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    1. 2022-07-01 At the G's house, casino comps, shoes funny office, vivid cart and concert venue

      by , Yesterday at 12:16 PM
      I'm back to voice journaling in bed before getting up. I'm trying out the speech-to-text features as well. There will be a lot of typos and misunderstood words, I'll try to clean them up. Looking to get a lot more detail recorded this way! And spend less time transcribing the voice notes into the DJ.

      bedtime: ~23:30?

      ~ 05:00

      Think it's time to try a WILD
      But generally go right back to sleep

      Summary's 1st dream earlier wake time about 5 AM at the G's (FB friend afro american family) house picking up raisins & things like strips of beef jerky with a vacuum before throwing them away into a bag, and then I realized that there are symbols written on to the jerky, a serious of arrows, I think these are movements video game hints written on the back of the jerky, and these are directional button presses for controls for a game console. I take the jerky out of the bag and put it back. The room I'm in is like my parents room in my CH. My head/eyes are on ground level, and I'm looking at the accumulated junk that I've been picking up.

      I'll go down the stairs and I hear screaming/yelling and go down the stairs and Mrs. G is there this is the black family. I move quickly down the stairs, I descend quickly. I glance down and see my legs briefly, I think they don't know that I'm in the house And I get down there and I think oh no they're gonna freak out because of a white man in their house they say oh yeah look there was a white man here but she recognizes me and we hug and she says "It's great to see yo ass!!" with that t I do a little twerking dance don't I just kind of shake my ass I stick back and stick my butt out and kind of shake it left and right.

      Later leaving the house, out on the street, and there's an alarm I don't know the like the kids all have to go somewhere and so I guess you might be there and the interesting back into some sort of cabinet or there's an alarm console and I think the police are coming.

      final waking ~ 08:30

      other dreams OK quickly summaries
      + Comps and launch Vegas leading to menus of complexes including lobster and lobster in lamb another. I've been betting and losing at a table. I come up to a pit boss and say hey how about some comps. He (she?) immediately hands me a number of different pieces of paper with numbers and words written on them. I think I may have to spend more money to be able to get any use out of them at all. I think that they know how much money I've lost and they give me comps for less than the value that I've lost, and that this is the way they make money, even if the give out comps, but you have to ask for the comps in order to get them. They're mostly for restaurants, and the menu involves lamb and lobster in most of the cases.

      + finding my group we got some Piece of paper with the address of where they are and it's a funny little half door at the ground level and you have to get down and crawl through get stuck, pull myself out, shoes are squeaking, I say "sorry about that," I take them off switch them to other shoes (?) and then the group of people (5-6) is stuck in a Box held in by their shoes and it starts to roll back down towards the sort of an outdoor lawn towards the edge of a waterfall in the distance as I say take off your shoes get take them off get out eventually everyone gets out and they play a lot around the waterfall and there's a force field there that prevents them from falling but I think that you shouldn't be playing with that. Then I say OK everybody get your stuff together I guess like your shoes and let's go on farther further and there's another man there who agrees, says yeah he agrees with me.

      there's a scene where I'm following a car I guess I'm in <my country> following the car by by foot and I'm it's very detailed that's a very sort of stylistic stylistic flourish design style on the show is the style of the paper the rest I think it's a restaurant And I'm looking at an I'm wondering what's it doing here and look at the license plate at the license plate and then I guess the lesson plate has changed I'm trying to figure out where it's from and 1st I think it's just that's located on <my Petr. region in my city> but then I look at it and that seems to be based in Oakland California and I think wow how did they get that car here that car here they must have shipped it here I'm following it and it's sort of a downtown scene I'm walking by people that arrive at at a restaurant or concert place and there's a
      lot of people pushing through or I'm with a group I get to the maitre D' And I see those people I'm meeting with, none of these people I know in waking life it's a work group or something is there we're waiting OK to meet them up and they send us inside and they sa y(maitre d') says yeah but don't let whatever Frank (some name) do uh don't let those guys do their usual thing (some prank) but I think that means that they will cause a big ruckus and uproar and we get inside that's a big large tent arena arena someone says because of the (tubs of) water inside, big open vats of water, the sounds of the music will reverberates and really gets extremely loud and crystal like like and I meet one of the performers up around on the stage area and it's very awkward I wanna shake his hand but somehow I reach out with my left and he reached out but this is left for a right they don't really grasp our hands properly and I say I guess we're not gonna do that Frank guys thing, we won't be making any kind of a big scene. I'm joining my other colleagues whatever on there around the stage.

      it's amazing the visual detail fades quickly
    2. 2022-06-29 ballet audition pullups, worried about travel, mint ice cream?

      by , 06-29-2022 at 07:58 AM
      bedtime ~ 00:00
      final waking ~ 07:30

      Recall seems in a bit of a rut. Only late morning recall, and not very detailed.

      + [f] They're serving mint ice cream at a fancy restaurant?

      + with people, going to travel somewhere by car, we're going to have to squeeze about 5 people into a normal passenger car for a multi-hour long trip. I'm really apprehensive about this, I think it will be extremely uncomfortable.

      + outdoor multi-level area with people mulling about above and below. I'm on an upper level and I look over the edge down to the lower level, I want to jump down there but I'm a bit concerned about the landing, it might hurt my legs (it's at least a 20 foot drop, pretty far). I instead climb over the railing and let myself down a bit to lower the distance and let go. There are young people walking around and I think they're talking about me?

      + standing under double horizontal bars (2nd set higher than the first). I do a hands-facing away pullup on the lower bar, it's hard & slow but I make it, then I reach up to the higher bar and do a hands-facing-me chinup and pull myself up to the top of the bar. I think my dad is watching from higher above (on the road?)

      There is a ballet audition that involves making a very graceful pullup and raising your legs very slowly up to the ride and up and over the bar. There are two (male?) judges standing above the bar and critiquing the candidates. There is a younger (boy?) currently doing his performance, he does it well. Then it's my turn, I make the pullup, then I try to really artistically and very slowly raise my right leg up over the bar. It's really hard to do it slowly, and my leg gets stalled, but I push through it and get my leg up over the bar. I think I've done OK but I almost failed by not getting my leg up at all. I have a coach there with me standing with me and giving me encouragement. He asks why I moved my leg so slowly, I mention because I was really trying to be highly artistic.
    3. 2022-06-28 couple short moments

      by , 06-28-2022 at 05:53 AM
      This week I started voice recording in the morning in order to better preserve dreams for journaling. When I have a chance I'll get these added. The voice recorder on my new mobile phone has a speech-to-text function, which should make getting the detailed text into the DJ much easier. I'll still be reviewing and correcting the entries since the conversion has mistakes occasionally.

      + Memory of more dreams and situations with people, in places doing things...but they've faded

      + I'm in the shower, (there's a sudden sound/bang?), I look up, and I see through the ceiling to the roof structure (and a bit of sky?). Something's wrong with the house? I get out and am standing in the hallway, when my Jr High Best friend DD enters the bathroom. I call to him to stop, he turns around and faces me, he's naked. His face is very similar to how he looked in High School. I'm telling him there's something wrong with the shower. My sister is there, too. I think he has no modesty, as he's standing full on facing us through the bathroom door and my sister is probably getting a good look at his (ahem). I'd expect to see his hairy pubic region but with a glance everything is smooth and all the anatomy is missing, like a doll.

      + CD, "we program only in pure m4." I'm thinking about what that would mean, are they using C++ together with m4? The m4 would result in "cleaner" C++, just using simple classes for organizing data and nothing fancier than that?
    4. 2022-06-21

      by , 06-21-2022 at 06:49 AM
      bedtime 23:20, out of bed 08:10
      final waking ~07:30

      some dreaming, but memories from earlier in the night faded quickly
      emphasized going back to sleep quickly for good, 8 hours of sleep
      need to record keywords at each waking.

      + see boy scout equipment lying around on ground, see my inflatable ThermaRest pad, I'm picking out/up equipment, choose an [imaginary] saw? Blue colored? large, rounded teeth, like a saw-tooth shark nose

      + following a (plane?car) up a narrow windy hill road, I'm tailgating it, it's (we're?) going to take off?

      Some vivid moments but the memories really fade quickly upon waking. Need to work on grabbing recall instantly after waking before even the smallest movement

      + away from home base at some sort of cafe/restaurant/rest stop, I walk by some girls on my right and glance side-long at them, I see one (I know her?) with large breasts, the outline/shape of which are shown by her clothing.

      Talking with someone about whether or not we should return, considering it's a 30-minute drive, they encourage me to go on home, so I do.

      Arriving near to home I'm laying back and spreading my legs wide and getting everything "aired out", I'mr riding on something without roof or walls.
      On the grounds, I see a straight long lower alley (of grass?) (with sloping sides leading down into it) leading far in to the distance, passing under a dark bridge at 90 degrees to the path. In the distance there is a (white? light colored) wall with graffiti written on it in different colors, words, and young people are busy scrubbing it off

      Spoiler for sensitive content:
    5. 2022-06-20 wave, ski trip, rifle shot with S1/S2 & hokey, frat row at night, tea, meet the van guys

      by , 06-20-2022 at 05:58 AM

      + on beach, scuba/ snorkel training to left in the surf, I turn my back to the ocean, am hit by large wave, and dragged back in to the water, I think I'm a great swimmer but I am completely at the mercy of the waves and powerful current. A wave pushes back up to beach (but I can't get out) but on a second wave I get my feet underneath me and run quickly up the beach out of the reach of further waves

      + discussion with group about ski trip plans, some are upset we didn't get going at 1am


      + in (large-ish) room in house, lying on floor, with combo sniper rifle/shotgun. sighting at cork lying on floor along wall curved large radius meeting joint of floor and wall, switching back and forth between rifle mode and shotgun mode (there was a small level to do this about halfway down the barrel of the gun). I'm trying to decide between bullet/rifle mode and shotgun mode. I could try for shotgun mode at first to make sure I hit the cork to make sure my sighting is correct. I think I'm close enough that the blast should be fairly contained and not fan out too much to the surrounding area. I decide to shoot, and squeeeeeeze trigger slowly (as I remember is recommended) and take the shot cork zips all the way down to the far wall, bounces, and returns back to its original location, S1 & S2 come in and I say "hey did you see that?! How it bounced right back?" Then turn around looking at stuff on floor/wall boundary with S2, I think about using (crumpled up newspapers?) to pick it up and take/throw it away, I say to S2 "You can ask S1 to help you with this.'

      Looking at toy hokey game, seems like 2 vs 2 players but there are more levers (about 8), I'm looking at the right-side levers, the right-most is missing the rubber twisty handle with ridges. The lever about 3rd or 4th from the right is pretty seriously bent and wrapped around another lever, I untangle them a bit and comment on this bent lever, think about about the play of the game and shooting the puck around.

      + giving a tour of frat row to some (friends?), including young woman. We're riding by vehicle but the view is unobscured. My gaze is fixed on the frat buildings on the right side of the street relative to direction of car. It's dark/twilight. The frat buildings are tall (3-4 stories) and dark (no lights within). I'm trying to look through the windows to see the things I expect to see inside (trophies?).

      At the end of the street the group is walking and we encounter a van that drives up and stops near me on a "T" intersection, it approaches from the right. I know I need to arrange a meeting with these guys (they're govt officials?), I "remember" we pre-arranged a meeting at a point on the street back from where we (walking group) came from. I tell the driver we'll met you there. I turn our group around and start walking towards the meeting point. I think we're walking on a street different from where the van is going to park and I wonder if they'll exit their vehicle and walk around to our street to meet us.

      With group, there is a requirement for some of us (me and 2 other guys, one an older man) to drink a drink with tea, sugar, and some bright fruit juice. It comes time, but all I can find is tea with a lot of sugar, so I drink it. The man comments about the missing juice, calling it "<something> urine (?)".
    6. 2022-06-17 LDD #266 dancing stars, Losing L, glass house, fire room/vodka perv, bus/music

      by , 06-17-2022 at 06:12 AM
      + losing L
      Some sort of business proposition (with L?) about ambulances, I don't understand and ask for clarification.
      There is a business meeting on an open field outside in twilight with a large group of women. They're all very positive about it, and I'm impressed at the swift level of approval of our idea. To my right on the grass I see some lines of what I believe is wiped/scuffed dog crap (it's brown and the right texture).

      I have a new romantic object and I'm really torn about what to do about L. I'm planning to leave L for the risky new romance. I think it's not fair to L. I speak with her and tell her that I need to move on. I think I'm taking a huge risk, I really love L and don't want to lose her. In a large auditorium [DS] for a talk/presentation/show, standing among the seats in the center, then I move (with L) to and aisle on the left hand central side, and an usher comes up and tells us to clear the aisle. I get annoyed and point back to where I was and say that I already had a seat. I look around and see that the seats have filled up where we previously were and all through the auditorium, and the only free spots are in the extreme corners/edges. I see a string of free seats near me and head into them with L, moving from the left central aisle towards the center of the auditorium. I see that JaCon (T5) is seated there, so I go up to him and L and I sit down, JC is on my right and L is to my left. I wonder about how to introduce L: my former love? my friend? I decide to say "JC, this is Lena, Lena, this is JC, my friend from T5. She externs her hand across me under my ams on the arm rests to shake JC's hand. I take her hand in mine after that, and I'm deeply saddened by the fact that I won't be able to take her hand in the future.

      I'm adjusting some written materials now that L and I are breaking up. I'm looking at my signature close up on paper. I recognize the first letter of my first name written in cursive but it is still strange and not quite from the alphabet. It's written in blue/green. I read then my last name in a stylized script font, very clear and regular shapes like on a computer. This is not my handwriting. I realize that it was written this way specifically to be highly legible.

      + glass house
      There is a glass house on a hill, someone breaks in there is tons of broken glass everywhere, there is a (glass?) dog lying on the ground a bit away from the house, covered with sequins that gets covered by the sharp shards of glass. I start to clear away the glass from the dog, it's owner (woman?) approaches

      + bus/music
      Seated on a bus (left-hand side near the front, where I used to site in Jr High) with a girl putting together a [my instrument]. I'm using a bottom piece from a professional player, mixing and matching pieces to build up an instrument. The player and an older woman (organizer?) are there, standing in the aisle to my right. The (woman?) recognizes me as a (normal and bass version of my instrument) player, and I acknowledge that yes, I play both. The player takes back his borrowed bottom piece saying I don't need it, I think I do but then realize I don't and say I could just play the bass version while the girl could play the normal version.

      + LDD #266 LD DILD DDILD
      stairway stars lucid man hat take me to group goose girl take her hand continue walking dream fades
      repeat non-lucid ask man take me to group, enter auditorium [DS], from right side (facing stage), go to left side (or am just there), undress girl (many layers of pants!), ushers come and kick us both out, heavy makeup, I remove her makeup and we sneak back inside the auditorium

      Climbing a stairway outside evening softer light, looking up into the sky above bare trees at the top of the staircase. Around the moon I notice a shifting / dancing pattern of bright little solid yellow "pentagram" 5-point shaped stars. They're fading in and out, becoming fuzzy/vague, then returning to clarity. Especially when they rotate in a circle that really gets my attention, I recognize that as a dream sign, and do a nose pinch, I can breathe, now I'm lucid. I walk up to the top of the stairs, there are people walking buy, I grab the arm of a man with a straw hat and tell him to take me to a large group of people, and I add that I know that they are nearby (so as not to waste time). I begin walking on a path to the right. An attractive young woman (short brunette hair) comes along and I reach out and give her a squeeze but don't want to get too engrossed, so I just take her right hand and turn to the right and continue walking along the path with her, happy, looking around at the detail, and the dream fades...

      I then repeat this plot non-lucidly (not a pure replay the visuals are different): I find a man and task him to take me to a large group of people. I enter an auditorium [DS] from the back right (facing stage). I find a young woman and begin pulling down her pants: there is layer after layer of pants and when I think I finally have reached the last one and expect to see her [ahem], there is nothing really to see. An usher comes and shoo's us out of the auditorium out of a left-side exit. The young woman's face is very heavily made up with colorful makeup. I clean off her face and then want to sneak back in to the auditorium past a security turnstyle, hoping that we won't be recognized.

      + fire room
      In a medium-sized room in a house, combined bedroom (left) living room (right). In the living room there is a fireplace with an automated fire system. I'm watching it mesmerized by its changing form and function. It has wheels and gears and metal bars/lines that move and shape change. There is fire spewing out of the open pipes. It's shaped in rectangles and a spinning circle in the middle. I think that this could be dangerous for us in the room. The fireplace changes into a flamethrower shooting a stream/column of fire into the room, sweeping the room from corner to corner, I think there's no way to escape.

      SphGrv is there lying on the bed on the left side, with her brother(?). She is lying in an provocative post and I think I catch a glimpse of a portion of her [ahem]. I wonder if she would like it if I went over there and engaged with her?

      Then she and others are on a central bed. There is an old fat perv guy trying to get her and the women drunk on vodka. He is pouring them huge glasses of the stuff, I can't believe the amount, it must be like 100ml or more, even for SG. SG takes the glass but does not drink, I can see she clearly does not want to. The man himself has poured and is drinking bourbon. He's encouraging her to drink. I'm talking to him, asking him about what kind of bourbon he has. He responds gruffly not wanting to share, (that it would spoil his taste?), I reply I don't want to drink it, I just wanted to know what it was. Later I get SG aside and tell her I'm really glad she avoided drinking the vodka.

      +[f] Someone at my pepper! It was growing on a plant [waking life true!] I was nursing along, and someone picked it without my permission!

      By the way this is my 800th DJ entry on DV!
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. 2022-06-16

      by , 06-16-2022 at 08:03 AM
      + escape the firestorm from CH, bank cards, passports
      I'm in CH and I (hear explosions?) and I see a massive firestorm approaching up the hill towards the house. There is no time to take any belongings, I must escape immediately. I run out of the house and higher up in to the hills, hoping that the higher ground will be safe. Walking far away from CH along GPB

      + See CrLe (WFP)'s workspace with a pile of TTL chip boards

      +[f] going somewhere in a large van with a group, I'm in the back seat with tons of room in front of me before the front seats

      + in a group (at work? seems like a relaxed social situation), we're going out to celebrate my and (my sons? colleague?) birthday together. I'm 40 and he's 25. [Deceased] wife EW makes funny comment about what about when I'm 80?

      +[f] sitting (at desk?) Indian coworker AS ("S") comes up and leans over my garbage can to my left (near my head), I think he's spitting out my gum

      + sitting along the banks of a river, shallow completely transparent water [DS], some young boy is playing in the water near the shore, he's submerged and holding himself in place against the current with his hands. Then I see a sort of padded construction (like the face rest on a massage table) in front of him that I think allows him to stay in place by letting the current press his face against the pad, this frees his hands. I note my younger son S2 is sitting in the highest position on the steeply sloping bank (eating lunch?), sitting higher up than any other the other people around us. I (write?) a note on white paper and take it in to the river with older son S2, I want to show it to him, I'm closer to the center of the river than the earlier mentioned boy, and position myself alongside him, son S2 is with me and I open up the paper and I want S2 to read it.
    8. 2022-06-15 almost LD

      by , 06-15-2022 at 06:05 AM
      Earlier dreams: vague, forgotten, something with my two kids in their younger years, in a place, something to do with their clothing?

      next to last waking, tried a brief Raduga-style DEILD entrance disassociation, didn't work so went back to sleep with the intent to get lucid.

      + in St. house (central valley) of cousins, key moments:

      my (deceased wife EW?) tells me she wants to show me something (?), if I wanted to follow and see, I say yes, I go and in the next room a guy (who lives there?) presents me with a basket of odd berries. It's a fairly large basket, the color is dark blue almost black like blueberries, and they are shaped like flat triangles or little hat shapes. Some of them are wet, and there are little berry-sized dark blue woolen caps in the basket, I notice this and mention it.

      go out front door to entrance area there are two suitcases there I want to bring them in to avoid them being stolen as this covered porch area only has a flimsy screen door protecting it, and I'm wondering about crime in the St. area. It's very hot outside and I don't want to spend a long time outside so as not to let out all the cool air inside the main house from the A/C. In the background I hear the A/C running. Looking at the screen door on the main door to the house, I see it's bent in a number of places with large gaps between the screen and the door frame. It's Sunday and I think my cousin and her husband will probably be going to church, I'm not sure though, I wonder if they'll ask me to come.

      inside the house I walk by a door next to a window and I see that a distant laser turret is firing at the door (part of a game I decide?). The laser blast hits the door with a weak "splat" and slightly opens the door by an inch or so. I watch through the window as a couple more laser shots arrive and hit the door. They're orange colored bolts.

      I'm explaining to my hosts (young/early middle aged), a woman and man, about the game: that there's a target like a darts target (like the one there hanging on your wall over there, I point out) hanging on the inside of the door, and the turret is firing at it.

      The woman is asking me about my (dream?) experiences with those older women, I "remember" them being grandmother aged and completely not a romantic interest and say so. The woman comes up to me (I'm lying on the carpet at this point) and wraps a paper darts target around my feet and binds it to me with tape. I tell her "you realize that by reinforcing my dream subjects like this [with me here being awake], it will likely promote having a lucid dream!" At this point (or just after the nose pinch) Sensei walks by and into the next room and makes a comment like "I'm not going to let positive expectation rule my life." I disagree with him, I think that's not at all what LDing is about. I decide to nose pinch since the subject of dreaming has come up an awful lot in the last few moments, and I get a very firm grasp and still a bit of air leaks, so I keep grasping harder and harder until no air moves at all. I also think that I could try levitating since my legs are bound and I'm lying on the floor.

      .... Then I awake and realize I've just missed a chance for an LD!
    9. 2022--6-13 short fragments

      by , 06-13-2022 at 06:48 AM
      I'm usually reaching for recall after moving and getting up while walking to the bathroom. Need to set intent and re-train to delve a bit before moving after waking.

      + [f] I'm with a group laying pipes in an underground cement service area

      + in a group of people walking around carrying little kids

      + interrupt Fr. Brown in the middle of a church service, I'm bringing terrible apocalyptic news that can't wait, both he and the parishoners attending are very upset at the interruption

      + in a group of young people in a large U-shaped rectangular padded booth. Some more adults are coming and I don't want to lose my desired spot next to the cute girls so I lunge to the seat very close to them and turn around and sit down

      + [f] something about cucumbers
    10. 2020-06-03 fairly vivid later dreams

      by , 06-03-2022 at 12:05 PM
      Some vivid moments last night, last couple dreams especially.


      + breaking up into teams to play water polo, views of some (men?) dressed up in women's one-piece swim suits.

      + walking through a house with a woman close to me, I'm trying to plan our path to avoid being detected by a small robot which is tracking us, woman screams "I HATE YOU" at me, I'm stunned and speechless.

      + in my sister's room in CH, holding at looking at an opened racy magazine, guy comes in I try to hide it under her bed, then move to my room and think to hide it in closet or under my bed

      + my son has rented out one of my properties to a group of party-goers without my permission, I'm outraged and complain loudly to the people I find there, but in the end allow it to continue and wish them to "have a good time"

      + I'm staring in to the eyes of an attractive woman. I feel a twinge of sexual excitement, I may be able to "reach completion" just by continuing this gazing. I look closely at her features, and she is staring back at me, I realize she reminds me of somebody I know.

      + driving in a car on a disintegrating, slightly elevated sandy, narrow country road flanked by a stream on either side, my way is blocked by a huge pile of recently cut fir branches, I try to reverse/go around, the pile vanishes, I walk through a crowd of people mulling around a local dairy vendor
    11. 2021-05-31 LUCIDD #265, organ extension, several nights of dreams

      by , 05-31-2022 at 11:01 AM
      mishmash from the last several nights:

      + tried out a (male organ) extension kit that involved tubes and splicing in "extra segments," it really worked, wanted to try out "the new me" with the wife, thought that all the extra tubing though would get in the way and be cold on her skin if it touched her. Definitely longer and wider with this kit, I'm impressed with the results.

      + [LD #265 DILDD] observing demonstration, I'm standing at the railing of a high balcony area overlooking a lower (15 feet) large open paved area, looking down, there are people walking around waving a flag, they call a question to me but I'm not sure how to answer. I feel a tugging at my pocket and immediately grab my pocket where my wallet is, in doing so I grab the han of a kid which is reaching in to my pocket I think to steal my wallet. I back away from the railing still grasping my wallet through my pants, I can't open my hand to get a better grip because I'm afraid I'll lose my wallet, and call out "HELP!".

      I walk through some rooms, fairly richly furnished, wood paneled walls, look out the window to see the people in the parade/festival, look to see if there are any hot chicks there, see some, wish I had more privacy.

      Walking through the people outside, there is a bunch of them gathered at one point, I try to move through the group but a man shifts his position blocking my path, so I have to go around. I notice a woman prostate on the ground with (her daughter?) riding her on her back. I move forwards.

      For no particular reason (I feel completely awake) I do a nose pinch, and do a double take because some air leaked out. It wasn't the usually completely free flowing of air, but I know that any air at all is a dream sign, I try again with a similar non-definitive "stuffy nose" result. I decide to test gravity by jumping up, and indeed I am a bit slow in returning to the ground so immediately determine that I'm dreaming. I turn around and head back along the path I was walking, as aI wanted some "fun" encounters with the ladies I had passed earlier. I soon come across one dressed all in green [?], engage a bit with her, her face/body are distorted. I jump up to phase through the ceiling, get a little bit stuck but make it through, and I'm in a large sterile corridor of some large building. I look into one of the rooms I find and it is a sort of staff break room with vending machines and billiards tables. I decide to try out some elemental control so try to shoot out lightning from my hands against a wall, the effect is weak but definitely something is there. I will it to be more lightning-shaped (it was more like straight grey line segments), then I say "be yellow" and a tinge of yellow worked its way into the coloring.

      There is a DC enemy that I need to fight, so I belt-summon my lightsaber and turn it on, I'm a bit surprised that the blade comes out a jet flat black color. I swing it through the DC imagining that it's slicing him to bits but as usually I seem to meet absolutely no resistance and it seems not to be doing him any damage. We go back and forth (he's on a flying Green Goblin-like scooter/board?) for a while, then I turn to make a run for it along a roadway over a fence, frequently looking backwards to see if he's still following, I think he probably still is...

      + (dark/night) checking out the smashed wing windows of some cars, there were small, sometimes triangular shaped breakage patterns on the glass

      + riding elevator in large building, someone else is in there with me, the elevator tilts fairly steeply to the left (30 degrees) for a moment and I feel us moving sideways. I explain this to the other passenger as being the horizontal movement of the elevator from side vertical shafts into the cental main vertical shafts, and think / say that this is a very efficient way to manage the limited space of the vertical shafts. It's fairly dark in the elevator. This happens a couple more times, then with a large jerk we're ejected from the building backwards into the air high above the ground, and begin orbiting the building. We're being swung around wildly like an amusement park attraction. I'm fairly nervous about this. I can hear the yells from the car near to us, they're enjoying the ride, hooting and hollering things like Oh, Yeah!" and "Woohoo!". I wonder what is holding us in the air, at first I think it's nothing, but I look outside the window and see a very thin and weak-looking wire attached to the elevator car running back in the direction of the building. The whole thing is like one of those "multiple wheel ferrous wheel" like this:

      Suddenly I'm on the ground, looking at some scraggly cats with someone else. (I see a stack of old line printer printout?). I walk back to the base of the tower, to an elevator, this elevator is to the (apple? oak?) area which is not where I want to go, a young couple gets on, I go around to the other side of the building, and there's another young couple that jusut wants to make out and they move back around a corner for privacy.

      + a priest is using a holy hammer (large, like a maul) to stamp symbols onto some (famous) blessed mushrooms growing miraculously between boulders

      + walking along the shore of a clear-watered lake, looking into the rocky shallows and see crayfish scuttling around [dreamsign]

      + [f] need to ride an airplane home, visiting someone in a large industrial workshop
    12. 2022-05-18 boats, dive harvester, sea weed

      by , 05-18-2022 at 07:36 AM
      + stealing (borrowing?) a luxurious power boat, driving slowly out towards the sea, there are many shallow places and get stuck

      + playing racquetball (?) in a court full of obstacles [DS], lend another player my shoes?

      + I'm a new diver-harvester, using a knife to cut away large chunks of meat from large underwater "shellfish". I'm trying to figure out where to start cutting. I start cutting and begin pulling away large sections of a white-ish "meat" attached to large rocks under water. At one point I realize I'm deeper below the surface than the length of my snorkle. Despite breathing OK, I panic a bit about this and return to the surface. Returning to the boat in which our team of divers arrived, I see it is partially filled with water, I think we're going to have to turn it over and drain out the water before we can head back to shore in it. On our way we stop at a seaweed harvesting spot. It is the meeting place between two tributaries, where the seaweed grows densely. I and another guy (who's the veteran) wade in to the water to harvest it with our hands, right next to the shore. I pull up up large piles of the stuff. I think I'd never want to eat this seaweed, as I consider this place very dirty/contaminated.

      Later [another dream?] I tell someone how I was able to breathe underwater with a short snokle....[and maybe about how that was a good time to RC?]
    13. 2022-05-16 dild ld #264

      by , 05-17-2022 at 07:43 AM
      Sense of lots of dreaming, one lucid!

      + in partially mirrored bunker/room outdoors among wild animals (bears?), thought I was safe, but aggressive (horses? donkeys) open the doors with their mouths and swarm me

      + walking through museum exhibition of large electronic components, these are systems I worked on I think, I want to take my picture with one huge one, colleagues think it's not a good idea(?). The one I want to take a picture of is a standing rectangle: I see lots of computer boards, it's about 5 feet high and two tables in length.


      + arrive to parking spot, see a young man in a boy scout uniform and think I recognize my old patrol's shoulder patch, think about my son

      + [f] driving on freeway, a red car crowds me out of my lane from my right and I swerve left, thinking I'll probably spin out and crash, and wake up with an out loud verbal exclamation, "oh #$%^%!!"

      + DILD LUCIDD #264 try to get into hotel room with crumpled room key, there's a hotel employee there, I'm saying "do I need a new key?" I head to reception via the stair well, I see deceased EW coming the other way up the stairs, not strong emotion, just a thought of "what are you doing here?", at the next landing I see that there is no wall in front of me but I'm very high (100 feet or higher) above the lobby, it is a very large open volume, with people mulling around walking to and fro. I just know I can fly so I step off the platform and float, get lucid, very happy that I'm lucid, did a nose pinch and could breathe, hover there a bit, stand for a while on a wall (90 degrees to the wall), then I float down to the lobby floor
    14. 2020-05-17

      by , 05-17-2022 at 07:36 AM
      + home in CH, want to fly, don't want to be seen, go up to street, take off flying, left at FL head down towards AV, look to left at L's house, see through 2nd story window guy there, see people in their houses as I fly down FL, at the AV intersection I see there is an open (no roof/walls) area in stead of a house, like an office area with tables and rooms, farther along at the entrance to TV park, there are two people, one of them is holding a (my instrument) (playing it? I play it and it sounds better?)

      + theater, management is out, want to sing karaoke, go to (organ/piano) keyboard, can't find page with the music I want, look in index for "We are the champions", can't really find it, open to page, ask a person to my left to hold the page open for me, they won't do it, I say sarcastically "are you doing something else right now?"

      + through gym/pool entrance turnstyles, enter cafe area high seats put my food on the table, a plate with three pieces of pizza-sandwich-like things, an employee walks by and swipes one of them and eats it, I'm outraged, I follow him around and demand he replace it, that he give me a "Chateau-briand [steak]", and he answers "Hah, and you'll also want a Lafite with that?!" I answer "Yes!"

      + enter room see LW I thought she'd be sleeping but she's practicing guitar, sitting down her back is to me

      + in club area with (Den from WalFiPal) at a table, I'm touching/switching on a "disco" light that projects multicolored lights up to the ceiling

      + [f] see MarRbk at some cafe, think I've seen him earlier,
    15. 2022-03-23 3rd base, beach, tech talk in bed, pile of debris with cigar-rolling machine

      by , 03-23-2022 at 07:28 PM
      + behind 3rd base with crimped hose. The runner is not sure if we wants to run (from 2nd to 3rd), I see a large tangle of hoses on the ground (these are from leaves on the beach in next dream scene?), and they are severely crimped.. I unfold some of the hoses and hear the water begin to rush inside the hoses. The runner hearing the water (I think) is more hesitant to run (since apparently getting him wet with the water constitutes an "out"?)

      + at beach, sticks, crowd asks what's those "m" shaped stand things? I say oh that's just for hanging up stuff to dry. "Great, now nobody will come here, that's such an uninteresting answer"

      + talking with (Ch Dw? Jo Ty?) while lying in bed under the covers (I think this is a bit odd), discussing how that group all tend to move together from company to company (he gets a bit offended at this?), he mentions that Russ has joined also, "Yes, our Russ (P)". They working with (language called) "objective S...." (something)

      + massive pile of construction debris on left, woman standing on tractor on right almost hit by falling sledge hammer. I'm walking/hopping on a row of pilings in between the debris on the left and the road/tractors on the right. Someone comes up and hands me a piece of debris (about showbox size), I bend down and put it on the right of the pilings, he comes up and hands me another, I put it also to the right and keep going. Then I reach the corner of the debris pile, turn to the left, and start walking along the edge of the pile, looking at it. It's really huge. I think man it must have taken a long time to dismantle all this, there's way more material here than I would have thought. The site is one I "know" they're working on, ahead and to the right. In the debris (which is at least 15 ft high, probably 100 meters long, and about 20-30 meters wide), I see large chunks of reddish brown tree bark, several feet long andd about 1/2 foot wide. I think that crumbling this would make good mulch for my garden. I see wooden boards/beams with a lot of nails in them, and then I see a construction of boards that catches my eye and I think I'd like to take it back to my place but I'm not sure where to put it all. It's a cage-like structure made of wood with a lot of belts/straps. A (woman?) is there with me looking at it. She says it's a cigar-roller.. I'm fascinated by the thing, imagine taking leaves of tobacco and turning them in to cigars. I want to try it out. There are several packs of different flavored tobacco leaves here, I open one an take one out and smell it: it has such a great aroma of spicy tobacco & cigars! [very rare, sense of smell in a dream I rarely notice, this is quite well perceived]
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