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    1. 2019-03-01 night full of vivid & present dreams

      by , 03-01-2019 at 02:01 PM
      + guy standing under a tree with a car up in the branches which falls and hits the ground near him, and I laugh saying "you have to learn how to pay attention!" and I show him how to pay attention to what's around me and I see lots of little baby owls up on a ledge on a wall nearby

      + standing in home looking outside at the street through a window and I see a brigade of foreign-looking workers arrive and set up what I think is a fake construction project. I think it's a front for burglary. I panic and knew I should have kept the phone number of the security team nearby for exactly such a circumstance, I'm so nervous I can't figure out where it is or how to call them. Later walking outside along a road in between fenced properties.

      + at the river (with wife), is that a stone sticking up out the water? no, it's a fish fin, large round ball-shaped fish, jumps out, swallows my hand, it deflates like an empty plastic bag. There's another one in the water swimming near the shore. See more fish swimming in the river, like trout. I'm holding a fishing rod and I realize I've caught a beaver! I try to reel it in. Then it's on the bank with me and I call to (my wife?) to say how we could study the beaver's habits like how it builds dams.

      + at dinner (restaurant) table sitting next to Mr. R--d (scoutmaster), who concludes "...and so that's why prison is the best environment for me." The food he orders comes... it's chicken wings and onion rings and I'm disappointed. I want to order something. I'm trying to describe a food I want to order like a chicken pot pie.

      + flying DO (with wife?) over houses, looking down on them, see that the residents are not there and that there are open doors I think we could enter that property. Flying on the way back there's an open refrigerator with food particles strewn all about, "what a mess" I think.

      + a bunch of guys in superman costumes standing on a sort of ledge suffering through an unpleasant outdoor group exercise program led by a hot young woman. They all misunderstood because the title of the exercise class had the word "sex" in it. I save the day and encourage everyone to continue and the instructor's mood picks up and continues the class.

      + There are large/funny groundhogs popping up out of holes. Something about an old car? I see a bow-hunting warrior princess and I try to run away from her down a side road but she comes after and chases me. I pull out a knife on her and she laughs because it's so small. I join in and laugh with her about the knife being really puny. Then I pull out a nice long blade and whack it against her bicycle tires.

      + standing in my home looking out a window at the road, and I realize with surprise that I'm seeing a large school yard across the road full of young students playing. I think that I'm only seeing this for the first time because we just recently cut down all the trees lining my property and now the schoolyard is exposed. There is a particularly well-developed young woman in the group walking from right to left and I'm trying to check her out but something is getting in the way.

      + at a home, with kids and wife, the kids are going somewhere with wife, and wife chastises me saying "you have to help cleaning up". "Of course," I answer, and look forlornly around at the tremendous mess in the house, mostly large piles of Lego pieces strewn all over the place.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. 2019-01-15 driving, billiards, baby, university song, saw E, big event, floating castle

      by , 01-15-2019 at 03:39 PM

      +(f) driving in dark city. Disembodied. Watching cars skid and slide around corners at high speed and drive away. I'm making similar maneuvers. One of my sons is in the car with me

      + [DO] billiards table. I think about showing off by making a draw carom of the cue ball from one corner to the next (nearby) corner to knock in the ball hanging in the jaws.

      + In back porch of childhood home with some man. My baby is there, too, I'm holding him in my arms. At one point he's upside down and I'm holding his feet. I wipe his face and mouth vigorously with a towel

      + there is a big celebration and ceremony planned. I realize they have not put out the California flag yet. I thread the flag on to the pole like the curtains I put up IWL before bed, alternating bend on the holes through the rod. We make our way out to the stage. I sing, alone, acapella, "Hail to California", in good tune, I remember all the words. I hold the long note at the word "Faaaaaaiiiiillllll" longer than normal to impress people, and I hold the tone and do not do the descending notes (but I imagine them).

      +(f) I see E, there is another woman, too. E is talking. As she speaks I see her descending into a fit of hysterics (anger). She is laughing with the other woman. Her mouth is open and I'm inspecting her teeth, they seem strange.

      + outside in the theater at the celebration (perhaps same one where I'm singing, above), the manager woman arrives and someone (me?) tells her that she should be performing her duty and greeting the attendees, and she moves to do that. Back stage, kids are placing decorations. There are paper/foam flowers that are being arranged by one kid, and I think that the manager woman would probably want to scold them or to have them fix their arrangement, so I nod my head in their direction as if to say "well go ahead and tell them to fix it if you want."

      +(f) outdoors event of some kind with people -- I look up and see a detailed, large floating castle in the sky, built of stone/brick. Something about another building, there's a small model, then it appears full sized. There's a little kid slide building and it's a special holiday so people are singing a song about it? Kids are sliding on it.
    3. 2019-01-14 parrot island, light switches, hostess, old CA home and neighbor, locker room

      by , 01-14-2019 at 10:47 AM
      +(f, vague) in a car, leaving a parking log, turning right on to a street. There is a high curb, and cars are approaching from the left

      + [vivid] on a beach, with people, wondering what to do: I think about taking a boat trip out to islands off shore. Then I am (disembodied observer?) flying out over the waves. I approach one of the islands and circle it counter-clockwise slowly. It is about 50 yards in diameter, and rocky, the rocks are dark. On the island are very large colorful (single color each) birds that have heads that resemble parrots. They are about 4-6 feet tall and are just standing around there. I see white, red, green, blue, a number of different colors. Each bird is standing alone. I'm thinking that this area is a special reserve and people are not allowed on to these islands. Back on the shore, I describe the parrots to someone I'm with, saying they're "4 feet tall and colorful."

      + (mostly verbal, not much visuals) in a restaurant, speaking to the hostess about my order, she's asking me what I want. I'm asking clarifying questions. When it becomes clear that one of the things I'm ordering is a variant of Coke, I say I don't want it. I'm asking about the large set of flavors and where they come from. I think they must be brought from small villages far away and so imagine they are not all available.

      + standing outside an apartment, speaking with a (neighbor?) about the fact that the power is off. I go inside (my?) apartment and start flipping light switches. Some respond, some don't, it's hard to tell, the lights are behind me when I'm flipping the switches.

      + I'm in a locker room, a commercial place, there are lots of people, and I'm walking along a row of lockers. I'm looking for a note left to me by someone. I can't find it. I'm reading tags and little books of notes left on the handles of the lockers but can't see the one addressed to me. Then I get the brilliant idea to just call the cell # of the guy I'm trying to reach, (I see if on my cell phone screen?) Then I realize the number I need to call is in another state so there's not much point.

      + on the street outside my old CA home, walking by the next-door neighbor's house. She is having major renovations done, there are workers all over the house. She has placed cones on the street and outside her home so that nobody will park there. She is sitting at a desk on the sidewalk facing her home and I'm walking behind her. I walk by her but think I should stop to say hello since I haven't seen her for a number of years after moving away.
    4. 2019-01-13 slide, porcelain girls, see E, bag snatched (lucid?), football, elevator, squash

      by , 01-13-2019 at 11:06 AM
      + see E, ask what she's doing, she's surprised I asked and pleased

      +(f) [lucid moment?] my bag's been stolen, "my life is ruined", my only chance is if I'm dreaming, nose pinch shows I am but I immediately lose lucidity

      + sliding down a tall spiral slide, kids get bunched up/stuck in the middle, there's still coming down from above and we collide

      +(f) porcelain girls laid out on a table? Orally doing each other?

      +(vague) something outside in the dark among buildings with people

      + my college alma mater football game against the (FC = foreign country where I live) team. Walking high through the stands to find a seat, think I"ll root in the middle of the FC area for my old college, I may get hit for that. For a view get down to the frozen river/bridge, then there's a swim meet between the two teams 100 yards apart and the water is rough with high waves

      + elevator (keeps returning to 1st floor, waiting for E), FC people there saying "don't push" in foreign language, eventually go up, exit to a market place wide open to the left lots of vendors

      + squash match in FC. I shake FC president's hand. I may wrestle him, what if I hurt him? Looking for my shorts for the squash game. They're preparing the court, it's one of several courts without separating side walls. There are large (2-3x life) trophies attached to the front walls, I think this will interfere with the game, but they I see a team is dismantling and removing them.
    5. 2019-01-10 shoes, sushi bar, strudel, party toilet problem

      by , 01-10-2019 at 02:56 PM
      Had about 2 hours of insomnia around 4am. Finally got back to sleep with some relaxation techniques. Some vivid dreams but recall poor from the bad sleep

      +(f) I am wearing some spiffy leather shoes. I'm looking at them, they're a bit dirty, I will need to clean them. Activity taking place outdoors mostly with some unknown people

      + I walk by a counter where they're selling food. Seafood mostly. There is some avacado/guacamole?, and some shrimp thing dishes. I try some of the avocado/shrimp?

      + It's my house. It was a party. In a large open atrium. There are tons of deserts on the counter, but I'm looking for my strudel which I was saving. I see a man and I know he ate it. "DID YOU EAT MY STRUDEL!?!? " I shout at him. "I WAS SAVING THAT!"

      + [Perhaps a continuation of the strudel party.] I enter the bathroom which is a separate room. It is a long rectangular room. I need to go #2. There are a series of holes set into a platform in the middle of the room. I pull down my pants and squat over the hole and begin, when I notice that the room has an entirely open/transparent wall and the very large group of people in the atrium party room and sniggering and pointing and laughing at me. I'm mortified, and I jump down from the platform on the far side away from the group of people. I sort of curl up into a ball lying on my side and hope nobody sees me. The people start walking up to and through the bathroom and continue on, not paying me much attention any more.
    6. 2019-01-09 flying, drunk vapor, tidal wave, beautiful sea, tech talk

      by , 01-09-2019 at 09:14 AM
      + flying, high def, from C park (slide/garden/tennis) down to flats, very crisp visuals. Down below, I enter some building and interact with some people

      + in a club? With other young people. We set up something like a room humidifier but filled with vodka. The fumes are making me drunk. I feel my head throbbing in a rhythmic manner and think I'm drunk

      + on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake like Tahoe. Looking out into the late I see a massive tidal wave heading in to shore. It's 20-100 feet high, it's going to swallow us. Looking up at the shore, I know I need to get to high ground but think I may not make it. As I'm running up to higher ground, I think if the wave hits we will be tossed around and may not have the ability to swim to the surface to breathe. After the wave hits and subsides (didn't dream this part), I'm looking for my keys on the wet ground which have all been separated from the keychain. I'm searching with JT from company "3" also. I'm picking up my keys from the black, wet earth, we keep finding more. Some are mine, some are his.

      + Walking (driving?) along a magical seashore. Between the hills I see the water appear, it is luminous, lit from within and undulating, very beautiful. I'm with a woman (L?) and I point and say "there it is!". I know the water is salty. Continuing around a bend in the road to the right, my sight directed to the ocean and rock formations. There are transparent caverns, it is really beautiful. We have come here specifically to see this place. I'm walking around with some man, he has a cell phone, and we meet my woman companion and we "trade off" so that I will be with her. Something else about his phone.

      + In a sort of outdoor quarry, I'm having a technical disagreement with another one of our groups. They want to do the core system in "C" and I'm arguing for C++. It's just such a pain to do things in plain C, global variable collisions, no convenient re-use.
    7. 2019-01-08 trees, office/bird, lip girl, come home & the pool

      by , 01-08-2019 at 11:12 AM
      + outside, looking at trees with L, we want to cut some for wood. The trees we're inspecting are really tall and I'm conerned that we won't be able to manage them when the fall and they'll cause a lot of damage. I'm looking at a very large fallen tree and thinking about sawing some sections of it into billets, but it is partly rotten and I'm wondering if the quality of the wood is good enough.

      + in an office space, walking around, I want to surprise people by (turning into a bird and flying around), but some guy brings in a remote-controlled bird toy and steals my thunder. Looking at a table with young employees sitting all together in front of computers. Some new girls are assigned to this table, I want to be assigned there too as one is quite pretty. They sit down on the far side and I think the guy across from the pretty girl is really lucky, he just has to look up from his screen to see her and can watch her all day long.

      There were more dreams but forgot


      + I'm sitting in some public facility (restaurant?) with a friend to my left. Standing in front of me is a sort of attractive young woman with really large puffy lips covered in lipstick. She's talking a lot and very quickly. I understand all the individual words she's saying but I can't grasp the overall coherent idea. I'm fascinated by her lips and am just watching her face and lips move while she talks. She eventually gets frustrated with me and leaves, off to my left and behind me. I call out after her that I'm listening and very interested in what she's saying.

      + I arrive home (false) and am instantly dismayed that I didn't close up before leaving. I see my laptop(s) are still outside on a table and that the door is open to the house. I take a quick look around and am astonished and relieved that apparently nothing has been taken -- I suppose that by chance nobody walked by and noticed the open home and items left unattended. The home is like an apartment in a building with patios/bungalos.
      Spoiler for sexy content:
    8. 2018-10-22 captured by the North Koreans, kids's present (and other dreams from this week)

      by , 10-22-2018 at 11:53 AM
      + I'm doing something with a horse(?) waiting for it? Then a woman comes up behind me and sticks me with a needle/injection in my right butt cheek, I know the injection is a sleep drug -- they're putting me to sleep and are going to capture me (the North Koreans, I think). I talk with her a bit as I'm waiting for the injection to kick in. I'm then in some sort of criminal processing facility, I'm wearing something like a large, shredded plastic garbage bag with the word "criminal" written all over it. I know my freedom is being stolen from me. Someone tells me to make sure to eat from the buffet that is just ahead, as that will be my last good meal for a long time. I look over the buffet, there are a lot of juicy sandwiches there, and I pick some up and eat them, there are a lot of ingredients and they're falling out all over the place as I eat.
      I'm then in front of a judge, and have a vision that the normal, good judge simply would have said that I need to file a prisoner's statement, he's not there today and his inexperienced assistant is ready to throw the book at me.

      + Give my younger son the gift of a toy cannon. It's a long empty tube, and he's ingenious I think, because he uses a broom stick to "damp down" the gown powder before his imagined shooting off of the cannon. My older son takes it and is playing with it too. My wife is sleeping near by and she stirs and says something.

      + I'm waiting in line at the cashier at the grocery store, there's an open lane, and I get in line and a guy with just one thing cuts in front of me in line, I get mad at him and tell him off for cutting.

      (previous night)
      (f) + There's a long train of shopping carts being moved around

      + [vivid] I'm standing by the shore of a lake, slightly hovering over the water, and I look down into the transparent water and see a lot of crayfish and fish moving around [DREAM SIGN]. There's a sort of scorpion fish there, and I think about (see someone?) trying to pick it up (with gloves?).

      + Observing a large indoor kid's multi-level play area with large slides between the levels. In one area the slides are really bouncy, and covered like beds, and I think/say this is a really good area compared to the other one.

      (earlier in the week)

      + [vivid] I'm arriving at a large corporate headquarters. Employees are arriving in large groups on company busses. I'm inside the offices and ahead of me and below a bit is an area of tall glass walls/doors [DREAM SIGN]. Employees are outside and one is pounding on the door for me to open it. I wonder if I should. I go to open it and notice there is a large dog there, which I'm concerned about, my dog may go fight it. I open the door and run back inside, glancing back over my shoulder to see if the dog is on a leash and under control.

      In the large open lobby area there are a lot of people. I look up and see on the next level balcony up a company Irish Pub, and even though it is morning, it is quite busy with people sitting at the bar drinking. Around the lobby there are large groups of employees moving around, it is really crowded. I am moving with a large crush of people towards the elevators and make it nearly to the doors before they fill up and the doors close, we have to wait for the elevator to return. I'm thinking about how in the morning it is really inconvenient and slow to get to your office when all the employees arrive at exactly the same time.
    9. 2018-09-09 LLD LD #243 -- tk, stolen bag,

      by , 09-12-2018 at 12:18 PM
      + at the (pharmacy?) counter, there is a crowd there, I'm ordering things, there are bottles of white pills around(?). Later there is a commentary about the food, and I say "there is no no nutritious food, no good meats, no fresh vegetables, all they have is gum & candy." I look down and realize my bag is missing, I see someone moving around from me with it, I start shouting "They stole my bag!" and go after him. The thief is moving to a wall of lockers, and I think he's going to stash it inside a locked locker and I won't be able to get it back. There is a guy sitting in a chair to one side (the thief?) I want to punch him, I make a few feints (and then punch him?)

      + girl at the pool.
      Spoiler for sexy time:

      + LD #243 tk, girl.
      I'm moving through a set of glass doors and there is a guy in front of me, I make an arm gesture and "force push" (TK) the guy away from me. This makes me realize I'm dreaming. I look around. It is a library-like location. There is a girl to my left, I decide to engage.
      I think about stabilization, things are stable, colorful. She shrinks to the size of a small doll.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      . A man nearby starts a commentary on something and I
      lose lucidity, I think he's wrong.

      another day:
      +(f) running with somewhere, I move ahead of them to the destination. I'm running quickly.
    10. 2018-09-05 refrigerator, people coming home, dishes

      by , 09-05-2018 at 07:17 AM
      +(f) standing at a sink with dish drainers

      + some people (a couple) are coming home, we are in their home

      + a man is standing in front of a refrigerator and it is spewing water out of the two upper corners
    11. 2018-09-04 talking morals with Hervé Villechaize

      by , 09-04-2018 at 08:20 AM
      last couple nights:

      last night:
      + walking in street, AA man in a car heads right for me so I jump up and levitate and look down and watch and he drives under me and is trying to figure out a way to run me over

      + (f) radio equipment?

      2-3 nights ago:

      + at McD's line with MR, black face/afro, baby to cut line
      I'm in line at McD's, my friend MR is with me but can't be with me in line. There's a long line, and I'm wondering what I should order for him, some burgers? He's not going to make it in line with me. Then he appears and I'm startled by his appearance: he has painted his face completely black and has put on a short afro wig. He has disguised himself to cut in line with me. I am moving to our table and he joins me, carrying a fake infant. I think he has used his disguise plus this fake baby to cut the line, but I'm worried that the waitress will come to our table and see through his subterfuge.

      + [vivid, long] buds at table, talking morals with Hervé Villechaize, fly away, girls at next table seduce all my friends, they capture and sell the videos
      I'm sitting down to a table with a bunch of friends of mine (2-sided table with benches like a picnic table). They're asking me about my fitness program, I say I'm doing (my program), and start describing it, but they're not listening any more. There are some girls at the table next to us, and they start coming over and talking to us. I'm walking around the area and notice my friends are all paired up with the girls on various couches.
      Spoiler for sexy time:

      On my side of the table at the far end of the bench (right side as standing facing the table) is sitting Hervé Villechaize. Then I'm in a high balcony alcove with Hervé Villechaize, there is a large open square area to the right, we're about on the 3rd floor so we're up pretty high. HV is putting down my beliefs & morals, saying there worthless. I'm trying to figure out a way to respond to him. I'm glancing to the right at the square open high area and thinking "I could just lean over [I'm sitting right on the edge] and fly over that area". HV keeps talking. I say "yeah, but can you do THIS!?" and lean over and launch myself into the air and fly over the open area, to the other side, and do a barrel roll and turn up and to the left and fly up a flight of stairs. I emerge into an area where there is a TV. It is playing videos of my friends having sex with the girls. Text on the screen reads the price of the videos, something like 116 euros. I think the whole girls thing was just a ploy to get candid sex videos and sell them. I then see some of the (wives?) of my friends and they are disapproving of this whole thing.
      I'm walking in a corridor and see JS (SS coach), he says "FM buddy! Look at you, you're all buff!" and I think he's referring to my chest, but he then says "Hey man you've got abs!" But I know that's not right, and say "nah, not really"
    12. 2018-08-30 LD #242, some nice vivid scenes, other dreams/fragments from the last couple nights

      by , 08-30-2018 at 01:41 PM
      + trying to find a private bathroom, for some "me time," my young kids are following me around like pranksters, not allowing me privacy. Find a bathroom in a bar/restaurant, work the sliding lock, but there are lots of openings in the walls about chest level, only partially closed. A group of people come and stand near me. A man comes too close for comfort and I rebuke him and reach out and push him away, saying he's too close

      + LD #242
      [Went to bed about 1am, late, very tired. Bathroom trip around 5-6am. Decided to do MILD getting back into bed (didn't stay up). Long time falling asleep.] Outside, in a large open multi-levelled area with people mulling about on the different levels, I sudden realized I'm dreaming.
      I do a quick nose pinch to verify with half a thought and yes I can breathe. I look around, I look at the people, feeling slightly unstable and wondering about the stability. I advance through the crowd, past various ladies, some of whom reach out to me, and find a nice girl. I ask her name, but I don't understand her response.
      Spoiler for sexy time:
      . The dream fades.

      + anemonies, almost lucid again, sitting, thinking of "me" time, I notice anemonies around me I'm trying to find a spot to sit without them, stand up move around behind stone I was sitting at to walk into corridor

      + outdoors, fight, gang following, pushing, dark

      + "ak mak" lodge, looking for place to stay, drive into parking lot, woman driving a small strange car with tank tracks instead of wheels with partial body damage around the parking lot ,I wonder if she knows her car is damaged. Walk inside to reception desk. Start taking to receptionist. Two men come up from my left, one of whom it turns out is Bill Murray, and he says to me (remarking on my hair), "Whoooaaa, buddy, getting pretty gray up there!" I give the swift rejoinder, "Look who's talking!!" (referring to his baldness), that shuts him up.

      + library study girl at reference desk. I know she's part of a study group club that frequents the library. She goes to the reference desk and requests a book of some sort.

      +(f) chess game viewing board

      + sitting at desk in room at college studying hard. I look up out the window and there is a college girl standing right at the window with a low-cut top leaning forwards showing off her features. I am very attracted to her but feel a bit shy for looking at her. I then give her a good, solid look . Then some super hot friends of hers who are entirely topless also come to the window and prance and show off.
      Spoiler for nudity comments:
      . Inside the room is now full of people standing behind me. There is a guy, large, fat, stubble haired, jolly guy with food crumbs all around his face making some comment.
    13. 2018-08-27

      by , 08-27-2018 at 07:26 AM
      It's a couple of days past my 5-year LD practice anniversary. It's still a bit of a struggle coming back from the events of the past few years. And there are very positive waking life things going on, which also distract from dreaming a bit. But I'm focusing on recall and increasing mindfulness, and I'm sure I'll return and surpass my former glory

      + bus/girls I'm on a bus walking down the center aisle. Everyone is supposed to get off now, but there are some girls sitting still on the bus. I know that they are staying behind because they want to have some fun ST with me. I'm trying to figure out how I can make an excuse for us all to stay on the bus and I'm hanging back but I'm a bit nervous about the chaperones discovering us.

      +(f) GP says he used to be fatter

      + catering in the kitchen. There is a big event going on and the kitchen is full of trays of food, very tasty looking, people are moving quickly around, I'm trying to see which tray I can take some bites from but things are moving and changing. I'm then sitting at a high table on a stool and there is a skewer of some kind of meat I'm holding, and the chef is holding a blow torch to it and I'm rotating it around so my fingers don't get burned but it is really hot. There is not much food left after all, I feel disappointed. The caterers are musicians, or the event is being catered for musicians.


      + prepping for the trip, colorful toys, whipped cream. I have on a t-shirt and shorts, I wonder if this will be enough for the trip, I know I've packed jeans. I'm standing in a stall in a line of stalls like beach dressing rooms, with a fairly large space open under the wall to the next stall. I look down on the ground and I see a large pile of colorful children's toys has spilled over into my stall around my feet. Bright red, yellow, orange, things with big round white poka-dots. I think people with kids have to really carry a bunch of stuff, and I wonder if they'll ask me to help carry everything to the vehicles. Standing in another stall and a young woman is pouring purple/red yogurt onto red grapes. Another young woman comments on the whipped cream, she says it's good she bought extra, and I think and say this is the whipped cream I bought for extras. She comments on the spouts on the cans and that one is better than the other.
    14. 2018-08-25 some late fragments

      by , 08-25-2018 at 12:05 PM
      Woke around 5am with no recall, couldn't get back to sleep. Took some valerian and hopped online. Got back into bed around 8 and slept until about 10:45. Had a few bits of recall.

      +(f) I'm skiing down a hill starting from a completely vertical slope. I'm commenting to (my parents?) about the risk for avalanches and the need to stay ahead of the avalanche.

      +(f) I observe a woman moving a man off of a bench and she's really pushing him around, he's submissive.
    15. 2018-08-19 nice collection of vivid dreams

      by , 08-19-2018 at 06:10 AM
      + beach, strong tide, watching the water as it recedes back, it moves very quickly, nice clear sandy spot, think this is a good beach to visit, "hey let's get nude" (to girl on area up above beach), she doesn't want to, I tease her about this

      + burgers: first double burger was great, beef nicely well done how I like it, second burger I chose a single cheese burger, but it was too raw. Looking at the meat while eating it. Very thin patties. I definitely felt the burger taste while eating it.

      + theater, looking for seats, they're quickly filling up, trying to find one with a good position for the screen, the seat rows are at odd angles, once I sit an reserve space for my friends, a guy asks if a seat was taken, both I and the guy next to me (stranger) says yes it is, discussion of orchestras with the strangers sitting to my right and in front of me, I state "I play the <my instrument>", it takes me a little effort but I recall correctly the name of the last community orchestra I played in.

      + zooming down hill (bike? car) trying to turn left at intersection but going too fast. Miss first intersection, and also can't make the 2nd one.

      + discussion of wine, can't remember the name of the wine

      + Sitting in group of friends, see KH (childhood neighborhood crush), think she's beautiful but maybe not very nice

      + more, forgot...
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