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    Thread: Incredibly Real Chat News

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      Incredibly Real Chat News

      Wanna stay up to date in all DV Chat happenings? Then you need I.R.C News! Updated daily with all the hard hitting stories, who chatted with who, acronyms, MLEM, reappearances from MIA members, cute cat pics, goofs and gaffes, jests and japes, and much much more! It's such a good deal we're practically giving it away for free... heck we are giving it away for free! Hurry and subscribe now so you never miss a post!

      But wait, there's more! Don't just read about fun, experience it with us on the DreamViews Chat!

      In every age, in every place, the deeds of man remain the same
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      IRC News Flash

      Miau had a dream.
      [12:39] <Miau> another dream I had

      DON'T click THAT
      If you don't want the whole forum to be marked as "read", don't click the "Mark forum as read" button on the bottom of a main page. THERE IS NO UNDO button.

      Is gab really the Jesus?
      [12:50] <Miau> WAIT
      [12:50] <Miau> GAB IS JESUS?!

      [08:20] <mooseantlers> omg spacecowboydave!

      What does AlexaMtz recommends in case of End of the World?
      [11:29] <AlexaMtz> get a submarine too
      [11:29] <Miau> ikr
      [11:30] <AlexaMtz> in case of tsunami

      More at 6pm.

      Or come and see for yourself.

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      ParadoxOwl quit IRC for the evening, but he refuses to quit coming for dat booty.

      [17:20] == ParadoxOwl [[email protected]] has quit [Quit: Swiggity Swooty, I'm coming for dat booty]

      Hide your daughters!!
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      Recapping some memorable moments from days I got backed up on. Watch out not to get crushed by the wall of text


      spellbee2 was a model student and employee, chatting with us while in class and on the clock.

      Jan 19 11:16:21 * spellbee2 ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 19 11:16:36 <Mismagius> Hey, welcome back spellbee2
      Jan 19 11:16:45 <spellbee2> thanks, Mismagius
      Jan 19 11:17:49 <spellbee2> you know how i said earlier that i was a good student
      Jan 19 11:17:54 <spellbee2> because i was on irc in class?
      Jan 19 11:17:59 <spellbee2> well now i'm a good employee
      Jan 19 11:18:04 <Mismagius> Looop
      Jan 19 11:18:08 <Mismagius> *l
      Jan 19 11:18:09 <spellbee2> because i'm on irc at work
      Jan 19 11:18:29 <Mismagius> Good job ^^

      Many MIA members came back to the light that is DV and DV Chat. Among them, AlexaMtz, Fly by night, mooseantlers, Joesph, and AstralMango!

      First time join from new member Gusto

      Jan 19 14:02:25 * Gusto ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 19 14:03:30 <spellbee2> Hey Gusto
      Jan 19 14:03:43 <Gusto> hi
      Jan 19 14:03:49 <Mismagius^> Hi Gusto
      Jan 19 14:04:00 <Mismagius^> Welcome to the DreamViews Chat
      Jan 19 14:04:28 <Gusto> Yes, it's the first time I'm connected here
      Jan 19 14:04:40 <Mismagius^> Awesome ^^
      Jan 19 14:04:55 <Mismagius^> If you don't mind my asking, how'd you find the chat?
      Jan 19 14:05:19 <Gusto> And I joinned DV few days ago... I did 1 lucid dream accidentaly 2 years ago

      And a nice surprise visit from DoubleHelix and Fryingman.

      Thanks to PKJacker's phone, he's a senior in goofball

      Jan 19 21:42:58 <KestrelKat> what grade are you in?
      Jan 19 21:43:02 <PKJacker> But I wouldn't have gotten a high score on the ap exam anyway
      Jan 19 21:43:09 <PKJacker> senior in goofball
      Jan 19 21:43:15 <PKJacker> thanks phone
      Jan 19 21:43:18 <KestrelKat> lol hahaha
      Jan 19 21:43:22 <PKJacker> highschool
      Jan 19 21:43:30 <KestrelKat> that was a great autocorrect
      Jan 19 21:43:35 <PKJacker> Yea
      Jan 19 21:43:42 <KestrelKat> I took calc 1 in highschool too
      Jan 19 21:43:45 <KestrelKat> ** senior year
      Jan 19 21:44:04 <OpheliaBlue> hahahaha goofball
      Jan 19 21:44:09 <OpheliaBlue> that was seriously great
      Jan 19 21:44:11 <KestrelKat> I had an amazng teacher, so I got a 5 on the AP test :O
      Jan 19 21:44:13 <OpheliaBlue> I thought you meant it on purpose
      Jan 19 21:44:21 <PKJacker> Nice and nope lol
      Jan 19 21:45:16 <OpheliaBlue> so happy you're about to graduate from goofball, PKJacker

      and then everybody became goofballs:

      Jan 19 21:45:43 * PKJacker is now known as GoofBallJacker
      Jan 19 21:46:03 * orationem^ is now known as GoofBalltionem^
      Jan 19 21:46:15 * KestrelKat is now known as GoofBallKat
      Jan 19 21:46:45 * OpheliaBlue is now known as GoofBallBlue
      Jan 19 21:48:46 * anderj101 is now known as GoofBall101

      energydream showed somewhat signs of life by pinging out.

      Jan 19 15:32:20 * energydream has quit (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      Jan 19 15:37:11 * energydream ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 19 15:40:05 * energydream has quit (Quit: Leaving)
      Jan 19 15:49:42 * energydream ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 19 15:59:23 * energydream has quit (Ping timeout: 90 seconds)
      Jan 19 16:09:38 * energydream ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 19 16:09:55 <anderj101> wb energydream
      Jan 19 16:10:25 <Claritas> wb


      Serinath has made his return to DV and Chat, one of the original members from 2003! He to was being a model employee like spellbee2

      Jan 20 01:28:42 * Serinanth ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 20 01:29:52 * emily2119 ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 20 01:32:54 <Mismagius> Hi Serinanth and emily2119
      Jan 20 01:32:56 <Mismagius>
      Jan 20 01:33:27 <Serinanth> Mornins
      Jan 20 01:34:02 <Mismagius> Wow, welcome back to DV Serinanth!
      Jan 20 01:35:04 <Serinanth> Yeah, I havent been around in quite a while, figured I would look around =)
      Jan 20 01:35:45 <Mismagius> Awesome
      Jan 20 01:37:26 <Mismagius> !cider Serinanth
      Jan 20 01:37:27 <BaconBot> Mismagius hands Serinanth a glass of sparkling cider.

      Later TehDalek returned to us as well.

      Talk of the movie Jumpin' Jack Flash brought up the old phrase "It's a gas" which SpaceCowboyDave would like to see make a come back.

      Jan 20 22:19:23 <SpaceCowboyDave^> "it's a gas" should come back
      Jan 20 22:19:26 <OpheliaBlue> good job Dave
      Jan 20 22:19:27 <SpaceCowboyDave^> as an expression
      Jan 20 22:19:30 <SpaceCowboyDave^> I'm going to bring that back

      and then everybody had gas... in their usernames.

      Jan 20 22:20:00 * SpaceCowboyDave^ is now known as DaveHasGas
      Jan 20 22:20:57 * PKJacker^ is now known as PKJackerHasGasToo^
      Jan 20 22:21:37 * AURON is now known as AURONhasGAS
      Jan 20 22:22:07 * Mismagius^^ is now known as PrinceOfGas^^


      Phased came back to DV after an absence. NeoNoez returned to chat as well after being gone for quite a while. And ricky25 joined irc for the first time

      Jan 21 00:02:29 * Phased ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 21 00:02:38 <Phased> G'day DV
      Jan 21 00:02:45 <PrinceOfGas^^> Hey Phased
      Jan 21 00:02:52 <PrinceOfGas^^>
      Jan 21 00:03:04 <PrinceOfGas^^> Great to see you again

      and then spellbee2's dream came true.

      Jan 21 00:14:20 * spellbee2^ is now known as mlembee2^
      Jan 21 00:14:30 <mlembee2^> YAY
      Jan 21 00:14:40 <mlembee2^> it's what i've wanted all along
      Jan 21 00:14:43 <orationem> haha
      Jan 21 00:14:47 <orationem> mlembee
      Jan 21 00:15:01 <PrinceOfGas^^> Nice!
      Jan 21 00:15:26 * orationem is now known as oratiomlem
      Jan 21 00:15:41 <oratiomlem> !confetti
      Jan 21 00:15:41 <BaconBot> oratiomlem throws confetti.
      Jan 21 00:15:59 <OpheliaBlue> heya TehDalek !
      Jan 21 00:16:04 <TehDalek> OHai Der
      Jan 21 00:16:07 <TehDalek> Beeen a while
      Jan 21 00:16:23 * TehDalek is now known as TehMlem
      Jan 21 00:17:25 <TehMlem> wat
      Jan 21 00:17:26 <PrinceOfGas^^> Awesome mlems for all
      Jan 21 00:17:30 <PrinceOfGas^^> !mlem
      Jan 21 00:17:30 <BaconBot> http://www.xjimx.com/mlem/mlem-puppy1.gif

      Unfortunately, Mismagius did not become PrinceofMlem


      Due to some confusion over what an RA is relating to college, there was fun with a new acronym type game.

      Spoiler for Lots of RAs:

      So everyone became RAs.

      Jan 23 15:24:57 * spellbee2 is now known as RAbee2
      Jan 23 15:24:58 * MrPriority is now known as MrRA
      Jan 23 15:25:35 * orationem is now known as oRAtionem
      Jan 23 15:25:52 * You are now known as MissRA

      And then Miau challenged Mismagius to make an acronym out of felincetonuria. Mismagius loves making long acronyms

      MrPriority beat Mismagius to it first.

      Jan 23 16:31:36 <MrRA> Fortunately, estimates like infant neurosis charts effortly tease on nourishing urinal retainability in adulthood

      Jan 23 16:35:28 <Mismagius^^> For Eight Lifetimes I've Never Considered Even This. Our Nation Usurping Righteous Imperial Antiquities

      Jan 23 16:41:09 <Mismagius^^> Fearing Everything, Life Intercepts Nothing. Counting Everything, Taking Only, Not Uttering Remorse. It's Awful

      Jan 23 16:47:56 <RAbee2> Finally, Elephants Live In Natural Coexistence Entirely Triumphantly, Only Now Uruguay Really Is Applicable

      Jan 23 16:51:04 <Mismagius> Felicity, Expecting Love Instantly Never Comes Effortlessly True. Oftentimes Not Ushering Real Incredible Affections

      Jan 23 16:55:19 <Mismagius> Fire Everywhere, Like I Never Could've Expected. This Occurred Now Undet Richard's Insipid Affirmations
      Jan 23 16:55:28 <MissRA> *under
      Jan 23 16:55:47 <RAbee2> dang it, richard, get your crap together

      Jan 23 16:55:54 <RAbee2> you know why i like long acronyms?
      Jan 23 16:56:03 <RAbee2> because it allows us to Freely Express Long, Interesting Nomenclatures, Cunningly Exhibiting True, Overwhelmingly Numinous Utterances, Rarely Iterating Anomalies

      Jan 23 17:00:21 <MrRA> Fishermen Endlessly Live In Neutrious Caves, Eternally Tarnished Over Uniscent Roaches Iterating Abundandly
      Last edited by Mismagius; 01-24-2015 at 05:19 PM.
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      In every age, in every place, the deeds of man remain the same
      WICKED is good

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      Anju made a rare visit to IRC in search of ParadoxOwl whom hadn't been online yet.

      Jan 24 09:46:18 * anju ([email protected]) has joined

      Orationem was disconnected, which is unusual for her. She reappeared and explained a storm had knocked out the internet.

      Jan 24 09:57:12 * orationem ([email protected]) has joined
      Jan 24 09:57:16 <MissRA> Hey orationem!
      Jan 24 09:57:22 <MissRA> Was wondering where you were
      Jan 24 09:58:44 <anju> orationem
      Jan 24 09:58:54 <anju> hello
      Jan 24 09:59:34 <MissRA> Hm, she must be afk
      Jan 24 10:00:41 <orationem> hey
      Jan 24 10:00:51 <MissRA> !coffee orationem
      Jan 24 10:00:52 <BaconBot> MissRA hands orationem a cup coffee.
      Jan 24 10:00:55 <orationem> internet died on me
      Jan 24 10:00:59 <MissRA> Good morning
      Jan 24 10:01:08 <orationem> how goes?
      Jan 24 10:01:11 <MissRA> Ah I see, thought it was strange you were disconnected, haha
      Jan 24 10:01:18 <MissRA> I'm good, you?
      Jan 24 10:01:43 <orationem> yeah, stormy here. that kills the internet completely sometimes

      ParadoxOwl returned at the start of noon.

      Jan 24 11:54:33 * ParadoxOwl ([email protected]) has joined

      Jan 24 12:27:19 <Miau> i got disconnected D:
      Jan 24 12:27:48 <ParadoxOwl> i did too, FOR A DAY N A HALF

      Baconbot went offline for some R&R.

      Jan 24 14:06:48 * BaconBot has quit (Quit: going offline - replacing core switch)

      First time join from new member WhondFreak.

      Jan 24 14:44:21 * WhondFreak ([email protected]) has joined

      Mention of the game CSGO sparked a round of the acronym game, naturally WhonFreak was a little confused as to what was happening but after an explanation he joined in on the fun, making some good acronyms!

      Jan 24 16:20:17 <WhondFreak> So anyone play Csgo here ?
      Jan 24 16:20:30 <Mismagius> Nope
      Jan 24 16:20:40 <Mismagius> Looks fun though
      Jan 24 16:21:16 <spellbee2> Cranky Seniors Getting Ornery?

      Jan 24 16:22:47 <Mismagius> Cute Sharks Giving Opinions

      Jan 24 16:23:02 <spellbee2> Creativity Sounds Grossly Overrated

      Jan 24 16:24:15 <Mismagius> Can't See Garry Operating
      Jan 24 16:24:46 <Mismagius> Couldn't Someone Get Oprah?

      Jan 24 16:24:46 <spellbee2> Clumsy Salamanders Gingerly Operate

      Jan 24 16:25:17 <WhondFreak> Could've Seen girl commin
      Jan 24 16:26:00 <spellbee2> Carl Says "Get Off!"

      Jan 24 16:26:16 <WhondFreak> Ceasers Seet got cold

      Jan 24 16:27:15 <Mismagius> Companies Seek Giant Offices

      Jan 24 16:29:41 <spellbee2> Can Steve Grow Oleanders?
      Jan 24 16:32:12 <WhondFreak> Cissy Spellbee got out !

      Jan 24 16:32:42 <spellbee2> Can't Stand Growing Old...

      Jan 24 16:33:41 <Mismagius> Clicking Some Google Option
      Jan 24 16:35:18 <WhondFreak> Coca-Cola Seen Gurgling Ooze
      Jan 24 16:35:28 <Mismagius> Can Safety Go Over?

      Jan 24 16:36:22 <Mismagius> Certain Situations Grow Old

      Jan 24 16:37:05 <spellbee2> "Chocolate?" Suzie Graciously Offered

      Jan 24 16:38:53 <Mismagius> Computing Some Gargantuan Operators

      Jan 24 16:39:28 <WhondFreak> Central Station Got Overrun

      Jan 24 16:40:18 <Mismagius> Creepy Spiders Generally Offend

      Jan 24 16:43:33 <spellbee2> Camp Samihana Gets Overhauled

      Jan 24 16:44:33 <WhondFreak> Cloud's says Get Ownd !

      Jan 24 16:49:08 <WhondFreak> Cya Seniors Going Out

      Jan 24 16:50:19 <Mismagius> Creating Something Good, Okay?

      Jan 24 16:51:16 <spellbee2> Common Sense Gets Old
      Jan 24 16:51:16 <Mismagius> Currently Seeking Good Opportunities

      Jan 24 16:54:54 <WhondFreak> Cya Scrub, Geniuses Only

      DreamBot wouldn't allow Miau to kiss or hug herself, much to Miau's displeasure.

      Jan 24 17:50:57 <Miau> !kiss Miau
      Jan 24 17:50:57 * DreamBot sees: Miau, we know you love yourself.
      Jan 24 17:51:00 <Miau> god dammit
      Jan 24 17:51:05 <anderj101> Hiya
      Jan 24 17:51:12 <Miau> WHY CAN'T I KISS MYSELF
      Jan 24 17:51:17 <Miau> !hug Miau
      Jan 24 17:51:17 <Mismagius> Loool
      Jan 24 17:51:20 * DreamBot sees: Miau, we know you love yourself.
      Jan 24 17:51:20 <Miau> T_T

      ParadoxOwl did the unspeakable, leaving without notice.

      Jan 24 18:09:40 * ParadoxOwl^ has quit (Quit: Swiggity Swooty, I'm coming for dat booty)
      Jan 24 18:11:23 <Mismagius> No goodbye? No good night? No nothin'?
      Jan 24 18:11:30 <OpheliaBlue> da bastud
      Jan 24 18:11:54 <Mismagius> If baconbot was here I'd flogg him

      Nobody knows what "busses" has to do with kissing... weird DreamBot.

      Jan 24 17:53:52 <Miau> !kiss
      Jan 24 17:53:52 * DreamBot busses Miau
      Jan 24 17:53:59 <Miau> busses
      Jan 24 17:54:00 <Miau> ?
      Jan 24 17:54:18 <orationem^> lol
      Jan 24 17:54:50 * orationem^ should probably eat
      Jan 24 17:54:51 <Miau> no like
      Jan 24 17:54:54 <Miau> what does it mean

      Jan 24 17:55:15 <orationem^> kisses?

      Jan 24 18:00:04 <anderj101> I don't get what "busses" has to do with kissing...
      Jan 24 18:00:24 <Mismagius> Bus boy/girl?
      Jan 24 18:00:54 <anderj101> 1.a large motor vehicle, having a long body, equipped with seats or benches for passengers, usually operating as part of a scheduled service; omnibus.
      Jan 24 18:01:13 <anderj101> 5. a low, movable filing cabinet.
      Jan 24 18:01:29 <Mismagius> Lol
      Jan 24 18:01:34 <anderj101> 11. throw under the bus.
      Jan 24 18:01:39 <anderj101> ?!
      Jan 24 18:01:51 <Mismagius> Haha
      Jan 24 18:02:10 <anderj101> Not a single definition on the Internet which relates to a kiss.
      Jan 24 18:02:38 * anderj101 slaps DreamBot firmly with a studded leather belt.

      Due to a bad hard drive, there was more Fun with Acronyms.

      Jan 24 17:54:55 <anderj101> BaconBot will be offline a bit longer. RAID is rebuilding because bad hard drive.

      Jan 24 17:55:18 <Mismagius> Really Awesome Internal Devices

      Jan 24 17:56:14 <Mismagius> Running Away In Defense

      Jan 24 17:56:34 <anderj101> Really? Another Inoperable Disk?

      Due to flu/allergies there was some rather gross talk of snot... which resulted in everyone becoming snotty

      Jan 24 18:21:06 * spellbee2 is now known as beesnot
      Jan 24 18:21:16 * MrPriority is now known as MrSnots
      Jan 24 18:21:27 <beesnot> aw, come on...
      Jan 24 18:21:28 * OpheliaBlue is now known as SnottyBlue
      Jan 24 18:21:35 * anderj101 is now known as snottyj101
      Jan 24 18:21:53 <MrSnots> Woo one big happy snot family
      Jan 24 18:21:59 * Mismagius is now known as MissMcSnottyPants
      Jan 24 18:24:07 * NeoNoez is now known as SnotNoez

      What would coolb3rt be snotified?

      Jan 24 18:25:25 <Coolb3rt> what would I be snotbert
      Jan 24 18:25:27 <Coolb3rt> coolsnot
      Jan 24 18:25:27 <SnottyBlue> lol
      Jan 24 18:25:28 <Coolb3rt> lol
      Jan 24 18:25:33 <SnottyBlue> coolsNOT
      Jan 24 18:25:34 <Coolb3rt> not cool
      Jan 24 18:25:35 <Coolb3rt>
      Jan 24 18:25:39 <SnottyBlue> kiddingggggggggggggg
      Jan 24 18:25:49 <Coolb3rt> huh

      More acronym fun, this was an intense one! Yes more, it's that fun!

      Jan 24 18:48:13 <MissMcSnottyPants> Jonathan Didn't Ascend Sovereignty Dastardly. He Knew A Secret Formula
      Jan 24 18:51:00 <Miau> what
      Jan 24 18:51:00 <beesnot> Just Did A Super Double-Handed Kickflip After Simply Falling

      Jan 24 18:52:03 <MissMcSnottyPants> Just Dictate All Schedules. Don't Hesitate, Keep Affirming, Seek Freedom
      Jan 24 18:54:10 <beesnot> Jumping Dingos And Salamanders! David Hasselhoff Keeps Asking Something Funny

      an 24 18:54:20 <MissMcSnottyPants> John! Don't Attempt Such Deeds Here! Killing A Sacred Faerie....

      Jan 24 18:57:01 <beesnot> Just Dance, and Shimmy. Dance Hard. Keep A Shimmy-ing, Frank!

      Jan 24 18:59:20 <Coolb3rt> Just Dance Aster, Show David How Koreans Are Super Funky

      Jan 24 18:59:39 <MissMcSnottyPants> Jezebel, Doesn't Alphonse See Defeating Hierarchical Kaisers Accomplished Such Failure?

      Jan 24 19:00:47 <Coolb3rt> Justin Dorian Always Says "Dude How Killer Are Shell Fish

      Jan 24 19:01:25 <beesnot> Hungry Undeserving Donkeys Get Sick When You Give Quartz Quarries Some Dark Hair. Can't Ben Just Never Jump Xavier With 847246491 Umbrellas, You Giant Umpaloompa

      Jan 24 19:04:12 <MrSnots> Hurry Ugly Dawson! Goku Saw Why You Got Quantum Quarts Slided Down Hans's Critical Bum! Jailtime Never Joys Xavier! Wait(w8) For(4) 72! 46491, Utters Yu Gi Uh..

      Jan 24 19:05:31 <Coolb3rt> How Unbelievably Does Gourtrand Sing When You Give Questioning Quizzes Solidly Down Handed. Could By James X-factor Winner #84726491 Unleashing Your Game Unlimited

      Jan 24 19:06:57 <Coolb3rt> Someone Fucking Killed Him, Everyone He Was Euthanized!
      Jan 24 19:07:01 <beesnot> Something Frank Didn't Know? He Even Has White Elephants.

      Jan 24 19:07:09 <Miau> So fair did korea help ellen how would elaborate
      an 24 19:07:11 <SnottyBlue> you forgot a D b3rt
      Jan 24 19:07:13 <Miau> It makes no sense
      Jan 24 19:07:13 <Miau> T_T
      Jan 24 19:07:21 <Coolb3rt> wat
      Jan 24 19:07:27 <Miau> LOOOOOOL
      Jan 24 19:07:30 <Miau> Coolb3rt FORGOT A D
      Jan 24 19:07:33 <Miau> u dartay
      Jan 24 19:07:35 <Coolb3rt> FUCK
      Jan 24 19:07:37 <Coolb3rt> hold on
      Jan 24 19:07:43 <SnottyBlue> you can fix it
      Jan 24 19:07:45 <Miau> dartay dartay
      Jan 24 19:07:55 <Coolb3rt> Someone Fucking Did Kille Him, Everyone He Was Euthanized!
      Jan 24 19:07:58 <Coolb3rt> kille
      Jan 24 19:07:59 <Coolb3rt>
      Jan 24 19:08:01 <SnottyBlue> haha
      Jan 24 19:08:07 <SnottyBlue> it still works
      Jan 24 19:08:13 <Coolb3rt> lol

      Jan 24 19:08:30 <Coolb3rt> Never Eating Xtreme tacos (again)

      Jan 24 19:09:45 <MissMcSnottyPants> Save Facil, Don't Kill Hope. Even Here We Endured!

      Jan 24 19:09:54 <beesnot> Kimmy Lautner Is Unreliable, But Oh Well. Everybody Rocks!
      Jan 24 19:10:05 <SnottyBlue> Klondike lions imbibe under big old wintery elderberry roots.
      Jan 24 19:10:16 <Coolb3rt> Kitchen Lighter Isn't Under Bananas, Outside Where Everyone Reads

      Jan 24 19:10:45 <Miau> Kevin liked intelligence until Bryan owned what ellen said

      Jan 24 19:11:34 <MissMcSnottyPants> Kyle, Let's Interrogate Ulysses. Because? Our World Expects Revenge

      Jan 24 19:14:13 <Coolb3rt> Forgotten Insense, Tribal Halllucinations Were Enough Now Relevant Life Proven

      Jan 24 19:14:33 <beesnot> For Illinois To Have Whales, Everyone Needs Rusty Little Pockets
      Jan 24 19:14:36 <MissMcSnottyPants> Keeping Life In Us, Before Our World Ebbed Revelation
      Jan 24 19:14:39 <Miau> For idealism they hear what ellen naughty rude laughs pants

      Jan 24 19:15:42 <MissMcSnottyPants> Fighting In The Hell We Expected. Not Really Looking Past

      Jan 24 19:17:48 <Coolb3rt> Forever Into The Hole We Extrapolated Nothing Really Long/Permanent

      Jan 24 19:19:17 <MissMcSnottyPants> For I Think, How Would Everyone North Remember Life's Paradise

      Jan 24 19:29:15 <MissMcSnottyPants> Forgotten Images, Took History Wayward. Everything Needed Returns Like Pests

      A tough choice...

      Jan 24 19:32:13 <MrSnots> Would you rather: Dance naked in front of everyone you know? Or watch all Adam Sandler movies in one sit?
      Jan 24 19:32:34 <MissMcSnottyPants> Hmm, adam sandler I guess
      Jan 24 19:32:41 * Miau has quit (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium KVIrc.net - The Visual IRC Client)
      Jan 24 19:32:55 <MissMcSnottyPants> Miau didn't want to answer either option
      Jan 24 19:34:00 <MrSnots> Can't blame her, honestly
      Jan 24 19:34:10 <beesnot> yeah, i'll go with neither too
      Jan 24 19:34:18 <MissMcSnottyPants> Lol
      Jan 24 19:34:23 <MrSnots> Nono, you have to choose!

      Hey look, something about I.R.C News got on I.R.C News! It's inception-y!

      Jan 24 21:29:43 * TehDalek (TehDaleK^^^@DV-99e6556c.renonv.sbcglobal.net) has joined
      Jan 24 21:29:46 <Coolb3rt> yo TehDalek
      Jan 24 21:30:02 <TehDalek> Hai
      Jan 24 21:32:27 <OpheliaBlue> heya TehDalek
      Jan 24 21:32:38 <TehDalek> Howw goes it
      Jan 24 21:33:00 <PKJacker> Hey TehDalek
      Jan 24 21:33:17 <OpheliaBlue> not bad
      Jan 24 21:33:24 <OpheliaBlue> oh you were in a NewsFlash
      Jan 24 21:33:35 <TehDalek> what
      Jan 24 21:33:56 <OpheliaBlue> http://www.dreamviews.com/lounge/155...ml#post2144547
      Jan 24 21:35:17 <TehDalek> heh
      Jan 24 21:38:20 <Coolb3rt> this may be the greatest thing ever created, I might be able to convince my friend sam to come on here with this
      Jan 24 21:41:05 <MissRA> Haha really

      Stay tuned for the next broadcast, the 25th.
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      The gang shows off their Super Bowl smarts:

      [21:13:32] <thegoogy> I don't even care about football the commercials are where it's at

      [21:13:43] <@OpheliaBlue> go sexy blue uniforms!!
      [21:13:54] <@gab> go sexy sexy white and blue

      [22:04:12] <orationem^> i'm supposed to be on the seahawks side, i think

      States are summed up in one sentence:

      [21:51:55] <@spellbee2> oh my gosh, florida's perfect
      [21:52:16] <@spellbee2> "Tourists, old people, rednecks, and humidity. (The further north you go, the more south you are.)"

      [21:52:27] <@OpheliaBlue> lol at Delaware
      [21:52:30] <@OpheliaBlue> "It's fine."

      [21:55:00] <KestrelKat> Wyomin: "Get the hell out while yo ustill can!" lol

      Everyone finally learns the true pronunciation of "orationem":

      [22:41:33] <orationem> oh rat ee oh nem
      [22:41:42] <KestrelKat> Oh I was close
      [22:41:50] <orationem> how'd you tink it was?
      [22:42:14] <@OpheliaBlue> oh RAY shun em
      [22:42:29] <@OpheliaBlue> jk I know dat latin

      Miau and spellbee2 learn about the miracle of birth:

      [13:48:15] <@spellbee2> oh gosh, stomach pain's back
      [13:48:54] <@spellbee2> contractions are 1 hour and 40 minutes apart
      [13:49:02] <Miau> spellbee2:
      [13:49:05] <Miau> I thought you gave birth already
      [13:49:06] <Miau> ffs
      [13:49:16] <@spellbee2> i'm at work
      [13:49:22] <@spellbee2> i can't give birth until i get off at 3
      [13:49:30] <Miau> YEAH THAT'S WHEN YOU GAVE BIRTH
      [13:49:35] <Miau> HELD*
      [13:50:17] <@spellbee2> YOU'RE STILL NOT HELPING
      [13:50:26] <Miau> NOT SORRY

      And OpheliaBlue still hasn't taken down her Christmas tree... in February!

      [14:51:24] <@OpheliaBlue> I hate waiting around the house for the appraiser
      [14:51:48] <@OpheliaBlue> but it gave me motivation finally to really clean up and hang up paintings and put away clutter
      [14:52:01] <@OpheliaBlue> xmas tree is still up though lol
      [14:52:24] <@OpheliaBlue> "Umm yeaaaah, we're still in the process of, uhhhh.. not taking the tree down yet"

      And now, gab with the weather:

      [19:40:00] <@gab> aaaand... its raining

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