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      sevnnnís workbook [DILD]

      iím sevnnn, iím on my last year of high school, and iím sort of new to lucid dreaming.
      as for my experience with LDs, iíve only had a couple spontaneous LDs in the last two years, but nothing too flashy. iíve always wanted to experiment with lucid dreaming and study it further, but iíve only now become more motivated to do it since i learned that my current girlfriend is a natural lucid dreamer.
      dream-wise i remember having very fleshed out dreams as a child, in fact i still remember some of them down to the smallest details. in the present, my dreams have become less frequent, fuzzier and harder to remember.
      in the last week iíve been attempting to have a lucid dream and so far all iíve gotten out of it is more frequent dreaming and better dream recall.

      my goals with the DILD method are:
      - improving my dream quality.
      - being able to spot more details while dreaming.
      - ideally, having LDs 2x a week.

      i havenít really been using any techniques apart from just trying to get into a more adequate mental state and trying harder to remembers my dreams.

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      Hello, sevnnn! Sorry for the long delay in responding, I haven't been very active on LD topics this year.

      Working on your dream recall, keeping a daily DJ, and keeping the topic of dreaming on your mind throughout the day all help to promote lucidity (and improve dreaming in general). One thing to note is that natural lucid dreamers are typically not the best teachers for non-naturals, because they just don't have the experience of what it's like to have to work really hard to become lucid in dreams.

      The DILD approach works great for most people, especially if you really focus on dream recall, paying attention to all your experiences (both waking and dreaming, basically, maintaining mindfulness).

      If you haven't yet, I highly recommend reading the first 3 chapters of "Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming" by Laberge. It is probably the best overall introduction to DILD, and gives a number of exercises that will help you along the way.

      You can use the workbook here to track your progress/goals, and ask any questions you may have! Sorry again about the delay, and great dreaming!
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