I try to pull myself onto the back of the ute, I make it so my hands stick to what they touch, I pulled myself up one bit and i'm a bit further along. I continued to struggle with this as the ute got faster, but I eventually got on the back, I stood up and grabbed onto the top of the ute. I see everything speeding by, it looks exactly like my town. I'm about to see if I can get on top of the actual vehecle part of the ute, but I first looked ahead to see if he was turning, he wasn't, so I clmbed on top and sat down, watching everything, but then he suddenly stopped later on and I went flying off, skidding along the ground, but it didn't hurt. I was at school...
      lucid , memorable
    2. #3, Jewel Power Pt. 1

      by , 06-30-2010 at 02:25 PM

      Jewel Power Pt. 1 (Non-lucid)


      This dream is kinda fuzzy, i'll explain it the best I can.

      I had a friend, she appeared to be the spirit of a jewel or something. In this dream jewels had spirits in them, all with special powers, the gem AND the spirit had power.

      One day, I couldn't find her, but when I was at the oval in school, I saw a shattered Emerald, it was her. I got really angry and looked across the oval to see some spirits that looked like flightless dragons. A red garnet spirit dragon which was a savage attacker. A blue Azurite dragon, with swift movements, and more planned attacks. They were being lead by someone who was apparently a humanoid Diamond spirit, and that diamonds have the power of control.

      I was angry with them and attacked, some of my friends helped too. We didn't have any special gem powers, but we seemed to be physically superior to normal humans. Garnet was attacking my friends, but they seemed fine, but while I was distracted, Azurite came from behind and just barely missed me as I ducked. It skidded across the ground and lunged again, but I avoided it and jumped on it's back, I was leading it to attack Diamond, but the Garnet intervened. My friends said that they would hold Garnet off. I made Azurite attack Diamond, crunching him, but he escaped, I saw a Fire Opal on it's leash.
      I would at this point like to point out that I know some things about jewels. I grabbed it, jumped off the dragon and opened my hand with the fire opal in it as fire came out of my hand, incinerating Diamond. I saw a small white rift in front of me, in which, a cracked Diamond came out, which then shattered. The dragons backed off my friends and returned to whatever it is that they were doing.

      non-lucid , memorable
    3. #1, True Clarity

      by , 06-25-2010 at 07:19 AM

      True Clarity (Non-lucid)


      This is the best lucid that i've ever had, I knew completely, always that I was dreaming, and could close my eyes without waking up. It was so long that I can't remember even half the things I did and the things I did do were things I had never been able to do before.

      This was one of those dreams where it just suddenly came to me for no reason that I was dreaming. Before I was lucid, there was some giant dragon-like monster rampaging around the city, so, as I test I went to see if I could stop it. I went over to it and it flew towards me, getting ready to breathe lightning at me while I thought, "you don't want to hurt me." It suddenly stopped and flew away, but I thought that would be too easy, so I made it come back and it chased after me. I started flying freely through the buildings and around cars while avoiding lightningn breath. It followed me into a cave that started to go completely up and I suddenly lost my ability to fly and I jumped of the cave walls, shortly after, realising that I couldn't run anymore, I just decided to fall. I was, at this time, thinking about how this would likely wake me, but I didn't let it worry me. I opened my eyes after falling for a few seconds and saw the dragon turning around, it was about to bite me when I twisted and grabbed the dragon's neck and rode it. AWESOMENESS!!! I was on the dragon and jumped off, I fell all the way down and landed outside a 7-11. Hehe, I love slurpees. I just walked inside and took a look around and worked my way over to the slurpee machine. I got an X-tra Large and went over to the counter and just pulled some money out of my pocket and gave it too the clerk. I walked outside and just walked into someone's house, they told me to get out, but I walked up the wall and sat on the roof, enjoying my slurpee...when it suddenly gave into gravity and fell. ...I can't believe it...seriously... I just said bye to the people and somehow ended up in my house in front of my mirror. I looked completely normal, but I was messing around with the colour and shape of my eyes, it was cool, and wierd. I then tried to rip a portal to lead somewhere, it didn't work so I looked at my nails and they started growing and getting sharper, I then slashed a hole in space and went though. It lead to my class, with everyone in it. How wierd... I talked to some of my friends for a bit, seeing how they would act, they acted the exact same, but there was this girl I didn't know begging me for sex. ... I did a nose pinch RC just too make sure I was dreaming because it's possible to not to be sure after a while. Not sure what else happened.

      Longest lucid dream ever, most awesome lucid dream ever, most vivid lucid dream ever. I still didn't remember even half of what I did. The realism of this was also awesome.
      lucid , memorable